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20 Easy Magic Tricks with Everyday Objects Anyone Can Do

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

Welcome to a world of magic tricks with everyday objects!

a magician with playing cards flying all around him
Discover how everyday items can unlock astonishing feats of magic. Are you ready?🔓✨

Make a pencil on your desk vanish before your friend's eyes, turn a coin in your pocket into a mind-blowing magic experience, or perform a miracle using nothing but items found in the kitchen!

Let's dive into our guide on '20 Easy Magic Tricks with Everyday Objects Anyone Can Do' and discover how to turn the mundane into mesmerizing.


Learn Easy Magic Tricks With Everyday Objects

Ever looked at a pencil and thought, 'I bet I can make this disappear,' and not just by losing it down the back of the sofa?

How about transforming two ordinary strings into one?

Or reading minds with nothing but crayons? Welcome to the delightful world of illusion, where everyday becomes extraordinary!

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Magic trick printables and downloads

You'll learn 20 Amazing Magic Tricks with Everyday Household Objects. No fancy props are needed. No need to spend hours practicing. These tricks are easy to learn and perfect for beginners of any age.

You only need a sprinkle of creativity, enthusiasm, and a handful of common household items.


Everyday Vs Impromptu

What's the difference between magic tricks with everyday household objects and impromptu magic tricks?

book with pencils on one side and household objects on the other
What is the difference between impromptu magic and magic with everyday objects?

Magic Tricks with Everyday Household Items

These are tricks performed using items found around the house or office, like pencils, coins, paper clips, etc.

They might require advanced preparation, a specific set-up, or specialized knowledge of the particular object.

Example: You've got friends coming over in an hour, and you prepare a "coin through balloon" trick using common household items.


Impromptu Magic Tricks

Impromptu magic is performed on the spot with little to no preparation.

These tricks can often be done with everyday objects, but spontaneity is the key here. You're at a party, someone hands you a napkin, and BOOM, you blow their mind.

Example: A friend hands you a rubber band, and without any preparation or specific knowledge about that exact band, you perform a "jumping rubber band" trick.

So, What's the Difference?

The main difference is the preparation.

Magic tricks with household items might need some secret setup or handling, while impromptu magic is done on the fly.

Ready to learn some easy magic tricks and unveil secrets?

Small child with two parents learning magic tricks from a book
Learning magic hones creativity, boosts confidence, and captivates audiences everywhere.


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School or Office Magic Tricks

Unlock a world of wonder right in your classroom or office with these magic tricks.

Office supplies like scissors and paper clips with the words "magic tricks with office and school supplies"
Here are amazing magic tricks that use office and school supplies

Who knew that paper clips, pencils, and elastic bands could transform a dull day into a thrilling display of magic?

These tricks are not just attention-grabbers but fun ways to take a break and amaze your friends.


1. Vanishing Pencil

Here's a great trick using a pencil and napkin that will astound your audience. Difficulty:

A pencil vanishes in a wrapped napkin
Learn how to make a pencil vanish!

Effect: A pencil wrapped in a napkin disappears!

What You'll Need: Pencil, napkin, secret pencil printout, glue & accessories.

Secret: The pencil is fake. It is made from a special gimmick printout you can download for free using the link below. The eraser and pencil tip make it look like a real pencil. The pencil is shown to the audience, then wrapped in a napkin and crumbled! It's vanished!

Download & Learn: Download our secret vanishing pencil printout and learn the trick in full detail here.


2. Floating Ring on Pencil (LINK)

Making a borrowed object float is one of the coolest magic tricks you can learn! Difficulty:

A ring floats upwards on a pencil
Here's how to make a ring float on a pencil

Effect: A borrowed ring floats up a pencil.

What You'll Need: Pencil, special printout, string or thread, safety pin, and accessories.

Secret: There is a secret thread attached to the pencil. The thread is also attached to the magician using the safety pin. When the ring is placed onto the pencil, the secret thread makes it rise. The small action of pulling the pencil away from your body forces the ring up the pencil.

Download: Download our free secret pencil printout and everything you need to perform this trick here.


3. Vanishing Crayons

Here's a colorful magic trick that's guaranteed to WOW your audience. Difficulty:

Crayons in a box vanish
Learn how to make a box of crayons vanish!

Effect: A box full of crayons completely vanish under the magician's control!

What You'll Need: Crayons, special crayon box printout, scissors, glue & accessories.

Secret: The crayons are secretly prepared. The crayons are cut in half and taped together to move as one. The magician secretly pinches them in place at the top of the box. It looks like normal crayons in a box. When the magician waves their hand over the opening of the box and releases pressure, the crayons fall to the bottom of the box. It appears as if the crayons have vanished.

Download: Download the free custom box and learn the Vanishing Crayons magic trick step-by-step here.


4. Mind Reading Crayon Magic Trick

Here's another magic trick you can perform with crayons. This one teaches you how to read minds! Difficulty:

Effect: A volunteer selects one crayon from a box, and the magician can read their mind and reveal the color.

What You'll Need: A box of crayons.

Secret: The magician hands the box of crayons to the volunteer and turns their back. The volunteer is asked to take one crayon from the box and remember the color. With their back still turned away, the magician asks the volunteer to place the selected crayon in their hands. The magician pretends to get an impression of the color but never looks at it. Instead, the magician secretly digs their thumbnail into the crayon so a little chunk remains. The volunteer returns the crayon to the box, and the magician turns around and can quickly reveal the selected crayon's color with a slight glance at the remaining chunk under the nail.

Notes: This is a great trick to do before the vanishing crayons. Once you've read their mind put the box away. Say something like, "Oh, actually let me show you one more trick with crayons..." Presto!


5. Penetrating Safety Pins

Here's a great magic trick with safety pins that looks impossible! It's also completely impromptu! Difficulty: ⭐

Two linked safety pins penetrate
Let's learn how to perform the penetrating safety pins magic trick!

Effect: One safety pin instantly penetrates the other.

What You'll Need: Two safety pins.

Secret: The trick works automatically when the pins are linked together and pulled quickly. The pin opens and closes so quickly that the audience never sees it!

Notes: Always be careful using sharp objects!


6. Jumping Rubber Band Magic Trick

This is a classic of magic and one trick that every magician should know. It uses borrowed rubber bands and can be performed without any preparation! Difficulty:

a rubber band jumps to two different fingers
Here's the secret to the jumping rubber band magic trick

Effect: A rubber band wrapped around two fingers jumps to different fingers.

What You'll Need: A rubber band.

Secret: The rubber band is placed around the first and second fingers of the magician's open hand. As the magician closes their hand, the magician secretly inserts all four fingers into the band. To the audience, it looks like the rubber band is only around two fingers, but when the magician opens their hand the rubber band automatically jumps to the last two fingers.

Notes: Try and find a rubber band that isn't too large. The stretchiness is what makes the secret action happen quicker!


7. Remove Your Thumb and Detach It!

Pulling off your thumb and re-attaching it is a classic of magic that easy to learn and can be performed anywhere, anytime! Difficulty:

A magician removes and restores his thumb.
A classic of magic! Remove and restore your thumb.

Effect: The magician appears to slide their thumb off their hand and instantly put it back on.

What You'll Need: Your hands.

Secret: The thumb that appears to slide off is secretly bent. The thumb of your other hand takes its place, and the fingers cover the separation.

Notes: Just like all magic tricks, practice makes perfect. Try this out in the mirror many times to ensure it looks amazing BEFORE showing it to your friends.


8. Linking Paper Clips

This is a great self-working trick because the magic happens visually! Difficulty:

Two paper clips link together magically
Let's look at the linking paper clips magic trick

Effect: Two paper clips are placed apart on a dollar bill. Instantly they are linked together!

What You'll Need: Two paper clips, a dollar bill, (optional) rubber band.

Secret: This bill is folded in a way that when re-opened the paperclips are forced to link to each other. Hold the bill in your left hand fold it in half towards you and place a paper clip at the fold. Fold the bill one more time to look like a 'Z' and add the paper clip at the back fold, as shown. When you pull the ends of the bill the paper clips will jump into the air, linked together!

Notes: Click this link to learn this trick one step at a time and learn a really cool alternative with a rubber band.


9. String Magic Trick -- Two Strings Become ONE!

This amazing magic trick using string will completely mystify your audience! Difficulty:

Effect: The magician asks a volunteer to hold two pieces of string in their hands. The two pieces magically melt together into one!

What You'll Need: One piece of twisted string, about 12"

Secret: This trick uses twisted string so that you can separate the strands and make it appear like two pieces when, in fact, it is just one! Find the center of the string and pull apart the strands. Twist them slightly so they appear like two ends. Hide the secret part between your finger and thumb. Show the string to your audience as two pieces. Ask a spectator to hold out their hand and have them close their hand around the middle of the string. They believe they are holding the top of two strings. Pull the ends slowly from their hand. It will appear as if the strings have fused into one!

Tips: This trick works great with volunteers helping out in the trick. Try to involve volunteers in your magic whenever possible!



Coins and bills become the stars of the show.

Here are magic tricks with money you can learn to amaze your friends!

Whether it's a simple coin vanish or something more complex, these tricks are currency in the world of entertainment. Trust us; you'll want to spend some time on this section.


10. How to Make A Coin Vanish

This is a fundamental trick called The French Drop. It's an essential trick magicians of all ages must learn. It uses a technique magicians call Sleight of Hand. Difficulty: ⭐⭐

magician makes a coin vanish
Here's the secret to learn how to make a coin vanish

Effect: The magician borrows a coin or small object and makes it disappear into thin air.

What You'll Need: Coin or small object.

Secret: Hold your hand palm up. Your four fingers should be on the bottom and your thumb on top. Slightly bend your fingers and place the coin at the tips, held between the fingers and thumb. The coin will fall into the bent fingers and be hidden from the audience. To do this, bring your other hand towards the coin and pretend to take it into your hand. When your hand hides the coin from view secret, let the coin fall into the fingers. Direct all attention to the hand that supposedly has the coin. Show the coin has vanished!

I highly recommend learning this trick in more detail here!

Notes: The real secret behind sleight of hand is making your actions look natural. Any fumbling or awkward moments will make your audience believe something fishy is happening. You must practice, practice, practice!

Click HERE to learn the French Drop step-by-step.


11. Coin Through Balloon

This might be one of the most visually impressive magic tricks on the list, and it's undoubtedly one of my favorites. Difficulty:

a magician pushes a coin through a balloon
Here is the secret to pushing a coin through a balloon

Effect: A selected coin penetrates through a balloon.

What You'll Need: A coin, a clear balloon, a glass or jar and an elastic band.

Secret: Before the trick begins, one of the coins is pushed sternly into the clear latex balloon. The coin will become embedded in the latex. Even with close examination, the thinly stretched latex will be almost invisible. The balloon is then stretched over the opening of a glass or jar and held in place with an elastic band. Another coin is placed on top. Simply push the coin. It will appear to go right through the balloon!

Notes: This remarkable piece of magic can be presented to appear EVEN MORE impossible with two coins! We HIGHLY recommend checking out this blog post to learn it step-by-step!


Playing Cards

Deal yourself into a captivating world with our Playing Cards category.

These are simple card tricks with the ability to bend minds! This section is a full house of enjoyment. Whether you're a seasoned card player or simply love the allure of a well-shuffled deck, these tricks will suit you perfectly.

Shuffle over; this section is sure to be a hit!


12. Easy Mind Reading Card Trick

This is a clever way of displaying mentalism to your audience with a shuffled deck of cards. Difficulty:

Effect: A shuffled deck of cards is returned to its card box. The magician predicts each card as he pulls it from the box.

What You'll Need: Deck of cards, scissors

Secret: A secret hole is cut in the bottom right-hand corner of the card box. This allows the magician to see the face of the card at the bottom of the deck. Have your volunteer shuffle the deck of cards and keep it face down. Place them in the card box and cover the hole with your thumb. You can show both sides of the box. Peak at the card and announce the name as you reach in a remove it.

Notes: The secret to making this look magic is only revealing a few cards. Don't let them notice you looking at the box.


13. Balancing Glass on Playing Card Trick

This trick is unexpected because it appears that a drinking glass is able to defy gravity. Difficulty:

a drinking glass balances on the top edge of a playing card
Learn the secret of Balancing a Glass on a Playing Card Magic Trick

Effect: A drinking glass is balanced on the very edge of a playing card.

What You'll Need: Two playing cards, a drinking glass, glue.

Secret: The playing card is secretly prepared. A second card is folded the long way, and half is glued to the face card. This acts as a secret hinge that will support the glass.

Notes: Magicians always think ahead and prepare for what an audience might ask. For this trick, someone might ask to examine the card. Read the full post and learn step-by-step to see how you could do this.


15. Disappearing Ace Card Trick

Here's a super easy card trick that uses only three cards and looks impossible! Difficulty:

Effect: Three aces are shown, and one vanishes.

What You'll Need: Three aces: Ace of Clubs, Spades and Hearts.

Secret: The cards are positioned in a way that appears to be the two black aces and the ace of diamonds. Remove the aces and ensure the ace of hearts is upside down and behind the other two cards. Fan the cards so that they frame the ace of hearts to appear like the ace of diamonds.

Notes: What's nice about this easy card trick is that you are left clean. That's a term magicians use to mean that there is nothing to hide or conceal after the magic happens.


Kitchen Items

Lastly, welcome to the Kitchen Items section, where ordinary utensils become utensils of amusement!

Kitchen items with the words "Magic Tricks from the Kitchen"
Let's learn magic tricks with items found in the kitchen!

Spoons, cups, and safety pins find new life in our kitchen magic showcase.

Who needs a recipe when you've got the ingredients for a mesmerizing performance right in your drawers?

Prepare to cook up some fun without ever turning on the stove!


17. Cup Through Table

This shocking magic trick relies on a bit of misdirection to perform a surprising penetration of solid-through-solid. Difficulty:

Effect: A small drinking glass penetrates through a solid table.

What You'll Need: Small drinking glass, coin, paper napkin.

Secret: The paper napkin keeps the shape of the drinking glass that is secretly dropped onto the magician's lap with some misdirection. Here's how to present this trick. On the table is a coin, glass and paper napkin. Tell the audience you will cause the coin to penetrate the table. Cover the coin with the glass and cover the glass with the napkin. Crumble the napkin so it takes the shape of the glass. Lift the glass and napkin together and announce the coin has penetrated. Look surprised and point to the coin as you bring both to the table's edge. Let the glass fall into your lap, and place the napkin shape over the coin. Slap the napkin down to reveal the glass is now under the table.

Notes: The difference between a good magician and a great magician often relies on good acting. Like all skills, practice makes perfect!


18. Handkerchief Escape Drinking Glass Trick

This is a great trick that's perfect for the dinner table. Difficulty:

Effect: A napkin escapes a sealed glass.

What You'll Need: Glass or jar, two different colored napkins, elastic band.

Secret: When the glass is covered and the elastic band wrapped around it, the magician secretly turns it upside down. The opening of the glass is now on the bottom. The elastic band is then wrapped around what the audience believes is the top.

Notes: Handkerchiefs used to be all the rage in the early years of modern magic. However, they aren't often seen today, so instead of a handkerchief, use two different colored napkins.


19. Ziplock Sandwich Bag Magic Trick

This is a fun impromptu magic trick you can learn with a Ziplock sandwich bag that appears to come alive! Difficulty:

Effect: A sandwich bag moves all by itself.

What You'll Need: A Ziplock sandwich bag.

Secret: Zip up a Ziplock sandwich bag but leave a small unzipped section at the end. Hold the bag along the zipper with your thumb and middle finger. Pull your thumb back and forth to animate the bag.

Notes: Your presentation is the secret to making this magic trick come alive.


20. Invisible Ball Paper Bag Mystery

This magic trick uses only a paper bag and is pure fun to perform. Difficulty:

Effect: The magician catches an invisible ball in a paper bag.

What You'll Need: A paper bag

Secret: The secret to making it appear like an invisible ball has landed inside the paper bag is by snapping with the fingers holding it. Open the bag and hold it between your thumb and first two fingers. Pretend to display an invisible ball and toss it to your friend. Have them toss the ball back to you by throwing it high in the air. Follow the action with your eyes, and as it approaches the bag, snap your fingers. React as if the ball has landed in the bag.

Notes: This magic trick is a lot of fun to perform and relies on acting



A Magical Wrap-Up: Turning the Mundane into Marvelous!

There you have it, folks — the world of illusion is right at your fingertips often in the most unexpected places!

Whether you're trying your hand at transforming simple school supplies into tools of wonder or making money do the unbelievable, magic truly lies in the details.

Your kitchen isn't just for cooking; it's a treasure trove of tricks waiting to be discovered.

And let's not forget the age-old allure of card tricks, a timeless classic in the magician's toolkit.

So, next time everyday objects surround you, remember: with a dash of creativity and a sprinkle of technique, you have all you need to astonish and amuse.

Now, go forth and mesmerize! 🎩✨

Disclaimer: Some tricks in this guide may involve the use of scissors, knives, or other sharp objects. Please exercise caution and common sense when performing these tricks, especially if children are involved. Always handle sharp objects with care, and if you're a younger reader, be sure to have adult supervision when attempting any trick that requires the use of potentially hazardous tools. Remember, the real magic is in entertaining safely!


That's It!

I hope you enjoyed this list of magic tricks with everyday household items!

Let me know! Hit the ♥️ heart button.

Don't forget to share your questions or comments below. Interested in learning any specific magic trick? Let me know!


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