Best Magician Podcasts in 2021: A Complete List

Stay connected with the latest magician news, interviews and topics with a magic podcast. Here's a listing of the best magician podcasts!

There is no better way to stay up to date and connected to the magic industry than a podcast. Download on demand all the latest news, magician business tips and advice, and interviews with the biggest names in magic, conveniently on your own schedule.

We asked our members of Magician Masterclass what magician podcasts they listened to regularly, the top five podcasts Magicians Talking Magic, The Magic Word Podcast, Discourse in Magic, The Insider Podcast and Successful Performer Podcast.

All of these podcasts share unique discussions with magicians around the world. Scott Well's podcast for example is well-known for his fantastic magician convention coverage, Shezam answers the question "What is it like to be a woman in magic?" and the Magician Talking Magic Podcast shares bi-weekly interviews and business advice.

All of these podcasts are specifically created for magicians and fans of the art of magic.

Top 14 Magician Podcasts (Alphabetical)

  1. Conversations with Close Michael Close

  2. Discourse in Magic Jonah Babins

  3. Magicians Advice Phil Taylor & Ian Brennan

  4. Magician Business Ken Kelly & Julian Mather

  5. Magicians Talking Magic Podcast Ryan Joyce & Graeme Reed

  6. Magic Talk James Lantiegne

  7. Penguin Magic Podcast Penguin Magic

  8. Shezam Podcast Kayla Drescher

  9. Successful Performercast Podcast Kris Sheppard

  10. The Insider Vanishing Inc

  11. The Magic Detective Podcast Dean Carnegie

  12. The Magic Word Podcast Scott Wells

  13. The Variety Artist Podcast John Abrams

  14. Two Magicians One Mic Nick Paul

*Special Mention*: Penn's Sunday School Penn Jillette

Penn regularly discusses magic, magicians and general magic concepts on his podcast.

Whether you are a fan of magic, enthusiast, semi-pro or a professional magician, there's a great podcast out there for you!

Magicians Podcast thumbnails from Discourse in Magic, The Magic Word and Magicians Talking Magic
A Complete List of Magician Podcasts Available for Download Now

Here is a complete listing of all the magician podcasts currently available for download. We've also included the status. Some of the podcasts like the Magicians Podcast are no longer in production but still offer their episodes for download.

Best Magician Podcasts 2021

Here is a complete guide to all the magician's podcasts available now for download!

The Magic Word

By Scott Wells

A Podcast for Magicians, About Magicians, Hosted by a Full-Time Professional Magician, Scott Wells

Status: Active | Frequency: Weekly

Discourse in Magic

By Jonah Babins

We help magicians improve their performing and marketing abilities by studying magic theory from those who’ve walked the walk.

Status: Active | Frequency: | 60 min

Conversations with Close

By Michael Close

On these podcasts, you’ll hear me interview magicians from around the planet: the industry’s best performers, creators, and innovators. I try to ask questions designed to spark robust discussions, giving you information and insights you won’t find anywhere else.

Status: Active | Frequency: Monthly

Magicians Talking Magic

By Ryan Joyce & Graeme Reed

A podcast for magicians and fans of the art of magic. As seen through the sleeves of two professional magicians. Weekly news, reviews and updates keeping magicians around the world connected to the world of magic.

Status: Active | Frequency: Bi-Weekly | 30 & 45 min

Successful performercast logo
The Successful Performercast Podcast with Kris Sheppard

Successful Performer Podcast

Kris Sheppard

Weekly Interviews with Professional Entertainers

Status: On Hiatus


By Kayla Drescher

Join professional Magicians Kayla Drescher for this funny, feminist podcast about the world of magic

Status: Active | Frequency: Weekly

Magician Business

By Ken Kelly & Julian Mather

Our aim is to bring you relevant tips, tricks and strategies that are current and focused on the entertainment industry. We are Ken Kelly and Julian Mather, two different people with one aim to bring you marketing ideas that lead to a happier, freer life with enough income for you to do what you love.

Status: No Update Since February

Two magicians. One mic.

By Nick Paul

Inspired by podcasts such as WTF and Nerdist, Two magicians One Mic tries to dissect magic and observe it from the performance perspective. We aren't interested in how the trick works, we want to know what the performance process was.

Status: Active | Frequency: Bi-Monthly

The Magicians Podcast

By Richard Young

Informal interviews with the biggest names in magic. These episodes are no longer in production but Richard went out with a bang interviewing David Copperfield, Chris Kenner and Homer Liwag. Don't miss these interviews.

Status: Ended

The Variety Artist Podcast Logo
The Variety Artist Podcast with John Abrams

Magicians Advice Podcast

By Phil Taylor & Ian Brennan

Magicians advice podcast is for magicians looking to improve the quality of their performance and to get a deeper understanding of this art we call magic. Hosted by Phil Taylor & Ian Brennan UK Magicians.

Status: Active | Frequency: Weekly

The Variety Artist Podcast

John Abrams

The Variety Artist Podcast is a weekly podcast featuring spring artists and entertainers with in-depth discussions from top variety artist performers around the world.

Status: Active

The Insider Magic Podcast

Welcome to The Insider, Vanishing Inc.’s magical podcast. Every week, we interview magicians you know and love. Each episode is 30 minutes, so we cut straight to the chase and give you just the interesting and important magic chat.

Status: Active | Frequency: Weekly | 30 min

Magic Talk

By James Lantiegne

Magician James Lantiegne and White Rabbit Magic Shop owner Joshua Lantiegne talk about the magic craft with fellow magicians and fans.

Status: Active | Frequency: Weekly

Magic Detective Podcast

By Dean Carnegie

The magic history podcast, especially stories about Houdini, and many lesser-known magicians.

Status: Active

Penguin Magic Podcast

By Erik Tait

The Penguin Magic Podcast is a weekly show bringing you interviews from the top names in magic and a behind the scenes look at the P3 Magic Studios.

Status: Active | Frequency: Weekly

Illusionary Podcast

The Illusionary Podcast talks to different Canadian Magicians about their careers and influences. They talk about magic, illusions, and life.

Status: Unsure | Frequency: Monthly

What is your favorite magician podcast?

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