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How To Make A Magic Wand With Paper - DIY Magician Wand

Updated: Jun 21

Do you want to make a magic wand out of paper?

This project is perfect for Harry Potter fans looking to create their own magical wands.

A magic wand held by a magician's hand behind a theatre stage curtain holding a paper magic wand
How to Make a Magic Wand Template by Magician Masterclass

Follow these easy, comprehensive instructions and download our free template and magician’s wand PDF printout.

  • ✂️ Scissors

  • 🧴 Glue stick

  • ⌚ 5 minutes

  • ⬇️ Magic Wand Template (download for free below)

Making a magician’s wand with our template is an easy at-home project for all ages.

The template is created with helpful guidelines for cutting and rolling, using very little ink and standard printer paper.

We’ve also included a bonus magic trick you can make and perform in minutes.

All instructions and templates are below! Let’s get started!


Watch DIY Magician Wand Video Tutorial

Watch the full magician wand instructions here.


Table of Contents


How To Make a Paper Magic Wand

Let's make a magic wand!

magician wand made from paper
One sheet of regular paper to make a magician's wand (Download below)

There are many elaborate ways to construct a creative wand. You could use wooden dowels and paint.

However, our template requires only the essential tools and resources to conjure a perfect wand.

This is an easy and quick craft you can do for afternoon crafts or a magic show.


Tips for Making the Best Paper Magic Wand

Here are a few important tips and frequently asked questions for making the perfect paper magic wand.

Best Papers To Make A Magician Wand

  • The best paper to make a wand is plain, regular 8.5 x 11-inch printer paper.

  • I recommend using the standard or eco settings on your printer.

  • The template uses very little ink.

Construction Paper Tips

  • The best paper to use is standard printer paper because construction paper is challenging to roll.

  • If you use thicker paper, run it along the edge of a table surface before rolling.

  • You'll also want to be generous with the glue stick to hold everything nicely in place.

Tips For Rolling the Magician Wand

  • A toothpick is a helpful way to start rolling the magician’s wand as tight as possible. Applying double-sided tape diagonally across the paper helps create a tapered roll that sticks together better.

  • With some practice, you can roll the wands without a toothpick, but it helps make a perfect wand every time.

  • Don’t forget to remove the toothpick with a few taps on the table.

Helpful Printer Guidelines on Our Template

  • You'll find printed guidelines lines on our DIY wand template that help simplify trimming.

  • We've also printed a diagonal line throughout that is beneficial to keep rolling in alignment.

What Are Magic Wands Made Of?

Magic, of course, ✨🙃

Most commercial magician wands are made of wood and plastic. If you want to purchase a stack of plastic magic wands for cheap you can find many on Amazon.

Let's get started! Here's a step-by-step guide on how to make a magic wand.


Supplies You'll Need:

Magician wand supplies: glue, scissors, toothpick, template printout
Supplies needed to make a magic wand

What You'll Need

Here are the supplies you'll need to make a paper magic wand:

Time Required: 5 minutes


Step-By-Step: How to Make a Wand out of Paper

Here are the quick and easy DIY magician wand steps:

Step 1: Download & Print the Magic Wand Template

Download the magic wand printout page here for free.

There is no need for fancy papers or high-quality printer settings. This works excellent with thinner papers—an easy and affordable afternoon magic craft with the kids.

There's a hidden magic trick in the extra piece of paper! Hold onto it for later!


Step 2: Cut out the paper wand template.

Grab some scissors and cut out the paper wand template.

You may need scissors a little later to square off the ends of the rolled-up magic wand.

Keep the scraps from the printout. They make an excellent surface for gluing and protecting your table.

If you want to learn the bonus magic wand trick, you'll need the extra printed square!

Next, it's time to roll!


Step 3: Roll the wand tightly.

The toothpick helps start the roll nice and tight, but it’s unnecessary with a little practice.

Be sure to remove the toothpick.

We’ve also included a line printed diagonally to help guide your DIY magician wand rolling.

After rolling the paper wand tightly and aligning it following the guidelines you should have created a perfect-sized magic wand.

Tap the ends and get the toothpick out of the middle roll.

Get the glue stick handy, your magic wand is almost complete.


Step 4: Glue the paper wand together with a glue stick.

Add a dab of glue to hold everything together.

You're Almost done!

Trim the ends of the magic wand with a pair of scissors if necessary, and enjoy!

With just a small piece of scrap paper, you can create this fun trick and start practicing magic without delay!


BONUS: Easy Magic Wand Trick

Here's an easy trick you can make from our DIY magic wand template.

All you need is a small strip of extra paper. It's easy to perform, and we've included a cut-out guideline in our one-page magic wand template.

Learn how to make the growing magic wand here

Are you interested in learning more easy magic wand tricks? Click here to learn four easy magic wand tricks!


Final Tips

It only takes a few minutes to make this DIY magician wand.

Paper magic wands are an excellent activity for children because they are easy to make and use very little ink and paper. Our magician wand template helps save time and effort. Download the template below and print it out on a single standard piece of paper.

For added decoration, you can use spray paint or specialty craft papers as a base coat to seal the wand and gold rubbing paste to apply gold detail to the raised bits, enhancing its visual appeal.

Follow the simple steps above and make your paper magic wand today!

We’ve included the free magician wand template PDF below. Please like this post and leave a comment!

Let us know how you decorate your magic wand or make it unique!


Download Easy Paper Magic Wand Template:

Download our DIY magician wand template here:

Download PDF • 92KB


People Also Ask...

What is a magician's wand called?

A magic wand is a tool magicians and wizards use to perform tricks such as making objects appear out of thin air. It is also known as a magician stick, sceptre, rod or baton.

Can you do magic without a wand?

Yes, you can perform magic tricks without a wand. Many modern magicians don't use magic wands when performing with props such as scarves, coins, rings, etc.

However, in non-fiction, wizards rarely perform magic without a wand because they need to channel the energy into something.

Wandless magic for wizards is very difficult and requires great skill or discipline.

What is the simplest magic wand trick?

The easiest magic wand trick involves the magician using only his hands to make the wand appear to float.

This trick is often performed with pencils, pencils or other similar-sized objects. It's done by secretly using the finger of the magician's other hand. Learn the magnetic magic wand trick and other easy wand tricks here.



In conclusion, learning how to make a paper magic wand can be a fun and rewarding experience for aspiring magicians and DIY enthusiasts.

Our step-by-step guide, accompanied by a helpful video, makes it easy to follow along and create your very own wand.

Don't forget to download the exclusive free paper magic wand printout from Magician Masterclass to enhance your wand-crafting skills even more.

With the added bonus of an easy magic wand trick, you'll be well on your way to impressing friends and family with your newfound magical prowess.

So, gather your materials, follow the steps, and start weaving some enchantment into your life with your own paper magic wand.


That's It!

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