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How To Make A Magic Wand Out Of Paper - DIY Magician Wand

Updated: May 6, 2023

Do you want to make a magic wand out of paper?

A magic wand held by a magician's hand behind a theatre stage curtain holding a paper magic wand
How to Make a Magic Wand Template by Magician Masterclass

Follow these easy, comprehensive instructions and download our free template and magician's wand PDF printout.

Here's all you'll need to make a paper magic wand:

  • Scissors and a glue stick.

  • 5 minutes of construction time

  • Download our PDF Magic Wand Template

Making a magician's wand with our template is an easy at-home project for all ages.

The template is created with helpful guidelines for cutting and rolling, using very little ink and standard printer paper.

We've also included a bonus magic trick you can make and perform in minutes.

All instructions and templates are below! Let's get started!


Table of Contents


How To Make a Paper Magic Wand

Let's make a magic wand!

magician wand made from paper
One sheet of regular paper to make a magician's wand (Download below)

There are many elaborate ways to construct a creative wand. You could use wooden dowels and paint.

However, our template requires only the essential tools and resources to conjure a perfect wand.

This is an easy and quick craft you can do for afternoon crafts or a magic show.


Tips for Making the Best Paper Magic Wand

Here are a few important tips and frequently asked questions for making the perfect paper magic wand.

Best Papers To Make A Magician Wand

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