How To Make A Magic Wand Out Of Paper (PDF)

An easy magic craft for kids!

A magic wand held by a magician's hand behind a theatre stage curtain
How to Make a Magic Wand Template by Magician Masterclass

Let's make a magician wand! Here are 3 easy ways to make a magic wand from paper and household supplies.

All of these magic wands are made from paper and you'll find a printable magic wand PDF template below! You can download it for free! Magician School by Magician Masterclass teaches easy magic tricks and crafts you can make with the kids!

  • 🚫No Electric Glue Needed

  • 🚫 No Paint Needed

  • 🚫No Electric Tools Needed

But it's 100% magical! :)

A fun DIY project for young magicians and wizards!

Here you'll find three easy ways to make a magic wand using everyday paper and supplies. Watch the video below, download the PDF and you'll be making magic wands in minutes! You'll also find options for making a magic wand without a printer.

How to make a magic wand out of paper template pdf screenshot
You'll find a PDF template below to make the best magic wand

There are many elaborate ways to construct a creative wand however, the basic tools and resources below are all you need to conjure a perfect wand.

You'll find three different ways to make a magic wand:

  1. Printable PDF template*

  2. Regular Sheet Paper & Black Construction Paper

  3. Regular Sheet Paper Only

How do you make a real magic wand at home from paper?

You'll find here three simple ways to make a magic wand at home without any paint or wood. There's a printed template method, a method with two pieces of paper and no printer need and finally, there's even a quick and dirty method with a single piece of regular white paper.

Making a magic wand at home is really a quick and easy craft. I found the best method was to use the template because it reduced the amount of glue needed for construction and it creates a much tighter wand. Overall the magic wand template printout was the best of the three methods and should last a little longer in young wizards' hands. It's easier to make than the other crafts and a great afternoon craft you can download and print on any inkjet or laser printer. Download here.

magician wand made from paper
One sheet of regular paper to make a magician's wand (Download below)

Best papers

I found the best paper to use for the magic wand template was plain, regular 8.5 x 11-inch paper and I used all the standard settings on my printer. The template is square with the ends of the wand snipped out in the template. You may need to snip a little off the end of the final wand.

Here's a quick tip for working with construction paper

Construction paper is difficult to roll so it's helpful to run the paper along the edge of a table surface. It helps arrange the fibres of the paper and makes rolling much easier.

If you are using construction paper, you'll want to be generous with the glue stick to hold everything nicely in place.

Rolling the Wand

I recommend running the paper along the edge of a table first as mentioned above and then I found a toothpick was the best way to start rolling the wand as tight as possible. Eventually, I was able to start the wand rolls without, it just took more time. It's important to keeping the roll tight to match up all the lines and cuts.

Don't forget to remove the toothpick, which might require a few taps on the table.

A Printed Guideline

There's a printed line that runs diagonally through the printout. This is a helpful tool that you'll use to keep rolling the wand perfectly straight. Using lighter papers helps make sure you can see the ink through the paper.

What are magic wands made of?

Magic wands are typically made of magic of course but you'll find many modern magician wands these days are made of wood and plastic but it's not the construction material in the wand that's important but rather the level of practice in the wizard.

Remember to learn your tricks well you need plenty of practice!

Wizards with a few extra resources could easily make a magic wand by purchasing a wooden dowl from the dollar store and a little paint. While fun, paint can be messy and smelly so the magic wands we're making below don't use any paint or special tools.

Do you need a wand to do magic?

Magicians don't need magic wands but some wizards do. Magic wands are symbols that remind us to believe amazing things are possible. But don't forget real wizard's magic comes from hard work and practice!

Let's make a magic wand.


How to Make A Magic Wand

Let's get started with our favorite magic wand template that's easy for kids and young wizards to conjure.

Magic wand supplies: glue, scissors, toothpick, template printout
Supplies needed to make a magic wand


How to Make a Magic Wand out of Paper Printout DIY Tutorial

Here's what you'll need

Time Required: 5 minutes

Step 1:

Download & Print Magic Wand Template

Download the magic wand printout page here for free.

No need to worry about fancy papers or high-quality settings. This rolls nicely with thinner papers. It makes the best magic wand a magician could need!

WIZARD'S NOTE: There's a hidden magic trick in the extra piece of paper! Hold onto it for later!

Step 2:

Cut out the template

Grab some scissors and cut-off the line so you have nice clean edges. You may need to use those scissors a little later to nip off the ends of the magic wand.

Notice the extra square on the printed magic wand template? What's that all about?

Step 3:

Use a toothpick to help roll evenly

The toothpick helps start the roll nicely. If you have light enough paper you can see through and align your rolling easily.

Get the glue stick handy, your magic wand is almost complete.

Step 4:

Roll the paper tightly & remove the toothpick

Keeping the roll tight will align all the edges nicely and create a perfect sized magic wand for both little hands and professional wizards.

Tap the ends and get the toothpick out of the middle roll.

Step 5:


Add a dab of glue and hold it into place. Presto!

Trim the ends of the magic wand with a pair of scissors if necessary and enjoy!


Click here to download the magic wand template


How to Make A Magic Wand with Two Pieces of Paper

Here's what you need:

  • Half a sheet of plain white paper (8.5 in x 5.5 in)

  • Small rectangle of black construction paper (6 x 4 in approx. size of a photograph)

  • Glue

  • Pencil

Time Required: 2 minutes

Instructions: Cut out a rectangle of black construction paper. You can also be creative and use specialty papers. Centre the construction paper and glue in place. Glue the edges of the white sheet and the exposed construction paper. Roll the paper along a pencil or pen and press firmly. You may need to add a little extra glue here and there.


How to make a magic wand from one sheet of paper

Here's what you need:

  • A half piece of paper

  • Glue stick

  • Magic marker :)

Required time: 5 minutes

Instructions: Cut a normal sheet of paper in half and run a glue stick down the long end. Roll the piece of paper tightly around a pencil or pen. Press and hold firmly at the seam. Now use a magic marker color of your choice to decorate your magic wand.

Don't forget to remove the pencil or pen before casting any magical spells.

Download the free PDF Magic Wand Template

Magician School Magic Wand PDF:

PDF • 92KB

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