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Floating Ring on Pencil Magic Trick

Updated: May 27

Making something float is very magical!!

Learn the floating ring on pencil magic trick and download everything you need to perform this easy miracle!

This trick is elegantly simple yet strikingly visual. t's also very easy to perform and a great beginner magic trick!

Here's how to do it!

Table of Contents

The Effect

The magician borrows a ring from an audience member and slides it onto a pencil. Suddenly the ring begins to rise and float up the pencil. At the magician's command, the ring stops and floats back down. The ring is handed back (with huge applause!)

Watch: Floating Ring on Pencil

Here's how it's done:

There is a secret string attached to the pencil and the magician. Tightened and loosened the string will raise and lower the ring. The string is tightened by the magician moving their body away or toward the pencil.

Supplies You'll Need

Instruction: Step-by-Step

How to make the Pencil gimmick

  1. Download and print the Vanishing Pencil Template

  2. Cut out a pencil from the template

  3. Roll the cut-out around a pencil

  4. Glue the cut-out to hold it together

Caution: Always use caution when using sharp objects like scissors

How to perform the Floating Ring on Pencil

  1. Attach the safety pin and string to you.

  2. Hold the pencil with the thread at the top

  3. Place the ring on the pencil

  4. Pull your body away from the pencil to make the ring rise

  5. Bring your body toward the pencil to make the ring lower

  6. Remove the ring and return to the spectator

Note: Moving your body instead of your hand makes this appear more magical. Try to avoid moving your hand to make the ring lower or raise.

How to Make the Pencil Gimmick

Here is how easy it is to make the pencil gimmick. Follow these steps below:

How to float the Ring: Photo Explanation

Attach the safety pin and thread in a place that can't be seen by the audience.

The length of the thread will vary from person to person. My thread length was 13 inches or 33 cm.

Video Explanation

Watch the full Explanation of the Floating Ring on Pencil Magic Trick:

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Tips & Advice

  • Wear dark clothes

  • Be aware of your angles

  • Keep your hand still; moving your body to lower and raise the ring will look more magical.


With just a pencil and a ring, you can perform a miraculous and visually stunning illusion that requires no sleight of hand and minimal pre-show setup. Since it only takes two minutes to master, it's one of those tricks you can print out and quickly learn-- while having a lot of fun performing!

Important reminder: It looks more magical if your hand doesn't move! Pull your body away from the pencil or towards it to make the ring float up or down!

Download the printout below and start making magic!


Download the Pencil Template here for free.

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Download Pencil Template:

Download PDF Pencil Template Printout for Floating Ring on Pencil :

Download PDF • 163KB

For personal non-commercial use only.

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