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Floating Ring on Pencil Magic Trick

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

Making an object float is VERY magical!! In this post we'll learn the floating ring on pencil magic trick PLUS download everything you need to perform this easy miracle at home!

a ring floats up a pencil with the words "Floating Ring" in the background
Learn this easy and amazing magic trick for beginners!


Floating Ring on Pencil Magic Trick

This trick is elegantly simple yet strikingly visual. It's also very easy to perform and a great beginner magic trick!

Here's how to do it!

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The Effect

The magician borrows a ring from an audience member and slides it onto a pencil.

Suddenly, the ring begins to rise and float up the pencil.

At the magician's command, the ring stops and floats back down. The ring is handed back (with huge applause!)

Watch: Floating Ring on Pencil

Here's how it's done:

There is a secret string attached to the pencil and the magician.

Tightened and loosened, the string will raise and lower the ring.

The string is tightened by the magician moving their body away or toward the pencil.

A pencil with a thread attached to it that guides the ring up the pencil
The secret is a piece of thread the audience never sees

Supplies You'll Need

Here is what you'll need to perform this magic trick:


Instruction: Step-by-Step

Let's look at the step-by-step instructions to perform this easy, beginner magic trick!

How to make the Pencil gimmick