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Balancing Glass on Playing Card: A Gravity-Defying Illusion!

Updated: May 17

Experience the unexpected with the Balancing Glass on Playing Card trick. Watch as a drinking glass defies gravity, balanced on the edge of a playing card!

A glass of water balances on the top of a playing card
Defy gravity with this magical stunt!

Learn the Balancing Glass on Playing Card Trick

Ready to tip the scales of reality?

The Balancing Glass on Playing Card trick is an eye-catching illusion that seems to break the laws of physics.

Difficulty: ⭐

Keep reading, and you'll soon be balancing objects like a master, following the step-by-step directions and video instructions below.

Why You'll Love This Trick:

  1. Gravity-Defying Illusion: Create a visual spectacle that challenges the laws of physics.

  2. Everyday Objects: Perform this trick with common items found around the house.

  3. Adaptable to Audience: Suitable for both close-up magic and larger gatherings.

A glass of water balances on a card
Let's learn the Balancing Glass on Playing Card Magic Trick

What the Audience Sees:


A drinking glass is balanced on the very edge of a playing card, leaving your audience in awe of this gravity-defying feat.


How to Perform the Trick

Let's uncover the secret behind this balancing act.

A glass of water and a deck of cards spread on the table.
All you need is ONE small glass of water, ONE deck of cards, ONE secret gimmick!

What You'll Need:

  • Two playing cards

  • a drinking glass

  • glue.


A second card is folded and glued to the face card, acting as a secret hinge.

With a secretly prepared card, you'll create an illusion that's sure to amaze. Ready to learn how? Keep reading!


Step By Step Instructions

Follow these steps, and you'll be defying gravity in no time!

Two cards glued together to create a hinge
Prepare a secret gimmicked with two playing cards and a glue stick.

Step 1.

Fold a playing card the long way and glue half to the face card.

A side view of the gimmick hinge card supports the weight of drinking glass
SIDE VIEW: The gimmick hinge card supports the weight of drinking glass

Step 2.

Position the glass on the secret hinge.

A drinking glass of water defies gravity and rests on top of the a nine of spades playing card
To the audience it appears as if the glass is defying gravity

Step 3.

Present the illusion, making sure to hide the secret hinge.

You're now ready to balance a glass on a playing card. Want to see it in action? Check out the video below!



Wasn't that astonishing? Now it's your turn to perform. Keep reading for additional tips and insights!



Here is one final suggestion for making this trick baffling for your audience!

  • Practice your presentation to make the illusion convincing.

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Ryan Joyce - Magician, Illusionist, Hypnotist & Speaker

​Ryan Joyce is the Executive Director of the Ontario OWOW Magic Festival. Ryan is a professional magician, entertainer and speaker who has performed over 5000+ shows worldwide. He has appeared on Penn & Teller's Fool Us, Canada's Got Talent and every Canadian national television network. He has over 10+ million views on YouTube, Facebook and social media and is trusted by Fortune 500 companies to deliver world-class performance.

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