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Penetrating Safety Pins Magic Trick

Updated: 5 days ago

Two linked safety pins instantly pass solid-through-solid!

Two safety pins instantly unlink
Let's learn this easy and amazing magic trick, the Penetrating Safety Pins!!!

Learn the Penetrating Safety Pins Magic Trick


Are you ready for a mind-boggling magic trick using safety pins?

This one is so impressive that it'll leave your audience in awe! The best part? You can do it on the spot, without any preparation!

This is an easy magic trick using household items that anyone can quickly learn and perform. Check out this post if you are interested in other easy-to-learn magic tricks.

​Why You'll Love This Trick:

  • Classic Illusion: A timeless trick that has fascinated audiences for generations.

  • Everyday Objects: Perform this trick with common safety pins, making it accessible and easy to prepare.

  • Visual Mystery: The linking and unlinking of the pins provide a striking visual effect that captivates audiences.

Two safety pins linked with arrows pointing in the direction they will unlink

What the Audience Sees:


A volunteer is handed two safety pins and asked to link them together. The magician holds the linked pins, and instantly they penetrate each other.


How to Perform the Trick

Everything you need to perform this trick can be examined or borrowed.

Let's take a look at how this trick is done.

Bunch of safety pins scattered on a clipboard
What You'll Need: 2 Safety Pins

What You'll Need:

Two safety pins.


When two linked safety pins are quickly pulled apart, one of the safety pins forces the other to open and close quickly. This action allows the linked safety pin to pass right through without detection.

The trick works automatically, but you must correctly position the pins together! Follow the step-by-step directions below.


Step By Step Instructions

Let's learn the penetrating safety pins magic trick step-by-step!

Two different colored safety pins, a brass and silver one.
Two different colored safety pins is best!

Step 1.

Hand two safety pins to a spectator for examination. Ask them to open one pin and link it to the other. Make sure they use the large portion of the pin.

Open the clasp and insert one of the safety pins
Open the clasp and insert one of the safety pins.

Step 2.

Take the pins from the spectator.

Hold one of the safety pins by the small end and the opening pointing up.

Step 3.

Place the dangling pin in your right hand as shown above.

The two safety pins have penetrated and unlinked from each other.
Pull the safety pins in opposite directions with a firm grip.

Step 4.

With a firm grip, both hands pull quickly in opposite directions.

Pulling the right-hand pin will force the left-hand pin to open and close on its own.





The color of safety pins is not essential, but using two different colors can make it more visually clear for your audience.

Always be careful using sharp objects!

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Ryan Joyce - Magician, Illusionist, Hypnotist & Speaker

​Ryan Joyce is the Executive Director of the Ontario OWOW Magic Festival. Ryan is a professional magician, entertainer and speaker who has performed over 5000+ shows worldwide. He has appeared on Penn & Teller's Fool Us, Canada's Got Talent and every Canadian national television network. He has over 10+ million views on YouTube, Facebook and social media and is trusted by Fortune 500 companies to deliver world-class performance.


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