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How to Become a Magician for Beginners (Tips, Links & Videos)

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

Do you want to learn how to become a magician?

Step into the captivating world of magic and discover the surprising journey to become a magician, where secrets and skills blend to create awe-inspiring moments.

A silhouette of a magician with flashing lights in the background
Let's look at how anyone can become a magician!

How to Become a Magician

In this post, we'll cover the five steps to becoming a successful magician and amazing others with your tricks.

Here are the most important takeaways:

  • Start with simple tricks and gradually progress to more complex ones.

  • Practice consistently to hone skills and build confidence.

  • Study the work of accomplished magicians for inspiration and learning.

  • Perform as much as possible for various audiences to gain experience and feedback.

  • Understand the importance of presentation and storytelling in magic.

  • Join magic communities or clubs to network and learn from others.

  • Continuously innovate and add personal touches to create a unique style.

I've been a professional magician for nearly 30 years, and in this article, I'll share the best tips, inside secrets and suggestions for learning the art of magic and becoming a magician.

These are the secrets I wish I had known when I started my journey in magic. Let's dive in!

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Let's dive in and learn how to become a magician.

How to be a magician step by step
Step-By-Step Guide: How to Become A Magician

The 5 Steps To Becoming A Magician

Becoming is similar to learning any other skill set or sport. Magicians must practice frequently and expand their knowledge. Let's take a look at the five steps it takes to become a magician.

Here are the five steps to becoming a successful magician:

  1. Learn Magic Tricks, Secrets & Magician Theories - Learn various magic tricks and magician concepts behind the tricks.

  2. Practice, Practice, Practice - Practice and perfect your tricks and try them out on your audience.

  3. Connections and Feedback - Reach out to other magicians and magician communities. Get feedback from magicians you trust.

  4. Perform As Often As You Can - We all get nervous performing magic! The more time you spend performing, the easier and more polished you become.

  5. Repeat - Keep at it!!! The difference between a good magician and a great magician is how much time you dedicate to performing and improving.

The art of magic is technical by nature.

A magician practices hours to learn complicated moves that an audience will never see! So, how do magicians become magicians? The obvious answer is that after hours of practicing magic, they perform magic tricks.

A drinking glass is levitating on a playing card

Becoming a successful magician is more than just knowing tricks. Successful magicians use great storytelling and unique personalities to shine and connect with their audience.

Let's talk about the first step, learning new magic tricks.


Step 1. How to Learn Magic

How to become a magician and learn the art of magic
How To Become A Magician And Learn The Art Of Magic.

The first thing you must do is immerse yourself in a world of magic. Learn all the magic tricks you can!

Read, watch and listen to every magic book, podcast or magic instructional video you can get your hands on. Here's a great resource for learning 20 easy magic tricks with household items.

In the early years of magic, it's all about the tricks.

Get a well-rounded knowledge of magic secrets and learn all kinds of magic.

With time, you'll understand how to follow your instinct and discover which tricks resonate with you, your style and your personality.


How to learn magic tricks and magician theory.

How do you learn the secrets to magic's most incredible tricks? Here is a look at the various ways to learn magic's methods.

1. Learn From Magic Books

magician books
Learn magic tricks from books

Hundreds of magic books are available for magicians at all skill levels.

One of the most significant benefits of learning from books is that you aren't influenced by the teacher's style or character.

I have always been a big fan of learning from a magic book.

As a child of magic, the gold standard magic book series was The Tarbell Course in Magic and Mark Wilson Course in Magic.

I highly recommend it for both beginner magicians and magic enthusiasts.

Remember! Never overlook books-- you'll discover a lifetime of inspiration in old magic books. Keeping an eye on the past has been part of every successful magician's history.

2. Learn Magic on YouTube

YouTube and videos are excellent ways to learn the art of magic.

Watching another magician perform makes it much easier to learn the nuances of complicated magic moves, sleights or tricks.

Video is a valuable way to learn magic tricks, but remember to add your personality and presentation to these magic tricks instead of copying.

Here's a fantastic magic trick called the Coin Through Balloon, which you can learn with household items. Watch below and subscribe to Magician Masterclass on YouTube:

Learn the Coin Through Balloon Routine here:

3. Learn Magic from Other Magicians

One of the most enriching and effective ways for an aspiring magician to learn the art of magic is by joining a local magic club or society.

These clubs are not just gatherings; they are melting pots of expertise, experience, and shared passion.

By becoming a member, you immerse yourself in a community that lives and breathes magic.

In a magic club, you'll find veterans and newcomers alike, each with unique tricks up their sleeve. Here, knowledge isn't just passed down through formal lessons; it's shared in conversations, demonstrated in impromptu performances, and discussed over shared challenges.

You'll witness firsthand the diverse styles and approaches to magic, providing a broader understanding of the craft.

Magic societies often host workshops, lectures, and special events where renowned magicians showcase their skills and reveal insights into their techniques.

These events are invaluable for learning advanced tricks and understanding the nuances of performance.

But it's not all about learning new tricks.

Joining a magic club is a gateway to forming mentorships and friendships.

Seasoned magicians can provide personalized guidance, helping you refine your technique and develop your unique style. They can also offer practical advice on navigating the world of professional magic, from booking shows to managing stage presence.

Furthermore, these clubs often provide opportunities to perform, whether in club meetings or at public events organized by the society.

Performing in front of fellow magicians who understand the intricacies of the craft is an excellent way to gain constructive feedback and build confidence.

Being part of a magic club or society is about being part of a tradition that values the sharing of knowledge and the continuous evolution of the magical arts. It's a place where magic is practiced and celebrated, offering a supportive environment for anyone embarking on the magical journey.

4. Learn Magic From Magician Podcasts

Podcasts are a great way to keep your ear on the pulse of magic.

Magician podcasts cover a broad spectrum of magic topics, including business, performance advice, conventions and interviews.

They also can provide long-form conversations with essential topics like magician theory.

For a complete list of magician podcasts, visit this page.


Where do magicians buy magic tricks?

The age of brick and mortar appears to be coming to an end.

There are very few magic shops that you can visit in person and do your magic shopping.

Most magicians buy their magic online at stores like:

After you've learned many magic tricks, it's time to perform. Whether you are presenting a trick for one person or an entire audience, there are some essential steps you need to take first.


Step 2. Perform Your First Magic Trick

Before you perform any trick, you must practice.

Practice the trick endlessly until you can do it in your sleep.

The reality is some magic tricks are much easier to perform than others.

You have to be able to complete the trick without hesitation or thinking about what's next. Any awkward pauses or delays in your performance will signal to your audience that something isn't quite right.

That's why it's critical to practice, practice, practice.

Once you are confident that you are ready, it's time for your first magic show or performance!

Remember, it's one thing to know the secret to a magic trick, and it's another thing to perform it.

All successful magicians work tirelessly on their magic tricks by practicing the moves, actions and patter.

Patter is the script that you say during a magic trick.

When you watch an outstanding magician perform a trick that looks effortless, they have likely presented that trick hundreds of times.

The more you perform magic, the more confident you get.

Each time you show a trick, it is like sanding the rough edges and making your routine smoother. It will get better and better each time.

Entertaining as a magician requires focus. Magicians who execute the most difficult tricks make it look effortless because they have performed their routines countless times.

However, like every journey, it starts with taking your first step-- and for magic, that's your first magic performance. Get practicing!

magician top hat and wand with smoke
Practice and perform your magic tricks often is the secret!

Step 3. Connect with other magicians and the magician community.

Discover the magic community and a world of professional magic.

Meeting and collaborating with other magicians is crucial to improving your skills. Only other magicians can provide helpful feedback based on experience. Getting feedback is critical to becoming the best magician you can be.

Plus, you can meet new friends who also share your passion for the art of magic.

Magicians seeking to connect with fellow magicians have several online opportunities, including forums and message boards. There are also in-person meetings, magician associations and annual conventions worldwide.

There is even a magician "Olympics" that happens every three years, called the FISM World Championship of Magic.

Here are a few online resources for connecting with other magicians:

A beautiful vintage theatre


Step 4. Perform As Often As You Can

Suppose you want to be a great magician; what's the secret?

You must perform often.

Find as many ways to present your magic as possible, including small social gatherings and events at school or work.

magician cutting a deck of cards

The secret to being a successful magician and entertainer is performing your magic as often as possible.

You need to be confident, and your magic needs to look effortless. When you perform a piece of magic hundreds of times, you understand how to maximize the entertainment value at every moment of the magic trick.

Anticipating in advance how spectators react will take your magic to the next level.

You must know every turn, movement and potential misstep of a routine.

The only way to earn mastery as a magician is through repetition.

And, of course, magic can also be a business that earns you income-- but that's a conversation for another blog post.


Step 5. Repeat

Repetition and dedication to improving your magic are the biggest secrets to being a great magician.

Whether you are building a magic show or presenting a few card tricks, these five steps are essential to building confidence and perfecting your skills, but the best thing you can do is do it repeatedly.

Getting feedback from people you trust is essential.

Don't get stuck in a bubble of your ego. Understand that not every one of your performances will be the best.

Learn from your mistakes, get back up, and do it again.

Your job as a magician is to inspire wonder in the imagination of your audience. Every time you perform a magic trick, that impact will become more robust and polished.

To become a great magician, you must perform magic a lot!

Never forget that the real magic happens in your audience's mind; don't make your tricks about you and your skills. Take your audiences out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary and make them feel great-- they'll remember you forever.



Magic is an incredible art, hobby and profession that can provide you with plenty of unique opportunities and even take you worldwide.

You need more than great magic tricks to be a successful magician. A great magician uses magic, personality, scripting, and storytelling to capture their audience's imaginations and make them feel astonished.

Work hard on your sleights and moves. Learn a wide range of magic and understand the theory behind each trick. Practice your magic tricks regularly by performing them as often as you can.

Connect with other magicians and get feedback from people you trust. Absorb yourself in the world of magic and make an effort to improve, learn and grow every day.


That's it!

If you got some value from this article, please hit the ♥️ and don't forget to share your questions or comments below.


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