How to become a magician for beginners

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

Have you ever performed a magic trick? These four magicians share tips on how to learn magic. Here's how magicians become magical.

On Facebook, 41% reported they had never performed a magic trick. Have you?

These four magicians give a few tips and pointers.

Watch: How Magicians Become Magicians

Filmed at Secret Show IV in Kitchener, Ontario

Featuring magicians: Scott Boyd, Joan Caesar, Ryan Joyce, Warren Letson, Noah, and Graeme Reed

Here's How Magicians Become Magicians:

The 5 steps to becoming a successful magician, by a full-time professional magician

Follow these five steps to become a successful magician:

  1. Learn a wide variety of magic tricks and magic theory

  2. Test your magic tricks

  3. Reach-out to other magicians and magician community.

  4. Perform, perform, perform. As much as you can.

  5. Repeat

Keep following because we're diving deeper at the steps to becoming a magician.

Part one is obvious: learn magic tricks

Watch: Learn a few easy magic tricks:

I have been a professional magician for almost 20 years. It's the only job I've ever had. I've learned a ton of different angles and viewed magic from many perspectives.

My closest magic friends have a wide range of personal journeys in magic. Scott Boyd is the newest to magic. He is an engineer by day and magician by night. Frequently referred to as a weekend warrior.

Graemazing has just recently become a 'full-timer.' In the professional world, he used to work in television. They'd call him Graeme Reed by day, he's always been a wizard with graphics.

Noah is a young magician, and his interest is in both magic and juggling. This amount of work and dedication in two skillsets extends potential opportunities down the road and depending on what journies lay ahead.

And then, there's Warren.

Warren was a manager at a local magic shop. He's performed magic many times behind the counter, but I didn't realize that he has never stepped onto the 'big stage.'

This show called Secret Show is used to promote magic within the community and allow local magicians to do new material. The show has featured top-notch guests from across Ontario and has events throughout the year in a small town near Toronto, Ontario.

Here's the steps to becoming a professional magician

How do magicians become magicians? The obvious answer to the question is 'they start performing magic tricks.' As you progress in the art of magic, you understand it is sleightly more complicated.

Magic as art is technical by nature. A magician practices hours to learn complicated moves, that you'll never see!

Invisible to the eye, at least that magician wants to earn money.

What does it take to make a career in magic?

In the beginning:

Step 1. How to Learn magic

Immerse yourself in a world of magic.

In the early years of magic, it's all about the tricks. We learn and absorb all kinds of magic without having any focus. You begin listening to your instinct and start discovering your style, personality, and magic preferences.

Important decisions are also made early on in a magicians career.

Typically a magician starts by deciding the types of shows they want to perform or aspire to perform.

Magicians jobs:

  • Close-up magic and Walk-around

  • Parlour magic, Conventions & Social Events

  • Childrens Entertainment & Education

  • Corporate & Trade Shows

  • College, Comedy Clubs

  • Fairs, Festivals

  • Theatres, Tours, Cruise ships

Where do modern magicians learn magic?

I have always been a big fan of books. As a child of magic, the gold standard was still The Tarbell Course in Magic, and Mark Wilson's book seemed to be on every magician's shelf. I highly recommend both. Especially now that we are becoming so digital and modern.

Keeping an eye in the past has been part of every successful magician's in history.

Magic Crafts: Magic Wand DIY

How to make a magic wand

Never overlook books. There is a lifetime of inspiration for future magic here.

If you are a student of magic, follow Jay Sankey

There is magic everywhere. Netflix, YouTube, and television. The digital revolution has been great for magic, but we've suffered a few bruises.

Magic is flourishing in the digital era. There needs to be trust by viewing audience that what they are seeing is the skills of a magician and not an editor. That's not magic, that's editing.

A few recommendations for YouTube

Jay Sankey (above) for students and fans of the art. Chris Ramsay (below) is known for magic and puzzles. His most popular video is below.

There are so many magicians on YouTube doing great things. Peter McKinnon is a (former?) magician and Shin Lim is killing it everywhere.

We chatted about him recently on this podcast

Links & Resources mentioned in this section:

Magician Podcasts. Magic for your ears.

Podcasts are a great way to keep your ear on the pulse of magic. Podcasts are covering a broad spectrum of magic topics including, business, performance advice, conventions and interviews.

We have a podcast that covers Magic News, Interviews covering topics relating to magic, performing advice, discussions with magicians about current magic events and more.

Here's a sneak peek of an episode of Magicians Talking Magic | Touring Tricks Podcast

Magicians Talking Magic Podcast

Where do magicians buy their magic tricks?

The age of brick and mortar is over. That's a statement for just about every service industry. We have a few great magic shops in Canada like Browsers Den and KW Magic and Vanishing Rabbit.

Online the popular online magic trick stores are ellusionist and theory11.

Canadian Magic Shops - Support Local!

Vanishing Rabbit, Calgary

Browsers Den of Magic, Toronto

KW Magic, Kitchener

Step 2. Test Your Magic

The very first performance

The first time you perform a magic trick is about getting mileage on the tires. You need to make sure they don't fall off. It's one thing to know the secret to a magic trick and another performing it.

That doesn't mean being underprepared. It's not magic until it has been presented in front of someone.

All successful magicians have worked tirelessly on sanding the edges of their routines. The only way to polish a routine is to performing it over, and over. You have to be able to execute all the moves and movements without thought.

Entertaining requires a lot of focus, you're going to need that brainpower.

Magicians who execute the most difficult tricks make it look effortless because they have performed their routines hundreds or thousands of times.

But it all starts somewhere. Understand that it is going to take some time.

Step 3. Reach-out to other magicians and magician community.

Discovery of the magic community! A world of professional magicians

Magicians seeking to connect with fellow magicians have several opportunities including forums and message boards for professional magician associations.

Meeting and collaborating with other magicians is a crucial role in the magician's journey, feedback from people you trust is essential to improving

Here are a few online resources:

Step 4. Perform Often

Shows, stages, events and more shows

The real secret to being a successful entertainer is entertaining as often as you can. Your magic needs to be 'roadworthy.' When you perform a piece of magic hundreds of times, you understand how to leverage every possible moment. Anticipating in advance how spectators are going to react can take your magic to the next level.

You must know every turn, movement and potential missteps of a routine. Repetition is the only way to master a piece of magic.

And of course magic is a business, like any others. That's a conversation for another blog post.

Do you make money with your magic? Do you book shows? Check this out.

Step 5. Repeat

From building a magic show or card trick, these are the steps I go through to build confidence as a magician and improve my skills.

Feedback from people you trust is important. Don't get stuck in a bubble of your own creation. Not all your ideas are great, but there are some hidden gems. Our job is to find them and make them shine.


Magic is an incredible art and profession that can take you around the world. If you want to be a successful magician, you need to work on your personality. What makes you the most interest. Work hard on your sleights and moves. Entertain audiences of any size as often as you can and leverage your unique personality that in your presentations. The audience will remember your magic, the key is for them to remember you. An don't forget to join Magician's Masterclass for updates. It's free.

PS: Magicians in Ontario and New York, this looks awesome....


Have you performed a magic trick? How'd it go?

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