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Vanishing Pencil Trick (How-To & Download)

Updated: May 28

The Vanishing Pencil is probably one of the easiest magic tricks to perform, yet it still looks AMAZING!

Let's learn it!

This tutorial teaches you everything you need to know to perform this trick yourself or for your kids.

Download the Vanishing Pencil Trick PDF below and follow our step-by-step instructions.

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The magician begins to roll a pencil into a paper napkin. Suddenly the pencil disappears in the crumpled-up napkin.

Watch: Vanishing Pencil

How it's Done

The pencil is made of paper. The ends of a pencil are taped to the specially printed template.

What You'll Need

  • Pencil

  • Gluestick

  • Double-sided tape

  • Scissors

  • Printout - Pencil PDF (free download below)

Alternatively, you could use colored construction paper in a hurry.

Instructions: Step-by-Step

How to make the Vanishing Pencil gimmick

  1. Trim off the ends of a pencil.

  2. Print out and trim the Vanishing Pencil Template

  3. Roll the cut-out around a pencil

  4. Glue the pencil cut-out to hold it together

  5. Put a small amount of double-sided tape on pencil nubs

  6. Insert the nubs and lightly-adhere the tape

Caution: Always use caution when using sharp objects like scissors

How to perform the Vanishing Pencil

  1. Show the pencil and napkin to your audience

  2. Begin rolling the pencil into the napkin

  3. Once the pencil has been covered entirely, grab the small pencil nibs with your hand

  4. Crumple the napkin

Photos - How to Make the Pencil Gimmick


Watch the full performance and secret:

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Tips & Advice

  • Always be careful using scissors and sharp objects

  • Make sure the pencil point is dull

  • Use double-sided tape to secure the pencil tips to the paper


There are a few items needed to make this trick happen, but as long as you already have your props, this trick can be performed at any time with anyone.

The vanishing pencil magic trick is great because it will leave your audience wondering what just happened.

Download the Vanish Pencil Template & Printout

Download the Vanishing Pencil Template for free.

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Download Vanishing Pencil Template:

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