How to Make Top Hat (PDF, Template, Video)

Here is a fun and easy craft for magicians and wizards alike! This one-page DIY magician top hat template download requires minimal supplies, takes only a few minutes and can easily be used as a pattern or stencil. It was also designed to perfectly fit a standard size deck of poker playing cards!

Let's make a mini top hat with this free template below!

You can use this template as a stencil and create your own unique mini top hat designs and crafts. All the step-by-step instructions include helpful images to get you up and conjuring your own magic in no time!

This is a great activity to spend with the kids who are interested in magic or a magician birthday party theme.

Each of these takes about 10 minutes to make, requires a printed page template, scissors, and a glue stick. You can use the printout template onto your preferred paper or you can use it as a stencil and trace around on your favorite papers. Below we've used black construction paper with a small strip of red for the top hat's iconic red strip.

Download the Magician Top Hat Template here

magicians top hat craft project made of one piece of black construction paper
This magicians top hat is made of one printed piece of paper (and a little extra for the red strip)

A mini top hat for magicians or snowman

This one-page printable template is a great Christmas craft for a snowman or snowwoman. It's a perfect holiday craft with the kids. Just use black construction paper and a red construction paper strip.

I've included some tips for using black construction paper below.

Snowman top hat template printable

Here's a fun simple extra-fun twist on the snowman top hat template. Take a sheet of scrap recycled paper and cut it out in the shape of a puddle. Draw a carrot and two coal eyes for a perfect melted snowman & mini top hat craft.

Here's how our mini top hat & melted snowman

A fun and easy snowman craft with the mini top hat
A fun and easy snowman craft with the mini top hat

Best papers to use

The best paper to make one of these is thicker construction paper or stock paper. You can also make this hat out of standard 8.5 x 11-inch printer paper. It's small enough to hold it's structure. The white top hat image above shows standard paperwhite inkjet paper.

Any type of paper can be used but we suggest thicker stock papers, we used construction paper for the red and black top hat above. The white top hat image was constructed of standard white inkjet paper.

Don't be afraid to use lots of glue! When the glue hardens and cures, it will give the mini top hat a little extra strength.

Printing Black in on Black Construction Paper

Samples of our three magician hats made of black construction paper
Samples of a few samples of our magician top hat craft.

To make the black magician top hat I wanted to see if the black ink from our inkjet printer would be visible on black construction paper. To my surprise, the black ink was visible enough to see for cutting and was a nice alternative to tracing.

Something to consider that may save you time if you need to make several of these for an event or party. Printing directly onto place construction paper is a suitable alternative when making a black top hat.

Tools you'll need

To make these crafts we used scissors and a glue stick. We also found it easiest to trim the inside circle with a sharp knife. Always take caution and care when using sharp objects!


How to Make a Magician Hat with Construction Paper

DIY Tutorial (and Printable Template!)

Step-By-Step: How to Make a Magician Hat with Paper at Home

This is super easy to make at home with basic supplies. The template is one-page and can be printed directly onto the final paper. An alternative is to use this as a stencil and trace this mini top hat template if you need to make several.

These assemble quickly, just about ten minutes with basic supplies.

I used the following tools:

  • Free Magician Top Hat Template

  • Scissors

  • Gluestick

  • Sharp Craft Knife

Step-By-Step Instructions

Cut Out the two main piece of the top hat template. (fig 1)

Save the larger piece of scraps for later. We'll use them to protect the surface from the glue.

top hat template printout cut in half
Fig 1. Cut the paper top hat template in half

Cut through the dotted lines, this will allow the paper to round nicely.

scissors cut through the lines of the template
Fig 2. Cut down the top hat dotted lines

Trim away all the little bits (fig 3) and cut out the inner circles (fig 4)

Don't trim down the outer rim of the template. We'll do this step last to give a nice clean edge.

Divide the top hats rims in half. (fig 5)

Add a 1/2 inch of glue at top of the top hat cut-out. Use the non-printed side to hide any printer ink.

top hat paper template parts cut-out and add glue
Fig 6. Add 1/2 inch glue on the top outer edge. Use scrap paper to protect your work surface

Roll the top hat into shape (fig 7) and slide it into the top hat rim for fitting (fig 8) After you've adjusted the size, give it a good firm press. Make sure all the glue is holding nicely.

Set aside the rim of the top hat.

Glue both rims of the top hat.

top hat paper template rims glued together
Fig 9. Glue both top hat rim inner circles. Be sure to use lots of glue

Bend the top pointed top hat bits out.

Bend the bottom bits in.

Adhere the two top hat rims together with the top hat bits sandwiched between.

paper top hat template aligned and glued
Fig 12. Align and center the top hat rims

Press firmly and make sure the glue gets good contact.

pressing the glued top hat pieces together
Fig 13. Press the glue firmly

Glue the two-round cut-outs.

gluing paper top hat craft
Fig 14. Glue the inner circle top hat pieces

Center the top hat over the larger round cut-out. Slide the smaller circle cut-out into the top hat.

Use a glue stick to press down firmly inside the top hat.

magician top hat printable template being glued together
Fig 15. Align top hat over circle piece. Add inner circle. Use the glue stick to make firm contact

Trim the mini top hat rim and any excess on the bottom.

trimming the paper top hat template
Fig 16. Trim the top hat rim and any excess paper

A perfect fit for poker-sized playing cards

We created the hat template download below to perfectly fit the magician's other favorite tool, playing cards! These top hats fit a standard poker-sized deck of cards is 2.5 x 3.5 inches (63.5 x 88.9mm) perfectly.

A great table-centrepiece for a themed event or party.

Download Top Hat Template:

Top Hat Printable PDF Template

Download Top Hat Template PDF:

PDF • 396KB

Did you see these magical templates?

A magician top hat isn't complete without a wand, if you need a printable template we created one you can download here.

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