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Rubber Band Finger Trick: The Amazing Leap of Fun in Jumping Magic!

Updated: Jun 21

Watch in awe as a simple rubber band jumps between your fingers, defying all logic. For this trick, the first rubber band is placed around all four fingertips, setting the stage for the jump.

This magic trick is a quick and easy way to astonish your friends with everyday objects.

An elastic band wrapped around two fingers, instantly jumps to two other fingers.
The Jumping Rubber Bands trick is a classic that every magician should learn!

Learn the Jumping Rubber Band Finger Trick


Get ready to leap into the world of impromptu magic with the Jumping Rubber Band Trick! All you need is a rubber band!

This classic maneuver was invented by a British magician named Stanley Collins (1881-1996) and first appeared in the magician magazine, The Magician Monthly in December 1911.

It’s been a favorite of amateur magicians for generations and is about to become yours, too!

This trick requires only one rubber band, highlighting its simplicity.

Keep reading, and you’ll soon be hopping with excitement as you follow the step-by-step directions and video instructions below.



See how to do the Jumping Rubber Band Magic Trick step-by-step:


​Why You'll Love This Trick:

  1. Simple to Learn: With just a rubber band and a bit of practice, you can master this trick quickly.

  2. Impromptu Magic: Perform it anytime, anywhere, making it a versatile addition to your repertoire.

  3. Engaging Effect: The visual jump of the rubber band captures attention and delights audiences of all ages.


What the Audience Sees:


Your audience will witness a rubber band mysteriously jump from your pinky and ring finger to your index and middle fingers, all in the blink of an eye.

Magician holding an elastic band to camera with the words "Jumping Rubber Band" underneath
You can learn this trick in just 3 easy steps!


How to Perform the Trick

Everything you need to perform this trick can be examined or borrowed. Let’s take a look at how this trick is done.

The trick requires specific positioning and practice to master.

A bunch of elastic bands on a book.
Elastic bands are all you need to perform this trick!

What You'll Need:

Just a regular rubber band.


The secret lies in how you initially position the rubber band around all four fingers. The magic moment happens so quickly that your audience can’t see how it’s done.

Let’s get started with these easy-to-follow instructions!


Step By Step Instructions

Let's learn the jumping rubber band finger trick step-by-step!

Step 1.

Place a rubber band around your index and middle fingers.

Step 2.

Stretch the rubber band by pulling it with your other hand. Secretly stretch it behind your other fingers.

Curl your fingers slightly to create tension in the rubber band.

Magician pointing to elastic band, now wrapped around the last two fingers.
Open your hand and the rubber band jumps!

Step 3.

To make the rubber band jump to your ring and pinky fingers, open your hand instantly to create and release tension. The rubber band will jump to the pinky and ring finger.

Advanced Variation

For an advanced variation, use a second rubber band. Place the second rubber band around your ring and pinky fingers. By manipulating both rubber bands, you can make them switch places between your fingers, creating an impressive visual effect.

This method involves careful setup and practice to ensure the rubber bands appear to jump or switch places seamlessly.


Final Notes:

  • Practice makes perfect, so keep trying until you nail it!

  • Remember, the key to this trick is in the setup.

  • Hit the ♥️ heart button below if you enjoyed learning this trick.

  • Have any questions or comments? Share them, and let's make magic together!


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Ryan Joyce - Magician, Illusionist, Hypnotist & Speaker

​Ryan Joyce is the Executive Director of the Ontario OWOW Magic Festival. Ryan is a professional magician, entertainer and speaker who has performed over 5000+ shows worldwide. He has appeared on Penn & Teller's Fool Us, Canada's Got Talent and every Canadian national television network. He has over 10+ million views on YouTube, Facebook and social media and is trusted by Fortune 500 companies to deliver world-class performance.


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