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How to Remove Your Thumb Magic Trick: Classic Magic

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Learn the timeless thumb magic trick that makes it look like you can pull apart your thumb. This illusion is perfect for beginners and will leave your audience scratching their heads in disbelief.

Magician removes his thumb and reattaches it!
Remove and reattach your thumb is a CLASSIC of magic! Let's learn how to do it RIGHT!

Learn the Remove Your Thumb Magic Trick

Ever wondered how to pull apart your thumb? Well, wonder no more!

The Remove Your Thumb Magic Trick is a classic optical illusion that has entertained audiences for generations. It's a perfect trick for beginner magicians and can be performed anytime, anywhere!

Though we don't know its exact origin, its popularity has never waned.

Keep reading, and you'll soon master this thumb magic trick, following the step-by-step directions and video instructions below.


​Why You'll Love This Trick:

  1. No Special Props Needed: You only need your thumb, making it a perfect on-the-spot trick.

  2. Great for Beginners: It's easy to learn and perform and an excellent starting point for new magicians.

  3. Classic Illusion: A timeless trick that continues to amuse and mystify audiences.

A magician removing his thumb with the words "REMOVE YOUR THUMB" behind his hand
Let's learn how to do this magic trick in 4 easy steps!

Watch the video.


What the Audience Sees:


Your audience will be baffled as they watch you seemingly detach your thumb and then magically reattach it, all without a hint of pain or discomfort.

Magician holding the thumb of his other hand.
Here's what you need: YOUR THUMB!

How to Perform the Trick

This impromptu magic trick uses two things you always have with you-- your hands!

Let's learn the secret to how this trick is done.

What You'll Need:

Just your hands.


The secret lies in the clever positioning of your thumb and forefinger.

Let's get started with these easy-to-follow instructions!


Step By Step Instructions

Here are the step-by-step secrets to performing the remove your thumb magic trick!

Step 1.

Start with your left hand pointing down. As your right-hand approaches, bend your thumb.

Magician's other hand covers the bent thumb with his finger
Turn hand over and bring your other hand into position as shown

Step 2.

Hold your left thumb with your right hand, hiding the joint.

Magician appears to remove the thumb from his other hand