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Linking Paper Clips Magic Trick: A Fun and Easy Trick for Beginner Magicians and Kids

Updated: May 17

It's time to learn a fun and easy magic trick with paper clips! You don't need any special preparation, which means the trick can be performed "impromptu."

Let's take a look at the linking paper clips and watch the video below.

Paper clips link on an elastic band that's threaded on a dollar bill
Watch as two paper clips instantly link to an elastic band!

Magic tricks have always fascinated people of all ages, especially children. The excitement of watching something seemingly impossible happen right before your eyes is truly captivating.

If you're a beginner magician or a parent of a child who loves magic, this blog post is perfect for you!

We'll teach you an easy and fun magic trick called the Linking Paper Clip Magic Trick that you can perform without any special items or props!

Magician holding a ten dollar bill with two paper clips linked on the center of a rubber band in the middle of the bill.
The Linking Paper Clips is a easy "impromptu" magic trick.

This trick is perfect to perform at home, office or when you are out with friends!

Video: Linking Paper Clips Magic Trick

The linking paper clips magic trick can be learned in minutes! Let's learn it!

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The Linking Paper Clips Magic Trick

The linking paper clips magic trick is one of the first magic tricks that most magicians (including myself) learned because it's straightforward to perform and can be done anytime and anywhere.

✅NO sleight of hand!

✅Uses EVERYDAY Objects!

✅EASY to Learn!

✅AMAZE for your audience!

Magicians refer to this style of magic as "impromptu."


What the audience sees:

The Effect: The magician shows the audience two paper clips, a rubber band and a dollar bill.

These items can be borrowed.

The magician folds the bill and slides the paper clips and rubber band on the bill. When the magician unfolds the bill, the paper clips instantly link onto each other and the rubber band!

It's a great trick to teach the kids and a fun trick you can present around school or at the office.


Materials Needed

magician holding a ten dollar bill, elastic band and two jumbo paper clips
Supplies you'll need to perform the linking paper clips magic trick

To perform this trick, you'll need the following materials:

  • Two paper clips

  • A rubber band

  • A piece of paper (optional)

Let's take a look step-by-step!


Step-by-Step Instructions

The secret to the linking paper clip magic tricks is how the magician folds the dollar bill and where they place the paper clips. The paper clips and rubber bands are combined when the bill is pulled and linked instantly.

Follow these directions to perform the linking paper clip magic trick step-by-step:

1. Prepare the materials

Before you begin, you'll need two paper clips, a dollar bill and a rubber band. Medium-sized paper clips and a rubber band that's not too tight or loose will work best for this trick.

2. Attach the rubber band

Thread the rubber band just off the center of the bill, as shown below.

An elastic band threaded on a ten dollar bill near the middle of the bill
Thread the elastic band near the middle of the dollar bill

3. Fold the bill in half

Fold the bill slightly off-center.

A ten dollar bill folded in half with an elastic band around the half-way point
Fold the bill in half

4. Add the paper clips

Take the first paper clip and attach it to the first folded bill.

A paper clip added to the folded ten dollar bill
Add the first paper clip around the first fold of the bill

Fold the bill over the first paper clip.

Ten dollar bill folded like a Z with an elastic band at the center and on paper clip holding the first fold
Fold the remaining half of the bill back at the point of the paper clip

Then, attach the second paper clip to the rubber band, facing the opposite direction.

A ten dollar bill folded like a "Z" with an elastic band in the middle and two paper clips holding the folds
Add the second paper clip.

5. Perform the trick

Hold the ends of the bill before your audience, ensuring they can clearly see the two separate paper clips. Slowly pull the bill ends further apart with your hands, and the paper clips will link to the rubber band.

Be sure to practice this movement to make it look smooth and effortless.

6. Reveal the linked paper clips

Once the paper clips appear to be linked together, show your audience the final result. They'll be amazed at how the paper clips have magically linked together!

The two paper clips linked together with the elastic band.
The paper clips are linked!

7. Practice and refine the trick

Remember, practice makes perfect. The more you practice this trick, the more convincing and engaging it will become.


Linking Paper Clips & Rubber Band Alternative

You can perform this trick with only two paper clips and a dollar bill.

The difference is that instead of the paper clips linking onto the rubber band, they will fly into the air and become linked.

This fun alternative looks just as magical.

Here's a tip for performing this magic trick without the rubber band. Don't pull too hard when unfolding the bill. Too much force will cause the paper clips to fly into the air and possibly rip the bill.

Be gentle and use light force to link the paper clips together.


Tips and Tricks

Here are a few tips and suggestions for presenting this fantastic Linking Paper Clip Magic Trick:

  • Always borrow the objects when possible - if you can borrow the paper clips or bills, it will increase your spectator's amazement because they know they are ordinary.

  • Use large or jumbo paperclips - this will help make the magic more visible and easier to see but won't impact the magic trick in any way.

  • You can use any paper - this doesn't need to be a dollar bill, it can be any piece of paper, but we recommend trimming to the size close to a bill.

  • Be colorful - Use different colored paper clips and elastic to add a visual element to the trick

  • Focus on your presentation - Tell a story or create a narrative around the trick to engage your audience

  • Always practice before - don't show a piece of magic to a friend or spectator unless you have practiced and perfected the trick.

  • Involve your audience - Incorporate audience participation by asking a volunteer to hold the rubber band or paper clips



The linking paper clip trick is an excellent piece of magic that every beginner magician should learn because it's easy to perform and can be performed anywhere.

Knowing this trick will help give you the confidence to perform and present magic to your friends at school or the office.

It also helps to learn the basics of impromptu magic, which can be done anywhere with borrowed objects.

Now that you know the steps to perform the Linking Paper Clip Magic Trick, it's time to practice and have fun with it!

Don't forget to try other beginner-friendly magic tricks to expand your repertoire. We'd love to hear about your experiences and any tips you've discovered in the comments section below.

Happy magic-making!


That's It!

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Magician Ryan Joyce

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