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Vanishing Crayon Box Magic Trick

Updated: May 17

Here's a fun, easy and colorful trick! This is the amazing Vanishing Crayon Box Magic Trick. With a quick shake of the box, the crayons appear to vanish into thin air!

Below are the instructions and step-by-step explanations for the vanishing crayon magic trick.

We've created an original crayon box design that makes this trick easy to make at home. All you need is crayons. Download a one-page PDF box design for free. Everything you need to learn this easy magic trick is below!

No skill is required- this magic trick practically works all by itself!

Vanishing Crayon Magic Trick

Follow the step-by-step directions in the enclosed instruction guide, and you can impress your friends and family with this quick illusion in no time!

You can even download our exclusive crayon box for free below.

Here's a look at what we'll cover:

An easy magic trick for kids & beginners

Vanishing Crayons is a magic trick for all ages!

Follow the simple instructions below and download our free template. Construction of the box and unique crayon gimmick should take only a few minutes.

  • An easy magic trick for young kids

  • One-page crayon box PDF template (or use your own)

  • Make all props in minutes.

  • Requires scissors. Use caution with sharp objects

The Vanishing Crayons need no resetting, that's fancy magicians speak for the time you need to get ready to perform the trick again.

This trick can be performed again instantly!


Watch the Vanishing Crayon Trick:


How It's Done

The props themselves are nothing fancy.

You can use any crayon box. We've provided a printable template below for an eight-crayon box or four smaller crayons if you don't have one.

It's a quick and easy magic craft with the kids.

Here's the secret:

The crayons have been cut to 1/3 of their original size and taped together. The magician squeezes the box to hold the crayons in place. When the crayon box is temporarily covered, the magician lets the crayons fall to the bottom of the box, appearing to vanish!

Vanishing Crayon Box Secret
The Secret to Vanishing Crayons Magic Trick

You don't have to practice for hours or learn to hold your hands just right—you hand someone the box and let them have at it.

Vanishing Crayons are perfect for any little magician who wants to put on a show for friends and family.

The complete step-by-step instructions and downloads are below.


What You'll Need

Here is what you'll need to perform this magic trick:


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