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Meet the Magic Camp & Magician that inspired Disney's Magic Camp Movie

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

For two decades, Sorcerer's Summer Safari Magic Camp brought world-renowned magicians and campers in Ontario, Canada for a week of magic.

Despite ending in 2016, the magic camp's legacy has nurtured the talents of budding magicians and inspired Disney's Magic Camp Movie.

In this exclusive interview, we pull back the curtain and reveal the captivating journey of 'Magic Mike,' from his unexpected entry into the world of magic to creating a summer camp that has left an indelible mark on the magic community.

So, grab your magic wand, put on your magician's hat, and get ready to be transported into a world where anything is possible!

Magician Mike Segal standing on stage at Sorcerers Summer Safari Magic Camp

Sorcerers Summer Safari Magic Camp

Sorcerer’s Summer Safari Magic Camp was visited by countless future wizards and acclaimed magicians worldwide for twenty years.

I personally have many incredible memories from attending Mike’s magic camp, and I was fascinated to hear these stories and perspectives from his career in magic and the journey behind Sorcerer’s Summer Safari.

We talk about:

  • A robbery that changed Mike's Life - how a robbery inspired Mike to become a magician.

  • The inspiration behind starting magic camp - why Mike and Jen Segal decided to start the Sorcerers Summer Safari magic camp.

  • The early years - starting with two campers and growing to be a premiere magic camp.

  • Doubling in size: How the magic camp, become nestled in the Canadian wilderness, earned an international reputation for magic.

  • Disney's Magic Camp Movie - the connection to Sorcerers Summer Safari and Disney's movie.

Grab your bug spray and marshmallows. Let’s share magic camp stories with Mike Segal.


Listen to the interview with Sorcerers Summer Safari founder Mike Segal


Interview Highlights:

Here are a few highlights from this interview:

  1. Mike Segal, also known as "Magic Mike", is a magician and founder of Sorcerer's Summer Safari Magic Camp, which inspired Disney's Magic Camp Movie. He has been presenting his unique, innovative, and interactive brand of comedy magic for audiences across North America for over thirty years.

  2. Mike Segal started his career in magic after a robbery at his workplace led him to pursue magic as a safer and more enjoyable profession. He started doing birthday parties and gradually moved into television, performing on a series that aired daily in Canada for five years. Quote: "I did a birthday party and I got $75 and it was half an hour doing magic that I loved to do. It was a terrible show. It was, truly horrible. But, it set bells off for me-- this could be my job."

  3. He believes that magic is not just about tricks but also about history and art. He started collecting vintage magic posters as a way to remember his travels and performances. Quote: "I just loved it. I just loved it. And, for me it was magic, but it was the art and it was the history of it."

  4. The Sorcerer's Summer Safari Magic Camp was founded as a way for Mike to give back to the magic community and to stay closer to home and his family. The camp started with just two campers and grew to be a premiere magic camp with an international reputation.

  5. Mike Segal believes that the secret to teaching magic, especially to kids, is not about teaching them the "good stuff" but about teaching them the basics and the ethics of magic. Quote: "Kids just want the secret. They're never going to do it again. They don't care. They just think 'You fooled me. Where'd that coin go?' They don't want to practice it. They don't want to do it. They just want secrets. They want the knowledge that they didn't have."

  6. The Sorcerer's Summer Safari Magic Camp doubled in size every year for the first five years, starting with 10 kids and growing to 150 kids by the fifth year. Quote: "So the first, first five years, we rented a place called Camp Tamarack. The very first year I had my daughter, two staff plus I think we had eight kids that actually signed up."

I also chatted with six magicians who attended Sorcerers Summer Safari magic camp. From world-acclaimed guests to campers, they share their magic camp stories and adventures. Check out that post here!


The Real-Life Magic Behind Disney's Magic Camp Movie

One of the most fascinating revelations from the interview with Mike Segal is the connection between the Sorcerer's Summer Safari Magic Camp and Disney's Magic Camp Movie.

The camp inspired the Disney movie with its unique blend of magic, camaraderie, and unforgettable experiences.

Mike shared that the movie was written by his brother-in-law, who had heard their stories and watched their videos about the camp.

The film captures the essence of the camp's magic, the joy of learning new tricks, and the sense of community fostered among the campers.

Watch the Disney Magic Camp Movie Trailer:

Mike Segal said, "My brother-in-law, a writer in LA, heard all the stories, saw all the videos, and he wrote a movie about magic camp."

This connection between the camp and the movie is a testament to the Sorcerer's Summer Safari Magic Camp's profound impact on its attendees, the broader magic community, and beyond.

It's a beautiful example of how real-life magic can inspire art and reach audiences worldwide.

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