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10 Tips For Becoming A Better Magician

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

Becoming a better magician may sound easy. However, becoming a great magician takes time and dedication.

You don't become a fantastic magician overnight. It takes years of practice, observation and effort to understand how magic works and how to become a better performer.

Try not to get discouraged because it will get easier over time, as a lot of practicing and failure are part of the process.

However, I believe there are ten tips anyone can use to become a better magician.

Let's take a look!


Add Your Interests To Your Magic

One of the most effective ways to add a unique spin to your magic is to infuse it with your own interests.

Even if you're performing a basic card trick, consider adding a theme or attaching a story that the audience can follow along.

It also helps to be interested in the topic you're talking about.

The more invested you are in your magic, the better it will be!

  • Be yourself - When performing magic, you want to be the best version of yourself. It means being a little more energetic, more reactive or enthusiastic. Be the biggest and brightest version of yourself without being insincere or fake.

  • Be interested and interesting - If you are not interested in your performance, the audience will not be either.


Practice, Practice, Practice

You can practice anywhere you like, but the most important thing is to practice as much as possible.

Make sure to try practicing when you are tired or hungry, too.

  • You can practice for hours, but you still need to perform. Being in front of an audience is a different experience from practicing in front of your mirror.

  • Keep it simple.

  • Write down or record your ideas that might occur while practicing. Consider a magician's notebook.


Take Acting Classes

Acting classes will teach you how to control your voice and body movements.

If you're already confident and comfortable with yourself, this can help you sell the act even more convincingly. If you're not—and many people aren't—this is a great way to learn to be comfortable in front of a crowd.

Many magicians seem born with that special something that makes them so captivating on stage, but it's something anyone can learn.

Magicians need to be able to read their audiences' reactions and learn to enhance these moments.


Perform As Much As You Can

Being a great magician is not just about having the right tricks and knowledge but also performing your magic to a crowd.

I cannot stress the importance of getting out there and performing as much as possible.

You can start by practicing in front of a mirror, then move on to family members or close friends. Once you've polished your act, you'll want to get experience in front of larger crowds.

This will help you build confidence and overcome stage fright.

If there are no magic clubs in your area, look up local open mic nights (often hosted at coffee shops or bars) and sign up! Attend their events whenever possible and support other magicians by watching their shows!

Remember that practice makes perfect, so don't fear making mistakes; even professional magicians make them.

  • Carry tricks with you

  • Put your own spin on everything.

  • Don't take yourself too seriously.

  • Go with the flow.

  • Always remember to have fun!


Scripting 101 - Always Script Your Magic

While your first instinct as a magician may be to go on stage with nothing more than a deck of cards, and a few memorized tricks, you might want to reconsider that approach.

If you want to keep your audience engaged, you need a script.

Here are a few considerations:

  • Script your act. Write out, word for word, the dialogue you will be using in your show.

  • A script is not the same thing as a memorized presentation. The purpose of scripting is to help you make your performance seem natural and unscripted rather than rehearsed and memorized.

  • Scripting helps improve flow. Ensure that you have only the most critical dialogue. Nothing unnecessary that could throw off your pacing or distract your audience from what's essential--the magic itself!

  • Learn how to evoke emotion through your tricks.

  • Have a healthy sense of humor.

  • Know your audience. The more targeted you can be to your audience, the better.


Build A Network Of Magicians To Get Feedback And Support

The magic community is awesome, and it's always fun to attend conventions and seminars. You can also find some of the best advice from other magicians on forums or online communities!

  • Join a local magic club.

  • Get a mentor (magician) in the field.

  • Be willing to change your act.

  • Learn how to accept criticism and feedback properly.


Watch Other Magicians For Inspiration: Don't Copy

This is a tricky tip, as it can be interpreted negatively. But inspiration is all around you.

Magicians shouldn't be afraid of looking to other performers for inspiration, but they must avoid copying them. You should never present a trick or illusion precisely like other performers.

Putting in the time and effort will pay off in the long run.

Watching how audiences react to magic tricks and illusions will also benefit you.

What makes them laugh? What makes them gasp?

Any magician needs many tricks that require tons of practice and skill, but being able to connect with your audience is the most important part of the job description.

  • Watch YouTube Videos to learn new tricks.

  • Read books about magic.

  • Get tips from other magicians.


Study The History Of Magic-- Learn From The Great Magicians Of Our Past

Learning about the history of magic will serve you in your pursuit of becoming a great magician.

There are so many fascinating and inspiring historical magicians who have spent a lifetime crafting extraordinary magic. When you look at the effects they created, it allows you to see where magic has come from and how it's changing.

It also prevents you from reinventing the wheel.

I strongly suggest studying magic history, especially if you want to create original effects and establish yourself as an innovator in the field.

  • Learn all kinds of magic tricks, secrets and methods

  • Learn from books, videos, podcasts and blogs

  • Learn some basics of psychology and what motivates people


Have Confidence, But Not Too Much ;)

As magicians, we're constantly working to improve our skills and find ways to make our tricks more exciting.

We've all been there before, whether the first time trying a new trick or after an embarrassing slip-up. It's easy to get discouraged and let that confidence get away from you.

But take heart!

With some critical thinking and effort, you can keep your ego firmly in check while improving and growing as a performer. All creative art forms have aspects of vulnerability—understand and embrace this early.

Here are a few thoughts:

  • Don't be afraid to fail-- that's how you learn.

  • It is easy to get discouraged. Magic and performing are skills that do not happen overnight; you must work at them.

  • Record your performances and study the reactions.

  • Study your audience and adjust your performances as needed.

Becoming a great magician is done one double-lift at a time.


Learn About Other Types Of Magic

A well-rounded magician knows more than one genre of magic.

You can't become a great magician without learning a lot of tricks in all areas of the art, even if you don't end up performing them for an audience.

Doing this will help you understand various tricks, styles, and secrets. It also allows you to be more creative with your performances—mixing and combining your unique qualities opens all kinds of creative possibilities!



Being a great magician is all about being entertaining. Learn to get people's attention and then blow their minds.

Part of the job is disguising the difficulty that often happens before the audience's eyes. The best way to become a better magician is to perform as much as possible. Take acting classes and write out your script.

Remember, you are not just doing magic tricks, but speaking, engaging and reacting with your audience!

There are many layers to becoming a great magician. If you're dedicated, magic can reward you with a lifetime of incredible moments.

Now get out there and dazzle!


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