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5 Easy Pencil Magic Tricks That Anyone Can Do!

Updated: May 6

No matter your age or skill level, you can still enjoy doing easy and cool magic tricks with a pencil.

Magician holding pencils with a surprised lady in the background
Learn these 5 Easy Pencil Magic Tricks

Here are some awesome pencil magic tricks that anyone can do.

You won't find any card tricks or coin tricks in this post! You will learn five simple pencil magic tricks for beginners.

These are some cool magic tricks that you can learn in no time!


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Easy Pencil Magic Tricks for Beginners

Magician holding a pencil and a young girl reacting surprised

All right, let's learn some pencil magic tricks!

But wait, I hear you thinking, aren't all magic tricks just fakery? Well, sure. But that doesn't make it any less fun to fool your friends!

And these first two tricks with pencils are effortless—there's no setup or preparation. Magicians call this impromptu magic.

The word "impromptu" means "without preparation."

When a magician performs a trick that seems to be done without preparation, it's often called an "impromptu" trick.

You can bust them out and start amazing friends right away!

Let's look at the first trick!


1. Rubber Pencil Magic Trick

First is the rubber pencil magic trick thats great for beginners magicians.

easy magic pencil magic trick that makes the solid pencil look like its made of rubber
Here's an easy magic pencil magic trick that makes the solid pencil look like its made of rubber

The Rubber Pencil Magic Trick is a great way to get started with magic tricks and impress your friends.

It's easy to learn, this trick is perfect for beginners.

The Secret: This is all an illusion-- it's tricking your eyes. It works because of optical illusion and how you move the pencil.

The most convincing way to do the trick is to combine two movements: up and down and side to side.

If you can hold the pencil loosely in your fingers, like it might fall out at any second, then the combined movements work even better. It will trick your brain into thinking that the pencil is rubber!

And that's how you do the rubber pencil illusion!


2. Floating Pencil Magic Trick (Impromptu)

This tutorial will teach you how to do the floating pencil magic trick without any props.

Just your two hands and a pencil.

The floating pencil is an impromptu magic effect to show friends, and it's easy for kids of all ages to learn.

How to do the Floating Pencil Trick:


3. Floating Pencil Magic Trick Version 2 (Quick Advanced Setup)

You'll need these for this trick: a watch and an extra pencil.

The pencil is tucked secretly in your watch (or tight bracelet—whatever works!)

The secret pencil holds the pencil firmly against your palm, so it looks like it's floating.

So you only need two pencils and a watch or tight bracelet to make it happen—no strings attached!


Simple Pencil Magic Tricks

Alright, so you've learned the basics of magic—now what? How do you take your skill to the next level?

These following three tricks need a little extra secret preparation before starting.

You can't magically make a pencil float without doing some prep work. And even though we will be talking about some pretty neat tricks here, remember that none of them are as simple as passing your hand over an egg and making it disappear.

All great magic tricks take practice!

So, let's look at the Floating Ring on Pencil trick!


4. Floating Ring

Ring floats up a pencil held by a magician
Ring floats up a pencil held by a magician

No, you're not imagining things: That ring is floating on top of that pencil.

And you can do it.

It's super easy to learn how with these step-by-step instructions for a magic trick called "Floating Ring on Pencil."

This is one of those magic tricks that kids love.

It looks like the magician just made their ring fly up a pencil—which, let's face it, is pretty cool to see! The best thing about this trick is that it's easy to set up, and you can make the supplies yourself at home.


The Effect: You'll borrow a ring from someone in the audience, then thread it onto the pencil.

The ring magically floats up to the top of the pencil.

Supplies You'll Need: A pencil, paper, borrowed ring, black string, glue (stick or liquid), and your FREE printout download.

  • a pencil

  • paper

  • borrowed ring

  • black string

  • glue

  • special download (see below)

The Secret: Some secret preparation goes into your pencil before you start this trick.

A piece of the black thread makes it look like the ring is rising to the top of the pencil—but it's all an illusion!

Check out the link below for full details on how this trick works and how to perform it yourself.

To prepare the trick:

  1. Download the free printout from our website.

  2. Follow the instructions in the printout to prepare your pencil.

  3. Get ready for your show!

When you're ready to perform the trick, borrow a ring from an audience member.

Thread the ring onto the pencil and say a magic word (or shimmy your shoulders, whatever gets you in the mood).

Slowly pull the ring away from you, the thread will tighten, and the ring should magically appear to rise to the top of the pencil.

It's a fun little trick to show off to your friends!


5. Vanishing Pencil

Here's a startling magic trick that looks impossible! The secret is very clever! Let's learn it!

A pencil wrapped in a napkin is crumbled and vanishes into thin air
A pencil wrapped in a napkin is crumbled and vanishes into thin air

The Effect: The magician rolls a pencil inside a napkin, and the pencil vanishes instantly.

First, You'll need some supplies to pull off this trick.

A pencil and napkin are obvious, but you'll also want to grab a glue stick, double-sided tape, scissors, and our special download.

Supplies You'll Need:

Now that you've got those supplies ready, let's get started.

The Secret: First up: secret preparation of your pencil. Use scissors to cut off the pencil tip and eraser carefully.

Next, print out our special pencil template here (you can download the pencil printout here).

Roll up the paper template in the shape of a pencil, and use the glue stick to attach it.

Next, add double-sided tape to the pencil tips (the little bits you cut off) and feed them into your paper template.

Now you're ready for action!

You can begin rolling your "pencil" into a napkin when it's time for your show. Once the napkin has covered the pencil entirely, grab the small pencil nibs with one hand so you don't poke yourself and crumple up the napkin.




These simple pencil tricks are very easy to learn; all it takes is a little practice to start performing like a pro.

The best thing about these pencil magic tricks and most simple magic tricks is that you don't need any special tools or materials to perform them.

With a little practice and patience, you can master all five of these simple pencil magic tricks in no time.

Anyone of any age can achieve all these magic tricks with a pencil, so try them!


That's It!

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