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Playing Card Box Template (PDF, PSD, SVG)

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

If you want to make your own custom playing card box, you're in the right spot! You can download a free template right away!

Magician holding a custom playing card box
Here's a sample of the custom card boxes. Download the template below

Making these card boxes is surprisingly easy and a great way to create your own custom playing card box, poker DIY or magician-themed event.

There is no need for you to tinker with sizing. Everything you need to create an awesome custom playing card box is here!

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Let's start making your own custom playing card boxes with this printable template!


How to Make a Playing Card Box

A printable playing card box is a great DIY project you can easily complete in just about ten minutes.

From start to finish, this template helps to create your own card boxes much faster. Some of the templates I've seen online were overly complicated.

Variety of colorful custom made playing card boxes
You can use a wide variety of papers with this playing card box template

You can cut out the template and trace it or print it directly onto your favorite paper.

You can make your own playing card box out of one regular 8.5 x 11-inch sheet of paper.

It's simple and easy to do without a template by measuring the total dimensions of the playing cards and tracing out a template on paper that includes tabs for gluing.

However, a template helps make playing card boxes so much easier.

Here's what it will look like:

You'll find several playing card box templates below, including PDF and Adobe Illustrator (AI) files. You can download and make your own fully customized boxes.

We've provided helpful step-by-step instructions so you can use this template to make multiple boxes or customize your own.


Playing card sizes: Poker or Bridge?

Traditionally, most major playing card companies print both poker and bridge-sized playing cards.

The standard measurements for a poker-sized playing card deck are 3.5 by 2.5 inches, and the bridge-sized playing cards are 3.5 by 2.25 inches.

The template below is for poker-sized playing cards.


What's the best paper?

I found the best papers were card stock or thicker fibre papers.

The plastic or firm-style paper also works, but they don't fold as nicely as thick paper stock. Using thick paper, score your folds with a sharp knife and ruler. This will help keep the edges sharp.

Be sure always to use caution when using sharp knives and objects.

How to get crisp edges

You'll need a ruler to get sharp edges on your custom playing card box.

Align the ruler along the template's printed lines and use your thumbs for sharp 90-degree bends.


Playing card box template formats

You'll find several formats below that you can download.

Here is a quick description of the most popular file formats. All file sizes and download links are below.

  • Playing Card Box PSD - One of the many file types below for download is PSD. Easily open the card box template in Photoshop. Since Adobe Photoshop has many different versions, you'll find an older CC PSD file that will open a newer Photoshop version.

  • Playing Card Box Adobe Illustrator - Bring the template right into Adobe Illustrator and start customizing it.

  • Playing Card Box SVG - Scalable vector graphics (SVG) is an open standard graphic format that can be used in various software applications. This playing card box template SVG can be scaled and stretched.

  • Card Box Design Template Generator - You can customize your own card box online using Canva. Canva is a popular free online graphic and layout tool.


Formatting and guidelines

This playing card template has been designed to fit on one 8.5 x 11 sheet.

The various templates below can be easily adjusted to various paper sizes.


Playing Card Box DIY for kids?

This quick and easy craft is suitable for young adults and children.

Always be careful using sharp objects and cutting utensils. Also, don't glue yourself together.

That's not good, either. 😁


Design your own playing cards.

If you want to design your playing cards, check out these templates in the most popular sizes: mini, poker, bridge and tarot. Check out our playing card templates here.


How to make a playing card box

Watch and learn step-by-step how to make your own custom playing card box.


Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1: Download and print the PDF below

Download the template of your choice below.

Step 2: Trim the excess card box template

Trim the three sides with a ruler and sharp knife.

cutting a playing card box template with ruler and razor
Fig 1: Cut the card box template using a sharp knife or scissors

I trim the top of the playing card box template with scissors, but if you are taking extra care, be sure to use a ruler to get a nice crisp edge.

Use some sharp scissors and trim away the cut lines on the bottom of the card box template.

These cut-outs make up the bottom folds of the box.

cutting the tabs of the playing card box template
Fig 5. Cut away card box tabs with scissors

The half-circle on the right side of the card box template helps insert and remove the lid.

I used a razor blade to trim the half-circle from the left side of the template.

Cut down to the top lines to create the lid of the card box.

Follow the cut lines closely.

You'll see they are two tiny triangles that extend slightly below the card box top. These cut-outs help to make the hinge of the card box lid move more fluidly.

cutting the lid of the playing card box template
Fig 9. Trim the card box lid

Here's what your trimmed paper playing card box should look like

the fully trimmed and cut out playing card box template
Fig 10. Here's the trimmed card box template

This blue card box shows where to apply your glue. Use lots of glue for a stronger bond and a firmer card box.

blue playing card box template shows where to add glue
Fig 11. Blue playing card box template shows where to add glue

Here's how the folds of the card box form together.

Fold the card box using a ruler for nice sharp edges. Have a deck of cards handy. We'll use those cards soon.

Fig 14. Use a ruler and fold card box edges and tabs
Fig 14. Use a ruler and fold card box edges and tabs

Here is a look at the card box folds before gluing.

Add glue. I use a glue stick. You'll find a blue template above showing where glue should be applied.

It's helpful to use a piece of discarded paper to protect your work surface.

Fig 17. Glue long edge of card box
Fig 17. Glue long edge of card box

Glue the outside leftmost fold (fig 18) and the bottom tabs of the rightmost box (fig 19)

Add a deck of cards and fold the card box. Press firmly.

Fig 20. Fold the long edge of the playing card box template
Fig 20. Fold the long edge of the playing card box template

Fold all the card box tabs together. Press firmly to secure the glue.

Hold the card box tightly and press firmly on a smooth surface.

Fig 23. Press both edges firmly along a smooth surface
Fig 23. Press both edges firmly along a smooth surface

The Finished Box

Here is a look at the final card box using the templates below!

Fig 24. A final look at the playing card box template
Fig 24. A final look at the playing card box template


Download Playing Card Box Templates

PDF Playing Card Box Template

Download • 421KB

Adobe Illustrator Playing Card Box Template

Download • 1.68MB

SVG Playing Card Box Template

Download ZIP • 14KB

We hope these playing card box templates help you out! If you need to design your own playing cards, be sure to download our free playing card templates here.


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