Magicians: Why you need to improve your show structure

Four questions every magician must answer in their audience's minds. How to properly structure your show and develop stronger relationships with your audience. In this episode, we cover how to develop more powerful stories and show structure.

How should magicians structure their show? What are the four questions every magician needs to answer to make their audience fall in love with them? We reveal the proper use of the famous Three-Act Structure. In this episode, we cover one of the most important topics for magicians who want to improve their show without investing in new tricks, latest news and more!

Magician Show Structure & Developing Story



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4 Stages of Magic by Walter Blaney

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Transcription from Episode 10

Ryan Joyce: Welcome to Magicians Talking Magic. I am Ryan Joyce and I am on location in my office and we've got Graemazing via satellite.

Graeme Reed: Yeah. And I'm Graemzaing. And this is episode 10 of Magicians Talking Magic. I am live via satellite In Studio G. Yeah, I mean Studio G f freshly painted Studio G.

Ryan Joyce: That's right.

Graeme Reed: This is exciting. Episode 10. We have hit double digits. The two of us talking magic, both of us talking different business tips, news things. It's been interesting too to hear from our local magic buddies that are listening in to the podcast and giving us their feedback. That's fun. Yeah. Last night was the first night of the Magic Club, uh, the, our local IBM Ring, which is called the Secret Society. That's right. KW Magic Society. And our friends Scott Boyd, I think he's still president. This, I wasn't there. I was doing a show. So tell me all about, last night.

Ryan Joyce: Last night was our big magic, uh, like first of the year, get together and establish all the structure of everybody and do the nominations and stuff. So there was a real like boring element of it too. The, the two new members that we had last night and that's the exciting part is we had, we had new members, uh, and the one guy was from the Secret Show that you guys had on on Friday, which we'll chat about in this episode. It was really great meetings. So Scott is our big president and we have to give Scott on an episode because he is another episode where we w he's in our little magic circle and Scott's really incredible because he's got a full time job and a family and in this little venture he's decided to learn magic about three or so years ago.

Graeme Reed: You know, it'd be fun, you know, it'd be fun. It'd be interesting to bring on Scott and Peter to talk children's magic magic for children because they think at of everybody we know Scott is an up and coming amazing kids, performer, family entertainer. And Peter has to be one of the best. Maybe even Mike Fisher. We should figure something out like the set, like a little group chat, chat skis.

Ryan Joyce: That'd be wicked. We can do it digitally now too. And, and uh, if you're not well, we try and listening to your trying. We're recording video video today in a different setting using screen captures and things. So, uh, log on a is where you can see those and posting those on mine, my own personal youtube channel. But you can also check out these posts at which is a community in itself, right? And that's what is so great about the magic like society, The Kw Magic Society, uh, and your local IBM Ring or your SAM RING. You know, these are just great ways for, for people to get together. It's a social club, right? And so we had our whole, it's a great year to share like, like

Graeme Reed: Business tips like you got bit, we have all sorts of business tips, lots of graphic base knowledge and lots of resources for graphics and things like that and updating your visual image. Um, and it's a good forum for people to ask questions and people are sharing things on the Facebook group. And you've got to follow along on Instagram too, right? Magicians, masterclass.

Ryan Joyce: Yeah, that's right. Yeah. Yes. Sorry we you have, but last night we were starting to, with the magic club, we were certain to create the whole year. So we chatted out, you know, what everybody wanted and we opened it up to the table just to, you know, to the room, just see what, what everybody else wanted. And I don't know what everyone else's magicians, you know, society's are like, I worry about, I don't know, 18 members now. And Scott brought up a big point that we had six about five years ago, you know, so we've really grown in the interest of magic is there. So it was really great meeting and we said there was time for a magic at the end. We all got up and did a little bit of a even just, just tricks and some people did instructions as well. So it was, it was a really great night.

And the magic community. I mean, one of the true best things about, uh, the a community of friends is that you get feedback, um, and they can help you out and accelerate your career, right? You can't, it's all you can do it on your own. Sure. It just takes longer. And having a group of buddies, you know, is a really great way to, to speed up that process and get help along the way. So hopefully you guys have a, a group of, you know, magic community members. When did you first reach out Graeme Let's that, when did you first reach out to the magic community?

Graeme Reed: Um, I remember when I was in my, um, teens, I think I would have been in like early high school or in possibly middle school, like grade eight, grade nine. And I had gone to a local, kind of magic camp in town. And that's when I learned that a magic club even existed. I didn't even know it existed. It's hard to find it. And I then also learned that my neighbor, no, I like to close with a couple of blocks away. He went to the magic club. So my dad would drive me to the club where I could get picked up from the Great Bobby Fellini and we'd go to the local Hamilton IBM ring, which was, uh, the Doug Henning had one club still called the Doug Henning hat and one club. Yup. Um, and that's where I kind of first started going. And there's also the Berlin Hamilton, Burlington society magicians, which was cool cause Hamilton has two magic clubs, which is rare.

Um, so you, I would go to both. You could go to two clubs in one month, which was a really fun, and I met, that's how I met my first kind of magic mentor Magic Mike who showed me the ropes in restaurant magic closeup, pocket magic and all that sort of thing. So that's really fun. And we just did a show a couple of months ago or last month in August, which was, uh, awesome. I got to headline a show, he got to open and he hosted the whole thing. Um, really cool full circle moment to go from starting magic to now performing a show with them. Oh, that's great. That's working if need help comes full circle. Yeah. But I think it's, it's neat though that we're creating this online magic club community too. I mean, this podcast, if you tune in weekly, you can share ideas and things and if you comment in all of our sections, whether it's on youtube, uh, email us or dms or whatever, we would love to share ideas and share topics that you guys want to talk about. Yep.

Ryan Joyce: We're just here to create the stuff that you want to talk about and that's where your feedback and feedback comes in. All those comments and stuff is really helping us out. So we've valued, we get lot and there's lots of talk about, you know, in the magic news, the magic is so popular right now. And of course a couple of big things to Copperfield's in the news that we, couple things we'll cover. Copperfield, um, is in news. Darren Brown has a funny little moment that we'll, we'll, we'll come into with Glenn close. Uh, and, uh, and I wanted to do

Graeme Reed: chat about, um, uh, a contest. I think it would be fun to do a little bit of contest

Ryan Joyce: for the community and everybody that's listening and so much more. So we'll, we'll chat with that. I wanted to start with Copperfield, if that's, if that's all right. Um, Copperfield.

Graeme Reed: Yeah. Because there was this recent storm, like this devastating storm that went through, right? Yeah. His,

Ryan Joyce: so his, I guess private island Musha Cay Island is, uh, in the southern Bahamas, so it looks, sadly, I'm not sure, I didn't see how much damage is done, but The Bahamas I know as a whole is just destroyed. I've been there several, several times with the ship and it's really sad to think about. So He's, I guess leading the, the efforts there to, to bring awareness and, and the campaign to raise money.

Graeme Reed: Yeah. For, yeah. There's an estimated 7 billion in damage damages done throughout The Bahamas. Um, and the death toll could be in the realm of 3000.

Ryan Joyce: Wow. That's so awful.

Graeme Reed: Yeah, that's true. Um, actually this is, this is new too. I just found this out. I didn't know if you knew this link existed. This is neat that we're doing this podcast live and we're also doing the web browser here too. But there's a link here, a fundraiser for tee shirts with the rebuild message, rebuild the magic. Oh and the proceeds go to rebuild the magic effort. Oh, that's great. Uh, so we should throw a Lincoln this into the comments of the, on the amazing blog posts and the pages that you put together for the website. But um, Copperfield Bay, Hurricane Dorian relief. Um, it's a $35 tee shirt and proceeds go to help, uh, the, uh, the relief efforts in The Bahamas. That's amazing. Yeah, we'll include in the link in the show notes, uh, for that. Uh, I'll tell you real quick what it is to, it's custom the magic. So that's where you can go if you want to help support rebuild rematch, dream, build the magic. There it is. Yeah.

Ryan Joyce: And I teach. That's an easy, quick way that you can go and help and get a cool t-shirt too. Absolutely. That sounds great. I mean in Copperfield's still still doing it right. I mean he's, I just saw number one show, you know, that's Copperfield. He's always that. It always, yeah.

Graeme Reed: He was also, I mean this is a magician pie gas that everyone should be listening to, but the magicians podcast just completed their 100th episode in. That wraps up their entire show like they think he's done and the hundredth episode is David Copperfield doing an episode. It's a two hour interview. Incredible.

Ryan Joyce: I have not heard about it or I've not heard it, but I've heard about it. Everyone is raving, so I definitely am going to check that out.

Graeme Reed: Yeah, they play, they play a game where they have I guess a jar or something with the different specials that he's done.

Ryan Joyce: Yeah. I'm pulling out and then they talk about it. Oh, that's so great. What do you want to know about it? What would you say the one, the one thing that you liked most about the episode, what was the one thing that stands out your favorite or your

Graeme Reed: out of the magic specials or the whole one thing of a copper copper fields podcast? I think the whole thing that was incredible a Copperfield is he's obviously the hardest working person on the planet to get where he is and he's just seeking perfection. And in this podcast you really get what he's trying to grab it magic. And at one point he talks about how, and I think all of us have experienced this when someone goes, oh my gosh, I can't believe this. You're better than Copperfield cause you're doing a closeup magic trick to the right. And he describes it as like, well you don't get with magic. That's not magic completely right. Cause you also needed this story in there. He's more of a story teller and it's fascinating just to listen to the whole thing and where he comes from at magic and how he seeks perfection and everything like that incredible

Ryan Joyce: podcast episode. I highly suggest it. Don't stop this one just yet, but you know, after this check it out and he is the master of storytelling. I realize now later now that I have like foresight in my own career. Right. I realized that I'm definitely more in the story telling side of like the magic interest and so obviously he was the biggest influence in in like my life. You magically and you know, and then other people started to permeate and things changed. But this whole concept of storytelling is in everything like to be able to learn how to tell better stories is essential for a magician at any skill level. So spend a little time working on your stories. That's a something we'll talk about today as well. One of the things we want to touch on is like how do you put together a good Straw show structure, right?

Like that's show structure. Yeah. Essentially. Sure. That's going to be the business topic today that we're talking about, which is, I'm really on my mind right now because I have some festival shows coming up. Yep. Yeah. You're keeping busy. You've got festival shows and I've got a different set of festival shows. Yeah, yeah, yeah. This structure is so important as it changes from, from setting to setting. So, um, real quick, you were browsing reddit earlier and you brought this up to my attention. I didn't know this video existed. It seems so ridiculous, but it's, it's like 60 seconds of costume changes. Yeah. Can we, can we load it up even? Okay. So this, I'll chat while you loaded up. Cause I asked you and I can do, I think costume changes are fun, right? Like in the appropriate place. I think they're super, and I, I'm, I'd love to know what you guys think about costume change in costume chains acts cause they're super rare there.

I would put them on like the fringe of like the magic, you know, world, right. I would put it, there's just so few of them, especially few of them that do it so well and those that do really rocket. So, um, this, this, uh, however, this is a little video for me is like there's, it's like no element of surprise or magic to it at all. This is literally just as if you'd pulled out six magic tricks. It's just, yeah, I've got it up here now and it's just boom, boom. Um, and it is, you made the comment earlier, she's just like, she's just magically getting thinner. Yeah, that's it. And if you were standing beside him, sure. All your here is right. Yeah. Yeah. I wonder how many cuss words happen, although she just stands completely still there the whole time too. She's, yeah, she has an amazing for sure.

Like they really did the best of what you could do with, with no presentation really. And then of course, the big ending at the end. I mean, I bought those DVDs cause we used to, we still do costume changes in the show. I have a couple of, not for me but for everybody else. And uh, and so I, I mean it's, it's because it's such a good, unexpected moment. It's like, wow, what? Yeah, I just got to the end. When they do the classic, they thrilled that like a bunch of stuff at someone. And then I love that moment David and Danya really are the masters. Right. And that, yeah, I think it is more fun when there's a little, it looks like Graham as lost audio. I hope that it's not picking up on mine. Uh, have you guys seen a costume change before? Have you seen alive costume change? I've only seen one once. I flew to Utah actually to see David Sandy show orchestra show and it featured, um, uh, declared my friend Christina Bianco. And it also had David and Danielle in it. And it was a real treat to see them live because what they do is just, I mean, it's there, it's a whole different art. It really is. And there's not a lot of people that do it. So it is, it's a mysterious art. Uh, do we have Graham back? I'm back. I'm live.

Graeme Reed: I'm here. I'm back live. We, I was talking about, I went to see, um, I was in Utah to see a show and I saw David and Daniel live. Um, it was, yeah, it was like an orchestra show was really great. My friend Christina Bianco was in it and then it was produced by David, Sandi and lance was in it and it was just, it was a great show, which is a really great show. So I, that's, and I think I might've seen them on a Marie Hatfield tour. Do you know, was David and Dania on a Marie Hatfield tour? I don't, you know what? I don't know what the Mary Hatfield, we were always only set a couple of times. Oh, is that so only, um, did you, you said Lance was on the show too, like Lance Burton. Oh No. Uh, Lance, uh, um, no, not Lance Burton. No, but he's performing, he's touring right now, whereas he's doing all kinds of things right now.

Yeah. Yeah. That's great. Cause do you know, is he coming up to Canada at all? Do you know if that's happening? Oh, I wish that would be great. We should see if we could maybe get them here in the future if he would bless us with his, his, um, he's such a great, so such a great influence of magic. What a treat to have him here. If that was ever a possibility. Moments ago we were kind of teasing a little bit of a contest situation, right? Yeah. Yeah. Do you want to try it for the podcast? Who doesn't love contests, right? Yeah. Yeah. So while we want to do is we're going to try it, we're going to give away, we're going to get our own copy, your own version, our own edition of the vanish collector's edition year one from a Paul Paul Romani. That's right, editor, Spanish magazine, world acclaimed entertainer who is also coming to the oil magic festival.

He is coming to the AOL magic festival that you have to come out. We're just happening at the end of October in the pitcher. Perfect town of Fergus, Ontario. But we are going to purchase this ourselves. We, this isn't a thing from Paul. This is something that we're doing right. And we are going to give away a copy of this book to a lucky listener of the podcast. It is so easy to enter. All you have to do, you're going to go onto the Instagram mazing app and like magicians masterclass. That's right. Boom. You like magicians masterclass. We will have a post for the vanish giveaway. You will like that post. And then you have to comment tagging to one to two friends and they uh, then you're entered in the contest. We will randomly choose one of the people if you're eligible. So you have to like the Instagram page, you have to like the post and you have to comment for two friends. Uh, we will do the draw. How about we do the draw? You want to do it? I'm not, why don't we do it like the week of the festival?

undefined: Yeah.

Graeme Reed: Right. And then, Huh. And then maybe if that person happens to be a local, we can give that book to them by hand. And then we'll also see Paul and maybe we can convince Paul to write a little message in there for the winter as well. That sounds like an amazing idea. That sounds like you just made that up right now. How is that for magic stuff? And I mean,

Ryan Joyce: talk about a master, like Paul is like, he's in like immersed in the magic community every month this guy gets every ounce of magic news and every, you know, insight or secret. This guy knows good magic and the collection, he's gone through and taken his favorite, you know, posts in, in parts of the magazine for the, from the first year. And they only printed a limited copy and once they're gone, they're gone. So this is a real treat. So I've got to go and buy those before they, before they totally sell out. So

Graeme Reed: yeah, hopefully, hopefully it was still available. There's only 500 copies. Um, so yeah, and if you want to check it out, you can find on his website, you can also find on vanish magazine, there's advertisements for it everywhere. I have a ton of links for it in the, in our a webpage section later too.

Ryan Joyce: I have a ton of Pol stuff. Actually I, everybody that asked me about cruise ships, I always tell them to look at Paul's book. Did you get that book before you did? this is before I jumped on ships and, and this thing was just priceless so that the knowledge in here and just recently I also, someone was asking me about, you know, cruise ships and stuff and I, I sent them right here. So really valuable for those people that want to get interested and start doing shifts. There's a little bit of a learning curve and so there's, there are some resources thankfully out there now available in both book form. And I know, look, Nick Luhan also has DVDs out as well. So that's a whole other industry cruise industry. I sort of exposed my myself in a matter of speaking out with the Vlog. World's game peaked behind the peripheral real metal curtain there. So if you want to see what some of the ship life is like, you can check that out on a Ryan Joyce. I'm positive that 99% of it is super embarrassing.

Graeme Reed: Do you have, you have some really great videos though, just on, um, on like your cruise ship life, which is so cool to see because it is a weird lifestyle that not everyone gets to,

Ryan Joyce: um, experience. Yeah, it's different. It's a, you know, the, yeah, it's a lot of fun. It takes you around the world. You see a lot of things you can see a lot of places. You, you meet a lot of incredible people that without a doubt, without a doubt is the number one thing that I love most about ships is the people that you get to meet. I mean, I've met so many great people like Michael Paul. I mean, I wouldn't have met Michael Paul and for those of everybody listening, if you haven't seen Michael Paul's ADT performance, he was incredible. We talk about a lot about it here. He's just a dear friend. So, yeah, there's so many great people that we need to future guests for the show. Michael Paul

Graeme Reed: would be an amazing guest to get on

Ryan Joyce: the show. Yeah. Let's maybe wonder if we could do it for the next week. I wonder. I wonder if he's home. I Eve I'm going to connect with them and see if he wants to jump in. I think if we, if we figure out all our tech stuff, maybe we can do it. That would be great. Andy, and who do you guys want to chat with? What do you guys want to learn? Um, because we can use our connections and the people you know and try to find information and guests to bring on the chat about the things and the knowledge that you need to take your stuff to the next level. We all need a little help. Where are you needing help right now? Where do you thinking?

Graeme Reed: Yeah, I'd love to. We would both like to hear what other people think and maybe also if you've heard something that we've discussed and you have a difference of opinion, it would be fascinating to hear it. And I'd like to discuss that as well. It's always fun to do that. So, uh, Joyce, today we are going to talk

Ryan Joyce: show structure. Do you want to get into it? Oh, we can get into it. Yeah, sure. Okay. Well, um, okay. So the basics distro show structure, in my opinion, you got to establish four things. You got to establish who, who you are. You got to stablish what you do, why it matters and how they should, you know, feel at the end of it and what steps they should take to follow you or to whatever. You know, at the end of it, that's what you gotta do. You gotta introduce who you are. Somewhere along the way, you gotta open yourself up a little bit so they know that you're a real human. You've got to, um, you know, you've got to make them laugh or, or whatever it is that you do. You know, not everybody is a comedian, but you've got to do the best at whatever you do over the course of that time answering, you know, why this is important, which is just if for many cases it's just enlightenment, right?

Is to be entertained. Uh, and then, you know, uh, yeah, dazzle them from there. I think it's really important to include, um, elements about yourself and a little, not, not over narrated. It's really important not to be bloated in your script, but the successful people I see on, on cruise ships, not even magician related, but the successful ones always include those, you know, these elements. They always give share a little bit of piece of themselves. They tell their background, they give, you know, uh, uh, some kind of a, an understanding of who they are as artists. And they present that in, you know, in their way in 45 minutes. If you've got 10 minutes, it's a different story. If you've got five minutes, it's a different story that all of the structure of course you need the answer pretty much. I think those four things. But, uh, at the end of the day, um, it starts with getting their attention and then a little bit of story and, and dazzle, right

Graeme Reed: and dazzle. No. Um, so I'm currently planning out, um, my festival show, which is just gonna be a little bit longer than what I usually do and I have all sorts of pieces that I can put in and I just did an hour show last night too, and I'm used to 45. I usually do 45. So bringing it up to an hour, I've been adjusting kind of the trick flow a little bit and how I put it together. I usually try to work in, and this is just the idea that I've had, I think I also heard it from Dan Harlan and I think it's just a classic idea of always working in threes. Yup. So I find I have a section at the start of the show that's a group of three tricks that describes the introduction of me and the skill set that I'm going to display and things like that.

This second portion, which is another group of three tricks, is a deeper dive into what that is all about. And then the third one is what I consider the closer. And sometimes they only have two tricks in there. Maybe one effect, but now there's about three. And I find these are personality pieces or just mind melting magic stents, right? Like things that are like super, this is unbelievable. And maybe s and just little details, not too much. Not like, you know, cause I've, my name is grenades and I'm a made up character and all this sort of stuff. But to figure tap into more of that character and the reasons why I wrapped that up in the end and I try to have a full circle story. I'm newer to this, so I'm, this is more of kind of a discussion with you. What do you think about those thoughts?

Ryan Joyce: Yeah, I totally agree. I'm hearing some feedback. So hopefully that little glitches and stuff. It's not too bad in the edit here for, for everybody, but um, I, yeah, I totally agree with you. The three x structure of course. And it's important to create, you know, all the elements of story and such. It's always difficult for magicians. Like I am included in that defined, you know, some of the traditional things like conflict, we've talked about that that before. But truthfully, yeah. Um, for a lot of magicians, I think failing to remember why people should care is one of the most fundamental things that people forget. You know, it's just becomes a card trick. Um, and if it's just a, if it's just an off the hand trick, that's, that's one thing. But if you're trying to make a dramatic like show or you're trying to really define yourself as an artist rather than just maybe a cookie cutter performer, I guess, and not to be abrasive about it, but it's about, and that's true. I'm trying to find all those things that make you different and why it's important that people would even care about it is these are tough questions is advanced stuff to think about the WHO, what, why, how

Graeme Reed: now, like you, you've been performing for like your entire life. This is the only job you've really had. Uh, did you notice a cause that, and we've always talked about the, I don't know if we've mentioned on the podcast the,

Ryan Joyce: you think, you know, Oh yeah, you don't all that those walls then it's the six stages of becoming a magician. I just takes a little brain pro. Walter Blaney told me this, uh, and it is a, you don't know that. You don't know, you know, that you don't know. You don't know that, you know, and then you know that, you know, uh, there's four stages. I lied. It's only four. But, uh, but that makes so much sense. So you don't know that you don't know. You have no concept that you don't know all of the universe of magic. You think you know it all. You think you're the center of it and you have all of the knowledge. And then at some point you realize that's not true. Uh, and that's when you realize that you don't know that you're, that you know, that you don't know.

You realize you don't know everything. That's the second phase. And then the third phase is you don't know that, you know, you don't realize that you've got it. You've, you've put in all the time, you've, you've got a polished act, you're a well rounded performer. And then finally the last phase is that, you know, you know, and that's like the competent phase like right. Like we're all yearning to get there, you know, but a, that's polish.

Graeme Reed: So like did you notice a big step in here, cause you used to do a lot of illusions and now you have a more of a parlor. You, do you mind reading a lot of comedy? He shared a lot about yourself, but not a lot like you do it correct in the perfect amount. When did you do you feel like you're really clicking with that kind of the show structure and where you're at right now? Like do you think at that fourth. Stage?

Ryan Joyce: I've been adding a little elements on my own actually just recently. So this is something that's at the forefront of my own world as well, trying to, I've always included story. And even early on when I look at it, I look at some of the things they used to say and I just think, Oh God, like it's, you know, I know, we'll see. Yeah. I think we all know, we all know we all have that and then, but you need that. It's, that's the thing, it's what is the saying from quality comes quantity. And so like the only truth at the end of days is that I bettered it now because I sucked so terribly at it for so long. I'm still not great at it. I'm just trying to become better. And that, for me, the hardest part is how do you add little parts of yourself and little stories in there and not lose their interest and still be relevant.

It's not, it's not easy. So I'm, I'm viewing it the way I'm approaching it cause my show's already structured and laid out. Um, and it's essentially three parts, like you said, which is super, super essential. Uh, it's just the power of three. Um, what I did is I have specific videos in there broken up that are short and I've decided to add a little story in between each video moment. And that allows me a perfect segue to, you know, a enhance what I'm about to show them, give them another like slice a little element. There are little hooks you've got to realize if you, so if I'm in front of 1500 people, I am not going to be the same person to everybody. Not everyone's going to relate to me. But if I say something that, a little story that resonates with 4% of the people and it's about maybe my grandparents or my mom or something or family that resonates with a lot of people and that hooks people.

If I talk about an experience in a certain country, you know that hooks in my world because I'm in an international setting. But you, if you, the more people that you can have these little connections with, they just get drawn into your, to your presentation, to whatever it is that you're doing. And so that's what you're trying to do. If you think about it with that motive, keeping it simple and light. Don't add too many adjectives, you know, just basics. But try to hook as many people in and the likelihood in my world to standing ovation technique we usually call it is, is, is improved. You know, your, the quality of your people are able to talk more about your show afterwards cause they can easily explain a story rather than sometimes a complicated magic trick. So these are all the reasons why magicians should include story and of course is not all the time. God, you don't want to be storied to death,

Graeme Reed: but it's kind of, um, it's kind of like comedians though, right? You want to share something that's relatable and make it hilarious so that people remember that's for a long time and you probably want to do it. You kind of might do the same thing with your magic. You want to take something relatable, make it magical so that when someone maybe sees that Coffee Cup next time, they think of, hey, you remember that goofy guy that grew amazing dude that did the thing with the coffee, that sort of stuff. That's right. That's right. Little Little Hook. Yeah. And that kind the way you, you dropped you name-dropped earlier you mentioned, um, a certain Walter Blaney Oh yes. I'm not sure if everyone, I didn't know of Walter Blaney to be honest, until I met you, because I'm not into the illusions and I, I didn't know that part of the history of magic. Can you give us a quick rundown, because you're pretty close with Walter, you know, Walter really well. Can you give us a quick go through and like, and Walter,

Ryan Joyce: so, um, Walter, if, what makes Walter story so incredible is he was on the precipice of magic where we were starting to get recordings and at his time, like he was like, he came up with, it was the latter levitation and it was his own unique thing. And it was this, we'd all seen basically the suspension where w, you know, uh, chairs are one chairs removed and the, the girl is suspended from the chair under her head. Well, Walter did something that no other magician had ever done before and you removed the other chair. And when he did that on stage, magicians lost their mind and he'd PR, we debuted it at a magic convention basically. And Lo and behold, after, you know, years later, rock Walter talked about how just the unders that applause was the plaza. And somebody at a convention said, you do want to hear it cause we have a recording of it.

And so Walter has this just incredible recording of this, this reaction to his, and my guy shiver just thinking about it, I think it was like five or 10 minutes standing ovation. Oof. So really amazing. And so another great story about Walter that's, uh, he was, um, when it, probably the best prank of all time, magic history was with Walter Blaney and his radio interview with David Hoy, the toss deck. David Hoy. Yeah. He had a radio dream. Yeah. And he lowered Walter onto a, a live radio show and asked him very, very, very inappropriate question. Uh, and Walter didn't realize that it wasn't live, it was a setup. And so this infamous call, I also have a copy of, um, and, uh, it's, it's priceless. I have video footage I flew down to, to hang out with Walter for like a almost, I think it was a week.

I've visited with him many times since, and I've lots of friends down in Houston now. That's where, where he is in. So I've recording video footage of Walter or sort of, and listening to this stuff and reacting to it real time. And He, you know, I think he, oh gosh, I think he's 90 or Su. Whoa. Yeah. So magic legend really well to blame it. Copperfield was the very first person that, uh, Walter released the Lauder levitation to. Uh, w Copperfield had asked him for years and years and years to let them do it. And Walter wanted to keep it exclusive to himself, but sure enough, he let them do it. And that appeared on the, uh, the Great Wall of China. Special know did it. You have amazing. Yeah. Amazing. So really great stuff. And he's, it's, I'll, I'll, I'll share a picture. Uh, I'll make sure this is, I'll get permission first. We'll put this in the show notes. Um, when Walter was doing the R and d to build this, this ladder levitation, he calls it, um, he built a mock up model that's to scale and it's a little doll that's about about two inches. And so I have footage of this, so I'll see. I can do a screen capture or if the,

Graeme Reed: oh, that's, so, that'd be really cool to see that. That's awesome. It's really great. It's really remarkable. So, um, so unfortunately he's not going to be coming up here at the end of October, but the end of October we have, you specifically have this incredible w w so fish we could say we your co co organizer, there's so many of us involved in this thing now. Yeah. It's the Oh yeah. OWOW. Magic Festival. Right. That's where we were going. Right? That's where we're going. We're going, we are plugging the piece. It is the OWOW Magic Festival. And it happens October 24th to 31st, but tags more specifically, uh, only a couple of days in there.

Ryan Joyce: That's right. 24th to the 27th or like the big show days, right. Live events will release content and stuff to make up the rest of the week cause it's also national magic week. Greg, like magicians. Technically if we've got one holiday, this is it. So we should celebrate it and we are with a week of magic. If you're in the area, we'd love you to join a, there's so many things happening at the convention, but I mean there w and we'll talk about why I think people should come. I love that. But I think on a, like a festival side of it, what makes it so special is, is a couple things is this, the setting where we are is just so beautiful is, is um, is basically the picture town with a river that cuts through it and like 80 foot, uh, limestone like walls that the river, it's just a, it's incredible. It's really incredible. The city, both of the townships.

For me, we, this is where it gets all like it's a township is not a city. Uh, we have free parking, we have very little traffic or you know, our restaurants are incredible. The uh, the, the downtown core has been revitalized because the city is literally, it's I think the second highest tourist destination or, or it's in the top four in Ontario. So the city of our last year, couple of years is really gone like all in. So there's amazing food. Uh, it just within three minutes of the theater, in fact, everything is three minutes. Ran The key, the theater, the convention space where we're going to have it is at the library and that's a 45 second walk down, a beautiful downtown and it's on the third floor of the library, which oversees the Grand River. Literally the backdrop to all of our speakers is going to be a beautiful, that setting. It's a wall of windows. It's incredible.

Graeme Reed: Which I've been coming out to Fergus a lot lately, recently to visit you so we can record the podcasts and everything and plan some of the festival. And I'll be honest, I never really explored Fergus that much. I just come to your place and, and we hang out. We've been to the theater which backs the, the, uh, the grand, which is incredible. It's amazing. I say it's the most beautiful backstage view from the best in the world. Um, so now that we've been exploring and doing promotion around town, it's, I can't believe all the different places, like all the restaurants that are right there along the river and peds. Um, everything is just incredibly picturesque, constantly, nonstop. And even the library, like I remember when you said, oh, we're going to do the library. Um, it looks so modern and cycle and just has the best view on the planet. Oh my gosh. Wouldn't expect it. And he's a person that, and then the way better than, sorry, it's, I'm just going to say it's way better than, you know, when you go to the hotel and you're just in like a hotel conference room and it's just like stale, right? This is going to be so much better. Get some fresh air, see a lot, especially during the Halloween week, which like the town goes all up. It does. We have a 31 days

Ryan Joyce: Halloween activities. Essentially all of October is monster month and there's ghost walks. There's two characters that we're trying to, maybe I shouldn't say this at secrets, but

Graeme Reed: this is secret surprises. It's full of all sorts of secret surprises. That's why you have to come and you have to register early and make sure you get a seat. And that brings in that. The point actually is that there's

Ryan Joyce: also private events for the magicians. We've got basically a, the restaurant is ours. We've, I've got a great relationship with one of the main restaurants downtown brew house right on the water. I T I kid you not, this place is going to be, you're gonna love it. We've done a lot of filming events in there and other events. So it's a great place to, uh, to do unwind. After the big gala shows, we're going to have our private events there. One of them, which is going to be a closeup show and the other is going to be a thing called, but magician versus, which is going to be a lot of fun. It's an opportunity also, we wanna throw a story. It's an opportunity to really see different types of magic. But it made me think, as I was mentioning, it made me think Peter brought up a really great idea. Um, and I, let's toss it to the, to the listeners. I'd, I'd love to open it up and maybe have a couple, three spots, maybe a four minute spots where magicians who might want to perform at a, you know, this private event with just magicians and dignitaries and things. It'll be a fun funds flow, a slot if you're interested in that, contact us, dms, DM me on Instagram would be great.

Graeme Reed: Yeah, I think that'd be super fun to see some other people if they want to. And this is a great opportunity to be able to perform in front of people like Michael close at that event, right? You're a magician versus so I'm, Yep, I'm going to be a magician versus I might have boxing gloves on. I might have barbwire wrapped around a baseball bat ready to fight. But who knows? It's all secret and it's lighthearted. So like it's not one of those like the effort is to be enjoyable and entertaining. It's not, although it is hunger games rules one person, there's only one person that at the end of the night.

Ryan Joyce: So that's right. I Dunno. That's right. Yeah. Well that sounds great. Um, I would love that. So DME on Instagram and we'll, we'll see. We'll see what the interest level is and we'll include you in that would be so fun because tell me you convention that does that. We're really trying to not, not do things different for the sake of doing things different. We're trying to do things that people actually want. So the feedback that we're getting is what we're using to create this convention. That's the goal. And so we've been asking a lot of feedback from all sorts of people and yourselves included. We want to hear your feedback. So let us know for this year and for next year's cause presumably this is going to hopefully be something we'll do here year two. Um, but let's talk about, uh, there's a fundamental, why would a magician come to the magic festival?

What makes this so different from any other festival? I'll tell you one thing that I think is number one, and that's, it's basically we're limited to 50 people. This is your chance to really have like a wonderful exclusive kind of weekend with some of the greatest minds and magic. Like we're going to sit across the table workshops. Yeah. Like the whole festival. It's all private workshops at just 50 people and then you get to experience the magic shows are the real live audience. So you're getting the real deal magic experience. I don't think men not does any other festival do it? Like this is such a small admission and get to experience the shows you have not sure. I'm not sure. Our situation is because the theater is so tiny. We want this to be a really unique experience for everybody. And we knew from the beginning it was going to be, yeah, just a quite acquaint, unique experience.

And that's part of it is we want it to be, you know, we want everyone that comes to really get the overall experience that they want at a magic convention. Right. And you can't really, it's hard to do that when there's three or 400 people. Whereas here it's really going to be a tight knit group and we're going to see the live performances, we're going to have these events and sessions. The sessions is going to be super fun. The last session on the last day, Sunday is going to be asking, or pardon me, answering the question. If you had to start over again, what would you do? And we're going to have a panel and answered at the like four different stages. And so it's going to be priceless information for any magician at every level. And so that's the just one of the one hour sessions that we're gonna have during the convention. So there's, there's the value that people will get from the knowledge and just the experience on top of the this location. It's going to be, it's going to be an amazing convention. It's going to be off the hook.

Graeme Reed: You got to make sure you register fast though because there is only 50 seats. And knowing like we talked about how many magic clubs are just in Hamilton. There's two magic clubs in Hamilton, there's one in kitchen and one in Toronto that's just local. If you're coming from outside of that, think of the many magicians that are jumping on this. So make sure you secure that seat

Ryan Joyce: super quick. That's right. And they are going fast cars and we're about to launch for the public to see. And so, and the reason it's only 50 people is this theater seats 250 so we're going to sell that out lightning fast because I'm also, oh, I've got it right here. I'm super excited about this. The, so the township is, is super thrilled, right? Because this is a big, a big thing for them in addition to the things they're already doing. And so they've really helped out and they've got a PR company that's dealing all the media for us. And so I just got a copy of it for the press release today. That's gonna start blasting out and it's, it's incredible. So it'll, it, you're about to hear about it. If you're in Ontario, you're about to hear about it everywhere. So, and we were so thrilled with all that.

We've got so many registrations already. So I, I think we've got only about half to go. So we'll get your registrations now cause these are good. These last ones go fast. It's always the last ones that go fast. So registered magic and in the top right there's going to be one of the menu items is convention had their login and you see all the details laid out there. We didn't want to confuse the public, so that's why he got a login. It's take 10 seconds, use your Google or your Facebook. Uh, and it's just real quick before we kind of wrap it all up. I Dunno if you, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to cut you up, but there are lots of

Graeme Reed: the shows going on. On the 24th there is the hypnotic comedy show that's opening night that is starring the Hilarious hypnotic Ryan David. Who's that?

Ryan Joyce: Okay. Who is that guy? Yeah. I moved into my alter ego. Somebody get your alter ego on October

Graeme Reed: 25th of variety at 7:00 PM. It's the Canadian magic champions. This features taught, uh, professional magicians from Canada. You've got Jay Sankey, Nick Wallace, Greg Frewen and Caressa Hendrix. It's going on Saturday, 2:00 PM family magic show. Oh, and Anderson, Peter many. They're still in the bill.

Ryan Joyce: We're all gonna like come in and get it to see what real workers do in real workers sets is going to be fun. Yep.

Graeme Reed: Saturday, October 26th. This is the international magic champions. You've got Stevenburg, Etsy. You got Michael Close, Paul Romani, and you got Rick Merrill. That's going to be an incredible show. I can't believe that's actually happening in Ferguson. Unbelievable. I can't believe all this is happening. Fergus and also on Sunday you can catch the family show again. Local legends, Oh, and Anderson and Peter, many

Ryan Joyce: also a great show, local, uh, top pros type performers. See how they deal and work with kids. It's going to be really good. Absolutely. There's so much to see and do at the Oh wow. Magic Festival. We're going to have a blast. And like I said, because it's just gonna be us. Uh, this is going to be a once in a lifetime kind of experience. You're not going to get this level of experience and mentorship at a big, big, big, big, big crowded convention. So come on by. It's going to be a ton of fun. There is discounted the um, best western they've given, I think it's 30 bucks off or a little bit more than $30. Just mentioned magic festival when you call and they'll give you, it's one 52 99 rather than like one 80 something. So it is a real great discount. And another little benefit because this is small town, our food is like, we have some award-winning food options.

And it's also small town prices, right? So it's not going to be $28 every meal, kind of a thing. This, I mean, this is small town joy and the traffic thing gets me going. I love that there's no traffic, but that's just me. Right? Yeah, yeah, for sure. And it's us and like if you're never going to be bored, you're never going to be bored and nothing, everything is so close. It's all in proximity. And with all the other events that are going on in Fergus too, can I tell you that much to do? There is one bomber though. Can I tell you the? This is a bummer. Um, okay. So I had a meeting with the monster month organizers last week and um, for the last 12 years they've had their monster parade. The third weekend or the second weekend, pardon me, every October. And so I knew it wasn't going to be able to be included in like any kind of festivities, but this year they moved it and it's on Saturday during our at 6:00 PM.

So if people really wanted to see the monster march, which, um, they bay is basically hundreds, hundreds of people dress up in Halloween costumes in zombies and ghosts, and they walked down the streets of, of neighboring Alora, which is five minute drive. You could still get it. That's at six o'clock. Then our show's at seven. So you could see a little bit of it in a hike over. But um, if there is a ton of stuff for family and, and spouse that don't want to see the magic convention but they want to enjoy, you know, stuff in an afternoon, in a beautiful location, there's all sorts of activities with monster month. So it's really going to be an incredible experience for everybody. And like I said, I think, I think we're just over half full already, so make sure you, you get now, because it's the last ones are going to go fast. We're just over a month away. Just the two. I must have over half full. Wow. We gotta get you gotta make sure you get a seat then. That's crazy. Yes to do. It's going to be. It's going to be great. I'm so excited. Well, I think this wraps it up for episode number 10. We hate it. Double digits. We have done 10 episodes of this podcast together. Can you believe we've done this? 10 and we're so to celebrate, we're getting, and we're doing a contest, so don't forget to go

on Instagram Magicians Masterclass. Imagine the Instagram.

Graeme Reed: You got to like the post and you gotta tag two, two friends on that post as well. And then you can win the Vanish Hardcopy a Year Edition, uh, from Paul, which we are buying with our own dollars. It's not a giveaway. Well, that's not late. It's getting away from us, but it's not going to be available. And we're just doing it for you guys.

Ryan Joyce: Double snaps for giveaways,.

Graeme Reed: But, but as always, thank you so much for listening. My name is Graeme slash Graemazing,.

Ryan Joyce: I'm Ryan Joyce. Thanks for listening. We'll see you on the next episode.

Graeme Reed: TaDoozle!

Ryan Joyce: Oh! That's right! TaDoozle!

MAGICIANS: Have you ever done a publicity stunt?

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