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List of Over 30+ Virtual Magic Tricks Magicians Already Perform!

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

Are virtual magic shows here to stay?

It's a question we've been asking a lot of magicians and guests on Magicians Talking Magic Podcast.

Yes. Virtual magic shows are here to stay.

Where should you start creating a virtual magic show? What tricks should you include in your show? How should you get started on a virtual setlist? For many magicians, we already have all the magic tricks we need to get started. If you've been performing magic shows for years this may be easier.

Start by looking through the material you are already performing and try working those magic tricks into your virtual show. You will need to adapt your most interactive routines for the ZOOM platform. To help get you started, we prepared a list of over thirty magic tricks that can easily be worked into a virtual magic show.

Download the List of 30+ Virtual Magic Tricks PDF here:

Do you want a more in-depth discussion about virtual-friendly magic tricks mentioned in the PDF? Ryan Joyce and Graeme Reed dedicated an entire episode to virtual magic tricks.

How we organized the List of 30+ Virtual Magic Tricks PDF:

If you want to create a great virtual show, you need to perform different types of routines and effects. A great balance of highly interactive routines and virtual audience involvement is key.

We wanted to make a quick resource for you to select material based on your show and routine needs. Our list of virtual magic tricks was organized into the following key categories.

1. Opening Magic Routines

It's important to start your virtual magic show with a bang and give your virtual magic show audience an idea of what to expect. These are hard-hitting opening routines you can use to instantly grab attention and start your virtual magic show out the right way!

2. Visual Masterpieces

Over the years, magicians have learned a ton of magic, and we also purchase a lot of great magic tricks that they never use! Now's the time to have a look at those magic tricks.

Virtual magic shows are a great place to pull out those tricks and add them to your virtual show.

Do you recognize all these listed in our PDF? Do you already own them? Time to pull those miracles out!

3. Interactive Tricks

What makes magic shows stand out from other types of live performances like music or theatre is interactivity.

A great magic show is highly interactive and often happens in the spectator's hands. Virtual magic shows are no different.

4. Demonstrations of the Impossible

Creating a balance of routines in your virtual magic show is important.

Presenting a routine that demonstrates something impossible, unique, or seemingly impossible is a very magical way to wow your audience. What are the best ways to force a card on ZOOM?

5. Closers

How do you close your virtual magic show? Our closing magic tricks or virtual effects must leave an impression on your audience.

This is an essential reference for magicians that includes updates from other magicians and our podcast listeners.

Download the list of 30+ virtual magic tricks in a PDF!

As magicians start to see the return to live magic shows and live audiences, it's become clear that virtual magic shows aren't disappearing any time soon. Now is the time to start working on your virtual magic show.

Listen to Episode 54 of Magicians Talking Magic Podcast

Download the PDF here:

"Virtual Magic Tricks: A List of Virtual-Friendly Magic Tricks You Can Easily Add to Your Virtual Show" Download here

Be sure to check out Magicians Talking Magic Podcast to stay up-to-date with all the latest and greatest magic tricks, news and performance advice.


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