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16 Magician Websites Analyzed-- Here’s what we discovered...

Updated: Dec 23, 2023

A magician's website is one of the greatest marketing tools we have to book virtual and live magic shows.

Recently, we crept 16 MAGICIAN WEBSITES to share our key takeaways, expectations vs reality and overall impressions!

Let's take a look at the critical takeaways!

How to create a successful magician website that books you gigs!
How to create a successful magician website that books you gigs!

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Let's take a look at how to create a successful magician website.


5 Takeaways from Analyzing a Bunch of Magicians' Websites

If you're a magician, you likely have a website.

You will likely need to make some changes to your magician website layout and design.

After all, your website is an extension of yourself—it's the first thing people see when they Google you, and it can either make or break their impression of you as an entertainer.

We wanted to take a look at magician websites and see how they were built and how they are performing.

Here’s what we discovered after researching magicians' websites.


1. Fonts: It's Easy To Go Overboard

Steer clear of decorative fonts. Try to stick with two fonts. Use something clean for the body and something with a little (just a little) style for the header.

Here are some clean font suggestions:

  • Arial

  • Futura

  • Roboto

  • Universe

  • Gotham

  • Helvetica.



2. Call to Action

A call to action is a phrase or sentence on your site that tells visitors what you want them to do next.

Whether that's clicking a "Book Now" button, signing up for an email list, or calling you directly.

These call-to-actions (CTAs) are essential because they increase your chances of converting someone into a client.

Here are a few things we noticed on magician's websites:

  • There are far too many “click to book now” buttons on some magician websites and other sites with NO calls to action. Zero.

  • You must balance helping your audience learn about you and easily book you. Don't be afraid to tell them to book you.

  • It’s okay to have multiple calls to action on your website, but only one call to action per page.

Don’t be a used car salesman-- be transparent and authentic about what actions your prospects should take next.

3. Layout & Design

Magic friends, we were overall reasonably impressed.

You can visit your favourite websites and take a good look. What do you like about them?

Penguin Magic is dreadful and out of date.

The visual experience could be significantly better. Vanishing Inc, however, is very pleasing and spaced nicely. Theory 11 and Ellusionist are almost hyper-visual, like they are selling photography.

They have learned that it works for their market.

The structure of your website is not only visually essential, but it also helps your discoverability in Google. Using the proper H1, H2, and H3 text tags is critical for search engines to identify and rank your pages.

When you look at these websites, analyze how they use images and text. How much text is on each image? What part of the ad copy stands out and why? Notice the lack of clip art, animations and tacky extras.

These websites know their brand and express it well online.


4. Load Times

One thing that we noticed was that many of these websites had one thing in common. They all loaded quickly, which is essential for ranking on search engines.

It also means that the user experience is better, which leads to more people visiting them.

Website load time is critical for ranking.

The most popular website providers (Squarespace and Wix) optimize images for speed, resulting in faster load times. However, some website providers do not optimize images for speed.

If a website takes too long to load, clients will abandon it before viewing the content.

You want your page to load up as fast as possible. Remove animations, huge pictures, and all the extra fluff.

Look at your front page! Does it need everything you have on it right now? Can you spread some of this information out?


5. Blog

There are a lot of things you can do to market your magic business, but one of the most important is having a blog.

Blogs are a great way to build your brand and connect with your audience.

They allow you to share with your prospective clients why you are a good choice for their event or function. Give them an inside look at what it's like to be a magician and why you should be trusted to entertain their audience.

In our magician website review, not one person had a blog!


BONUS: Photo Content is ESSENTIAL

It's easier than ever to add photo content to your website and capture your own promotional photos.

If you can't take a professional-looking headshot, it's absolutely worth the investment to hire a professional.

You will get many years out of one feature photo. Smile-- this photo sells you to potential clients, and the dark, serious (sometimes demonic-looking) shots aren't doing you any favors.

Have a good variety of photos on your magician website:

  • Headshots

  • Action / Performance Photos

  • Audience Photos

  • Compelling "magician" stock photos

Finding eye-catching magician stock photos is very difficult because most photographers make magic look cheesy.

Having compelling magician stock photos is really important because they immediately communicate "magic show."

Capturing a prospective client's attention quickly is the difference between a successful magician's marketing and a mediocre magician's. Someone viewing your website, poster, or promotional material should instantly recognize "magic."

Unfortunately, most magicians' stock photos are horrendous. Check out these exclusive magic show images if you need better photos for your marketing efforts.


Best Magician Websites and Examples:

Here are some examples of magicians' websites that we thought were excellent—an outstanding balance of education and sales. Please don't copy these magicians' websites; use them as motivation to help make your website better.


Critical Takeaways for Magician Website Designs

Here are the key takeaways from our look at magician websites.

  • De-Clutter! Too many background images

  • Missing: Call to Actions

  • Improvements About Page

  • Missing: Proper H1, H2, H3 Headings

  • Curious: Did magicians Alt-tag their images?

  • Curious: Were the biographies up-to-date

  • Oddity: Not a lot of blogs

Do you have any website tips or suggestions for fellow magicians? Share them in the contents below.


That's It

Please hit the ❤️ if you got value from this article. You can share any questions or comments below, and we'll answer them the best we can.

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