We CREEPED 16 Magician Websites! Here’s what we discovered...

Hosts Ryan Joyce & Graeme Reed CREEPED 16 MAGICIAN WEBSITES! In this episode, they share their key takeaways, expectations vs reality and overall impressions! Listen Here!

Listen to Episode 46 We CREEPED 16 Magician Websites! Here’s what we discovered...

Magicians Talking Magic Podcast | Ep 46

On This Episode:

We CREEPED 16 Magician Websites! Here’s what we discovered...

Key Improvements:

Fonts: It's so easy to go overboard with fonts.

Steer clear of decorative fonts. Try to stick with 2 fonts. Use something clean for the body and something with a little (just a little) style for the header.

Here are some clean font suggestions: Arial, Futura, Roboto, Universe, Gotham, Helvetica. Don't use IMPACT.

Call to Action:

On some sites there is far too many “click to book now” buttons AND sites with NO calls to action. Zip. It’s okay to have multiple calls to actions on your page but mix it up. Throw some, “Learn more” “Click for free stuff” and other things on your website too!

Don’t be a used car salesman, either. Some need to dial it back.


Magic friends I am overall fairly impressed. From most of the sites, I looked at the layout and for the most part, it isn’t fugly. Not awesome. Just needs a little work.

Go visit your favourite websites and take a good look. What do you like about them? Penguin magic is dreadful and out of date. Not a great visual experience. Vanishing Inc however is very pleasing, spaced nicely. Theory 11 and Ellusionist are almost hyper-visual like they are selling photography. They have learned that works for their market.

When you look at these websites, analyze how they use images and text. How much text is on each image. What part of the ad copy stands out and why? Notice the lack of clip art, animations and tacky extras.

These websites know their brand and express it well online.

Load Times:

This goes back to episode 44 where I tipped 'keep it simple'.

Wix, Squarespace, all these cool web builders have amazing templates and apps. It’s about not overdoing it and spacing these tools out across your website. You want your page to load up as fast as possible. Removing animations, huge pictures, all the extra stuff.

Look at your front page! Does it need everything you have on it right now? Can we spread some of this information out?


Not one person here has one! Common y'all!

No Virtual Offerings!?

Excellent Websites and Examples:

Ryan's Key Takeaways:

De-Clutter! Too many background images

Missing: Call to Actions

Improvements About Page AND/OR

Missing: Proper H1, H2, H3 Headings

Curious: Did magicians Alt-tag their images?

Curious: Were the biographies up-to-date

Oddity: Not a lot of blogs

Final Impressions: Impressed!!

Thanks for listening!

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