MAGICIANS: How to Create a Business Card That Gets Noticed

Are business cards essential? Why does only one of these two magicians have one? Everything you need to know about creating your next magicians business card.

Here's what you need to know:


  • Business cards are affordable marketing. (Read: dispensable)

  • Despite their abundance, people typically keep business cards they like or they need for the future.

  • One photo can sell more than text. Choose dramatic photos that capture attention

  • Keep it simple and clean.

  • The most two important parts of your business card are Your Name and what makes you unique.

  • Print a sample first and hold it an arms reach away. Does it pass the visibility test?

  • Use bold fonts, avoid scripts and serifs.

  • Their cheap and quick to print. Change them up frequently

  • Promote only the social media you are actively using

  • If in doubt, take their name and phone number.

  • Follow-up is the true secret to booking more shows

In this video magicians Ryan Joyce and Graeme Reed share their tips and advice for magicians needing a business card. The essentials, whats most important and the details specific only to magicians.


Excerpt from Touring Tricks Podcast | Magicians Talking Magic | Ep 03

Ryan Joyce: Well, let's talk about business cards. Um, I don't have a business card, but I know I should.

Graeme Reed: It's so weird that you don't have a business card. I don't know why you'd want a business card.


Ryan Joyce: I know. I I well on the ship I have no need.

Graeme Reed: I guess. So.

Ryan Joyce: I mean those people aren't really booking entertainment and if they do that they connect with me through the website

Graeme Reed: Social media and stuff like that. Yeah,

Ryan Joyce: But I should have one of this. This is not an excuse. I mean I should absolutely have a business card. So what do you think the key essential things do include on a business card are?

a print press
Before you print your business card, print out a sample and hold it from a distance. Make sure all the important stuff jumps out!

Graeme Reed: So I know there's a whole lot of philosophy on what you should have on a business card. Some people think you should have your photos so that you remember your face after, maybe you do a tent business card so you can get like quadrupled the amount of information. Um, I have like, I don't think you need a picture of yourself necessarily because hopefully they've seen you, they get you. If they've asked for your business card, they should have an idea of who you are. I think the key ingredients that you definitely need to have on the business card would be like your logo but not even a logo. Cause we talked about just a typeface that says your name clearly. What you represent, your phone number and your email, website and probably just like the social media you use the most because you don't want to kill it with so much information. Just keep it really reduced and simple. I think. So I encourage people to go to Instagram. I think right now Instagram is probably the most uh, correctively used social media maybe like people are actually engaging on it where Facebook is littered with ads and right. You know, shenanigans like that. Um, so I think just, I just post my Instagram on there and from there you'll find the rest of my social media. I think it's easiest when a tap into though from someone's phone.

Taken from episode 3 of Magicians Talking Magic.

Listen or watch the full episode below.

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Before you print your business card, print out a sample and hold it from a distance. Make sure all the important stuff jumps out!

Ryan Joyce: That's a good time. Okay. Cause I'll, all of my handles are the same. Are All of your handles pretty much the same?

Graeme Reed: Pretty much the same.

Ryan Joyce: I never know what to do with with that. But it does seem that everyone is leaning towards Instagram. At least that's the first one. They can just instantly scroll and see instantly. Yeah. Right, right, right. Of course. Yeah. Yeah. Uh, I now have a business card for the festival, but I don't have one for my own self. I always thought if someone was that interested, I would take their, their number.

Right. And then cause then I had the power but.


Watch video below or click here for more information

Remember a single photo on your magician business card can change everything!

Graeme Reed: I always saying we talked about this in the other episode too, but it will take the business card and keep it cause you want to follow up with them personally or even, I've even had people write their number on my business card. I keep my own, you know, because I want to get that business or try and follow up as much as I can. Another thing I had on the business card, I heard this from Lou Serrano is like a, he's really big into like corporate magic and all big into SEO. He's got tons of podcast episodes. They're all over the place. But, um, he talks about putting social proof on there. So like a quick review or testimonial. Uh, I just do one which would be like the biggest highlight for me. So it's like a local TV host in his comments. "It's just hugely entertaining." It's really small and simple. But then it says local TV station, his name. And for the most part, the people that I'm performing for, we recognize that, they know what that is. Right. Another thing I do, but it's because of my graphic designer. I changed the design on mine, every 500 business cards. Out of personal boredom.

Ryan Joyce: Sure. I agree with you.

Graeme Reed: Yeah. But then I,.

Ryan Joyce: It seems like so cheap nowadays.

Graeme Reed: It's very cheap. I do VistaPrint.

Ryan Joyce: That's where I go too.

Graeme Reed: I mean, the quality is actually pretty good. As long as it's so fast. If you design your files correctly, alienated Jpeg, right. As long as it's,.

Ryan Joyce: Again, no affiliation, just this is what we use. It's just common. So I got new banners for the festival, a little tablecloth, and everything's great.

Graeme Reed: Yeah. I've been making banners for markets and everything. And uh, I think like friend of the show, Scott Boyd does the same thing to Vistaprint.

Ryan Joyce: Yeah. I'd be curious to talk in addition to this, that would be curious to know of what kind of marketing stuff you have separately, that you've created or printed and, and you as well. Like what kinds of things are you using in your business? I've got the, for the festival, I just had the tablecloths printed. It looks like it just looks pro a couple of banners that I have for my own, for magic and hypno No. So when they walk into the theater there's a nice little visual splash. Um, you know, outside of rack cards and things, business cards, what do we, what do you, what else do you use?

Graeme Reed: For me? So lately I've been doing a lot of postcard things cause it's all the promos. And what I'm doing is, uh, cause we're learning a lot of local theater shows and things in town, around town. So I have a, basically all I did was that I made the, I printed them out myself cause they're pretty disposable and quick, cardstock a eight and a half by 11 poster reducing the corner. Four, cut, cut and then you have all these handouts. So I promote all the shows, local shows that way. I'm involved in like a comedy sketch comedy show, so that's there. The Secret Shows that we run in everything like that are there and then I have one that also promotes all the, if someone wants that hard sale, like you know the corporate events, the wedding, the close of block, I have one for that too. Right. Specific for that and then just my business card kind of thing. Right. Yeah,

Ryan Joyce: I know, I know. I was thinking it's important too with your business card once it's finished and designed before it's printed and they hold it from a distance and see like what jumps out at you because you really want it to say Your Name, and what you do, and the phone numbers, like no one's going to instantly see phone number from a distance. But there'll be interested to find it when they're calling you. So I would focus on the like The Category that you fit in, Magician Stage, Closeup. Whatever it is. Whatever you're trying to market. And your name, uh, the biggest things on that business card.

Graeme Reed: Yeah. And probably if you're gonna throw a, not clip art per se, but associated graphics on there, right. A don't do a top hat wand in rabbit, unless like that's your signature piece that you do. But yeah.

Ryan Joyce: You'd have to be a really good designer to include those without it making look cheesy. So it was just steer away from it,

Graeme Reed: Yeah, but so I just put, there's playing cards stuff on mine cause you're seeing me do close to magic most likely when you get this thing or I've done card stuff and I think cards really with me, a little generic I guess? But I've chosen specific images, I've re-colored that myself, so they look graphically interesting and everything like that. But I do know like there's some people like going back to Scott Boyd, he is really adapted Tiny Plunger into a full stage routine. That's great. And I think that plunger is almost like that's, His. That's his sceptre now. Right, right. And I think he could take advantage of that in his branding or something like that.

Ryan Joyce: Does he ever promo shot with?

Graeme Reed: I dunno. I Dunno. That's a great question. That'd be something we should talk about on the future show to his promo shots and how to take a good one. Right.

Ryan Joyce: That's definitely a great idea. And, and websites do these, I mean these are all great topics for magicians cause like what do you have to include in yourself to market yourself? You go have a business card, a website, a video.

Graeme Reed: And if you have the business card you got to have the website or it's pointless. Yeah. Yeah. Cause really you're just going at it. Most people I find, cause the business card is kept for years on end. I was contacted by someone just recently, two years ago. They haven't business cards and they still contacted me. So that's, that's pretty remarkable. But I know people usually will go through my website to contact me through email now. And I don't always get a direct call of like, Hey, are you available this weekend? A lot of people are doing email now, I think. And I like to communicate because I thought, I've been thinking about this a lot. Like why do I, why is it easier to just to chat to multiple, cause you can hold multiple conversations at once. It gives you a quick second to think about it and reply instead of when you're on the phone, you have to dedicate like what we're doing right now, we're dedicated to each other talking, right? So like if I were to pick up the phone, I'm going to kill this conversation to do that. And then what's that again? But when you're chatting or there's email, you see that history and you're like, oh, that's weird. Okay. And you can respond pretty quickly. And it's all about multitasking in 2019 yeah. Yeah.

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