How did Houdini die?

Over one hundred years after Harry Houdini's death, the magician and escape artist's name is still recognized as one of the most famous magicians in the world.

With all that fame, Houdini's death is still shadowed with confusion.

Do you know how Harry Houdini died? Do you know the real truth or have you been deceived? Let's take a look!

Why do people believe Houdini died performing?

Many people believe Houdini died performing his famous water tank mystery.

The 1953 film starring Tony Curtis has almost re-written the legacy of one of history's most iconic illusionists.

How did Harry Houdini actually die, and what is the connection to Canada?

The days leading to Houdini's death, Harry Houdini was performing in Montreal, Canada at the Princess Theatre. He was backstage nursing a broken ankle from a stunt he had performed on October 11, 1926.

Houdini also reported a fever.

A student from McGill University, Joceyln Gorden Whitehead asked Houdini before a show if it was true he could be punched in the stomach without hurting him?

Houdini agreed and before he could prepare, Whitehead struck Houdini several times in the stomach.

For years many it was believed the punch ruptured Houdini's appendix but a modern theory suggests differently

It's longtime been believed that one of the blows to Houdini's ruptured his appendix, but a recent theory suggests Houdini's appendix may have already been ruptured.

Houdini was in excruciating pain-- his appendix had ruptured. Houdini refused to cancel the performance and he performed in great pain.

Houdini remained in extreme pain for two days when he finally saw a doctor it was discovered he had acute appendicitis. Emergency surgery was performed but it was too late.

Harry Houdini died on Halloween, October 31st, 1926

It was speculated for years that the punches burst Houdini's appendix however modern theory suggests a more realistic possibility is that punches masked the burst appendicitis and Houdini's condition.

Where is Harry Houdini buried?

Harry Houdini was buried in New York State at the Machpelah Cemetery in 1926.

The Machpelah Cemetary is a Jewish cemetery located within the Cemetery Belt in Glendale, Queens, New York. He is buried with his brother Theodore Hardeen, his mother, father, grandfather, four other brothers, and a sister.

The Society of American Magicians performed a broken wand ceremony on October 31, 1996, the anniversary of the famous magicians death.

Contacting Houdini in the afterlife

Houdini was well known for debunking psychics and spiritualists, on his death bed he promised his wife Bess, that if indeed it was possible to communicate from the dead, he would do so on the 10th anniversary of his death. No contact was ever made with Houdini.

An interesting 2020 Harry Houdini discovery

Recently a water torture cell was discovered in Canada. The buyer and seller have remained anonymous but the Water Torture Cell has many similarities to the original Houdini Water Torture Cell, now owned by David Copperfield. Read more on the blog Wild About Houdini.

WATCH: How Did Harry Houdini Actually Die?

Are you a Houdini fan? What is your favorite Houdini stunt?

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