Joan Caesar talks Women Magicians

A video profile and podcast with Joan Caesar, a retired teacher, magician and internationally recognized influencer in the world of magic. Recently, I had soup and egg salad with Joan and George Caesar who live about 8 minutes from my house.

My mom refers to Joan Caesar as my 'second mom' because we've known her since my early teens.  I received the Slydini Scholarship Award to attend Tannen's Magic Camp because of Joan. 

Joan is the Founder and Past President of the Canadian Association of Magicians.  an International Brotherhood of Magician's Past President (2008-2009)

She is internationally recognized in magic and is the person responsible for getting Canada recognized on the international stage for FISM (the Olympics of magic.)

Joan Caesar has also judged every major convention including FISM and performs for corporate and social events.

In the podcast we talk about :

  • As a judge for the largest magic conventions in the world, Joan shares her perspective on what makes a great magic act.

  • We talk about her life as a magician.

  • We talk about women in magic and why it's hard to be a woman in magic.

  • Why Joan founded the Canadian Association of Magicians (CAM)Which world-famous magician was Joan's motivation to put Canada on the international stage for FISM (the Olympic's of Magic)

Listen to the podcast here:

Videos mentioned in this episode

Joan mentions these three FISM Award Winning magicians:


Ma Yan Yan

Juliana Chen

Who is your favorite female magician?

Share your story in the comments below.

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