Easy Magic Wand Trick and Printable Template

Here's a fun magic wand trick included with the magic wand template. Download the magic wand template PDF here and you'll find a hidden magic trick! It's super easy to perform and make! All you need is some glue and your newly created magic wand.

Let's learn the Growing Magic Wand Trick!

Magician holding a tiny magic wand
A magic trick and craft that's perfect for the kids!

The first thing we need to make your magic wand!

This is super fun and easy to do with the kids, especially the one who loves magic! All you need are some scissors, a glue stick and the printed template. Here's a video to help teach you how to make a magic wand in under sixty second!

How to make a magic wand in under 60 sec

Did you notice the curious shape on the magician wand printout? There's a hidden magic trick and bonus craft in every pdf! It's a fun craft with the kids. I'll show you!

Are you ready to start learning? Click here and we'll jump straight to learning!

Magic Wand Revealed!

Here are questions we frequently get asked about magic wands:

How to do real magic with a wand

The real magic behind any good magician's wand is practice! Take the time to learn a magic trick because it can be a fun way to learn a new skill and make friends and build social skills.

How to do magic tricks

There are several magic tricks with wands you'll find fun and easy to learn below. Make sure to check out Magician School for new magician crafts and do-it-yourself magic tricks! Don't forget to always practice, practice, practice before you perform.

Magic tricks for kids

These tricks are both fun and easy to learn and perform! A perfect afternoon activity! Explore your wizarding powers with these fun magic tricks:

one-page magic wand template
Magic wand template includes this trick! Download the template and let's get started!



MAGIC TRICK: The Growing Magic Wand

magic wand double in size
Learn this fun Magic Wand Trick!

The Effect:

The magician displays a tiny magic wand to the audience. Before their very eyes, the magic wand magically doubles in size! Presto!


The Secret:

The magician hides an extra piece of the magic wand in his hand. This extra tube looks like the end of the wand but it secretly slides.

Magician reveals how the growing wand magic trick works
Hide the remaining magic wand in your hand

The magician starts by hiding most of the wand behind their hand, hidden from the audience.

magician showing a tiny magic wand in his hand
From the audience viewpoint it looks like a tiny magic wand

The magician holds the sliding tube with his/her fingers and slowly pull the full-sized wand straight up. To the audience, this appears like the wand is growing!

Exposed view of the growing wand magic trick
Magic Wand Tricks Revealed!

While the audience is showing their applause the magician secretly palms off the extra gimmick into his/her hand.

Take a bow!

Here's how we made the secret magic wand gimmick.

To make the magic wand you'll need scissors, glue stick and the magic wand printout
Here are all the supplies you'll need to make the magic wand

What you'll need:

Our magic wand template includes a rectangle of white paper that can be used for the secret magic tool (magicians call this a gimmick) that makes this trick work.

All we need to do is cut it out and add a dab of glue! Watch here:

(SECRET) Here's how to make the hidden magic wand

It's important that you wrap the paper around the center of the magic wand, where it's widest. This will make sure that your special magic wand gimmick can be quickly removed.

magician pointing to the centre of the magic wand
Here's how to make the magic wand gimmick. Centre along the widest part of the magic wand and roll.

magician rolling a small white piece of paper the same size as a tip of the magic wand, around the centre of magic wand to create a tube
Roll the wand and press firmly for the glue to set

Additional Notes:

Trim the extra secret magic wand piece down to a size that works for your hands.

**Always be careful when using scissors and sharp objects.

Professional Touches for Advanced Wizards:

If you wanted to perform this trick and then hand the magic wand out for inspection, the magician would somehow need to get rid of the secret extra piece. Magicians call this ditching.

shows how the magician gets rid of the secret magic wand gimmick
Here's how to get rid of the secret magic gimmick

The magician switches hands with the wand and ditches the extra wand part.

When changing hands put the extra secret piece in a perfect position to secretly hold onto it in your palm. Keep this hand still and give the wand with your other hand.

Want to learn more magic tricks with a magic wand?

Here are 4 easy to do magic tricks with a magic wand

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  2. Floating Ring on Magic Wand

  3. Telekinetic Wand

  4. Rising Wand

Have fun making these magic crafts!

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