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Hindu Glimpse & Key Card Locator

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

Have you ever wanted to know how to astound your friends and family with an incredible card trick?

Here is an easy way of locating cards using the Hindu Shuffle.

a magician with a deck of cards spread out and the words "Hindu Glimpse & Key Locator"
Let's learn the Hindu Glimpse and Key Card Locator


The Hindu Glimpse

The Hindu Glimpse is a card technique that uses the Hindu Shuffle to secretly "peak" or glimpse the bottom card of the deck. This peaked card becomes your "key card" that locates the spectator's selected card.

First, you'll need a deck of cards.

You can bring your own, or borrow one from a friend—it doesn't matter.

All you'll do is let them look through the cards and choose one. Then make sure they let you know which card they chose, but don't let them show anyone else.

Then, put the card back into the deck, so it's completely lost in the middle somewhere.

You can even ask your friend to cut the deck to lose the card even more deeply in the shuffled cards. That's what makes this trick so fantastic—there are no special preparations made in advance.

You can perform this trick anywhere, with any deck of cards!

All you have to do is glance over at the cards and name your friend's chosen card aloud.


The Effect:

The magician asks their friend to select any card from a shuffled deck of cards. The cards can be borrowed, and there are no special preparations for the deck.

The card is returned to the deck and completely lost with several cuts.

The spectator can even cut the cards! With just a glance at the faces of the cards, the magician can quickly identify the spectator's chosen card.

a magician's hands holding a deck of cards and peaking at the bottom card, the five of spades
The bottom card will help you locate the spectator's selection


Step-by-Step: How to do the Hindu Glimpse

The basics of the Hindu Glimpse are simple to learn and beautifully deceptive.

This move allows you to peak at the bottom card of the deck naturally.

Step-by-Step Hindu Glimpse Move

Step 1 - Start by drawing off small packets of cards from the top of the deck into the left hand with the Hindu Shuffle.

Step 2 - During the shuffle, you square the packet of cards in your right hand by angling the cards toward you. Tap the left-hand packet to square the cards. This gesture is natural and allows you to see the bottom card.

Step 3 - Complete the cut or continue drawing off small packets.

Let's take a look at how you can use the Hindu Glimpse to locate a volunteer's selected card:


Here's a sample routine.

The ways magicians can use this card move are endless.

You have your friend select any card they want. As you shuffle the cards, they call "stop."

They return their card to that spot, and the remaining cards go on top.

You cut the cards. They can cut the cards.

There is no possible way to know their card-- but with just a glance at the card faces, you can quickly know their chosen playing card.

How it works is pretty clever because all the actions are entirely natural.

You glimpse the bottom card as you cover their chosen card with the remainder of the deck. This "key card" helps you locate the spectator's selection.

When you spread the cards, their chosen card will always be in front of the key card.

Step-by-Step Hindu Glimpse and Key Card Locator

Step 1 - Start by drawing off small packets of cards from the top of the deck into the left hand with the Hindu Shuffle.

Step 2 - At any point, the spectator calls 'stop'.

Step 3 - Square the right-hand packet by angling the packet towards yourself and tapping against the left-hand packet. Glimpse the bottom card.

Step 4 -Have the spectator return their card to the top of the left-hand packet.

Step 5 - Drop the right-hand packet onto the selected card. The key card is now directly above their card.

Step 6 - Give the deck of cards a complete cut (or two.) Even the spectator can cut the cards.

Step 7 - Spread the cards and locate the key card, and the spectator's card will be the card to the right.

a magician's hands with a deck of cards spread between them and the words "Key Card" and "Selected Card" displayed
Easily use the Hindu Glimpse to discover a spectator's selected card


Notes & Comments

And that's all there is to it.

You've mastered the Hindu Glimpse! Try it out, and have some fun with it! There are a lot of other card tricks that all use the Hindu Shuffle, so you can learn all kinds of cool things by becoming a master at this classic shuffle first.

Here are a few last thoughts:

  • You only need a brief moment to glimpse the card.

  • Occasionally a hesitant spectator won't call stop before you've nearly completed a full Shuffle. It's perfectly normal to restart the shuffle and start again, but re-peak the new bottom card.

With this move, you can perform unbelievable magic with a borrowed deck of cards.

In the next lesson, we will learn how magicians use the Hindu Shuffle to force a card!

Share your comments and questions about the Hindu Glimpse below!


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