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How Do Magicians Levitate & Make Things Float in the Air? (Magic Trick SECRETS + Video)

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Magicians have been floating people, flying in the air, and presenting levitation tricks for years. From silver balls to floating ladies, you probably couldn’t resist being amazed by a magician that can supposedly defy gravity. But how did magicians fool you?

What's the secret and how do magicians make things float? How do magicians levitate? Did they defy gravity, or were other factors that made the magic possible?

Let's take a look at the secrets to the levitation magic trick:

How do magicians levitate? The magician passes a hoop over a levitating assistant
How do magicians levitate? This magician passes a hoop over a levitating assistant

How Do Magicians Levitate?

It's not real! It's a trick, of course. There are various methods and ways to accomplish big and small levitation effects.

beautiful assistant is floating in mid air by Harry Kellar
Old Magician Poster of Kellar floating one of his assistants

Making something (or someone) float is an incredible mystery to see with your own eyes. It raises a fundamental question. Is it humanly possible to levitate? No. Physics is a proven law, and gravity prevents us from being able actually to lift off the ground and levitate. Magicians have a range of methods, from strings to motors. The secret is to fool the audience's perception of reality; that's the secret of levitation.

So, how is it done if magicians have been floating people for years and it's impossible to levitate?

How do I levitate? Magicians use various methods to make themselves, and other people float, including thin wires, strings, and platforms, and even your foot will work if you know the secrets!"From Asrah to Balducci, magicians have the perfect method to make anything float.

How To Levitate on the Street like David Blaine

Check this video out!"How to Make Yourself Float!"Learn how to make yourself float in mid-air! Levitate off the ground, onto a chair and more! Family-friendly magic trick you can learn with this tutorial and step-by-step instructions for each trick.

All secrets revealed!

Watch: How to Make Yourself Float

How do Magicians Levitate Objects?

Discover the secrets to making objects float and suspend in mid-air! These are magic tricks that make objects levitate rather than people.

This tutorial teaches ten ways to make objects float, including cards and bills mysteriously. It also includes the Balducci levitation, a self-levitation you can perform on the streets or impromptu.

Watch: Here are 10 Ways to Levitate!!

The Levitating Woman Trick Revealed by Masked Magician

Watch: How to Make a Woman Levitate in Midair

How does David Blaine levitate?

Many people consider David Blaine to be one of the best magicians in the world.

In his first TV special, "Street Magic," David Blaine presented a levitation on the street that blew everyone's mind.

Can a person levitate? Is the science clear that no human can levitate? Let's take a look.

Can You Actually Levitate?

It's a classic magic trick: the magician asks the audience to choose one of several objects, then places his hands over the item. When he lifts them, so does the object. The crowd is amazed — how did he do it?

The first thing to realize is that human levitation is not strictly impossible.

If you surround an object with a strong magnetic field, it will float in space. That's because magnets have north and south poles and, like poles, repel each other. This is why opposite poles attract: the north pole of one magnet will be very attracted to the south pole of another magnet. But if two north poles are held together, or two south poles are held together, they will repel each other.

So, I'm sorry to disappoint you. You can't levitate on your own.

However, there are ways that humans and objects can levitate if placed in a strong magnetic field. It's important to note that this isn't precisely "levitation" in what we usually think of it — objects only appear to be floating because a magnet is repelling them.

Let's take a look at a few methods of levitation.

Brief History of Levitations

Magicians have been performing levitations of various scales for hundreds of years. The methods for floating people boil down to these critical methods: Asrah levitation, Balducci Levitation, King Rising Levitation and Chair Suspensions.

The most famous magicians over the past century have presented this illusion in their unique style. Perhaps the best now levitation is David Copperfield's Flying which debuted in 1992 and is a patented piece of magic by famed magician inventor John Gaughan.

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In the illusion, David Copperfield flies around the theatre stage without "wings, strings or camera tricks.

Invisible Chair Trick Revealed

Recently I saw this magic trick in the most unusual places. It was not on stage like the stage illusionists you see on television; this was on the street. A street performer appeared to be seated or levitating on an invisible trick chair.

Since then, I have also seen magicians who appear to be floating or suspended from a broomstick or pole. Those tricks use similar leg braces, supports, braces and gimmicks.

Watch: Invisible Chair Trick Revealed

Balducci levitation

Ed Balducci first described the Balducci levitation, but its inventor is unknown. The Balducci levitation is an impromptu magic trick that appears to show a magician levitating an inch or two off the ground, anywhere in the world.

The levitation was made famous by David Blaine, who performed it on his Street Magic TV Special.

What was your favorite way to levitate? Let us know in the comments.

If you are interested in learning more tricks, check out magic tricks and lessons from Magician Masterclass.

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