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Hindu Shuffle Step-by-Step

Updated: Jun 5

Here's an easy method for magicians to perform amazing card tricks, force cards, and control playing cards with one simple shuffle!

A close-up of hands holding a deck of cards and shuffling with the words "Hindu Shuffle" in the background
The Hindu Shuffle is an essential card move that all magicians should know. Let's learn it!

The Hindu Shuffle is an essential card move that all magicians should know. Let's learn it!

By learning the Hindu Shuffle, you'll be able to perform basic card force and control, making many incredible card tricks possible with a borrowed deck of playing cards.

This sleight is a vital move with playing cards that every magician should know.


Why you should learn the Hindu Shuffle:

The Hindu Shuffle is a classic magic utility move that all magicians know. Learning this one move opens up a world of card tricks. From a basic card force, deck shuffle, and card control, the Hindu Shuffle has lots to offer, ranking right up there with the riffle shuffle, overhand shuffle, and riffle force.

Remember, all you need is a deck of cards!

You can learn the secrets of the Hindu Shuffle in minutes.

The Hindu Shuffle is a magician utility card sleight that's easy to master and useful for many great tricks and applications. The tricks can all be performed with a borrowed deck of playing cards.

With the Hindu Shuffle, you can force a playing card, locate a spectator-selected card, and control the location within the deck.

Astonish your audience with incredible card tricks with just one move and a regular deck of cards.

Let's learn it!


A magician makes a glass of water float on top of a playing card

The Hindu Shuffle: Easy Magic with Playing Cards

The magician shuffles a borrowed deck of cards end to end by drawing small packets of cards from one hand to the other.

Level of Difficulty: Easy

Time Required: 5 mins

What You'll Need:

  • Borrowed deck of cards

  • Practice, practice, practice

Step-by-Step Hindu Shuffle:

Step 1

Hold the deck face down near the end between your right thumb and opposing fingers. This grip is called an Overhand grip

Step 2

Bring the deck towards your left hand.

Step 3

Pull a small packet of cards into your left hand with your left thumb and index finger. Let them fall into your left palm, forming a grip called the Mechanics Grip. The index finger of your left-hand helps keep the cards squared up.

Step 4

Repeat the shuffling action: Strip away small packets from the right-hand packet of cards into the left-hand packet until only a few remain. Place the remaining stack on the left-hand packet to complete the Hindu Shuffle.

How to Force A Card with the Hindu Shuffle

The Hindu shuffle is an easy method of forcing a playing card since the shuffle doesn't disturb the unseen bottom card of the deck.

Simply note the bottom card and ask your spectator to call "stop" as you shuffle the deck, as described in steps 1 through 4.

When they call stop, show them the bottom playing card—a card they believe is randomly selected.

You can also add a riffle shuffle into your presentation (without disturbing the bottom card) or control a playing card from the top of the card to the bottom with an overhand shuffle.

See also: How to Riffle Shuffle A deck of Cards

Adding these moves is not essential but adds variety, an extra layer of deception, and an appearance of fairness to your magic.


Hindu Shuffle Photos

Here are pictures of the steps. Watch the full video above.


The History of the Hindu Shuffle

The first reference to the Hindu Shuffle comes from "Card Manipulations" by Jean Hugard in 1934, which refers to how many Asians hold and shuffle cards.

"I have dubbed this very useful series of moves "The Hindu Shuffle" because it was first shown to me over thirty years ago by a Hindu magician. Since then I have never seen a Hindu performer use any other kind of shuffle. Passing strange if the despised Indian juggler has given his vastly superior Western confreres another valuable legacy."

Magicians and author of many books on magic, Walter Gibson, referred to the move as "End Shuffle."

The Hindu Shuffle is a great move for magicians at all skill levels.

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