5 Ways A Magician Can Force a Playing Card Over ZOOM

Shhhh! Don’t share this with the muggles. We are sharing five ways you can force a card in the virtual world that are easy and deceptive! These will come in handy the next time you are asked to perform a piece of magic in a virtual meeting.

Here are five different ways a magician can force a playing card over ZOOM or other virtual platforms:

  1. Flip Flop Force

  2. Hindu Force

  3. Svengali Deck

  4. One-Way Forcing Deck

  5. Glimpse or Peak

Let's get a closer look

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Magicians Talking Magic Episode 66

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This Week's Featured Topic:

5 Ways to Force a Card Virtually

1. Flip Flop Force

  • Ask "give me a number between 1 and 10 flip"

  • Ask "give me a number between 10 and 20"

  • Flip

  • Force done

2. Hindu Force


3. Use a Svengali Deck

Such a useful tool

DIY this!!

4. One Way Force Deck

Deck switches can be so easy right now

5. Glimpse

The major advantage of this technique is the spectator can use their own cards.

  • Glimpse a card on your end through the computer

  • Manipulate that to where you need it to be

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