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5 Ways to Force a Playing Card over ZOOM

Updated: Jan 10

Shhhh! Don’t share this with the muggles.

We are sharing five ways you can force a card over ZOOM that are easy and deceptive! These will be useful the next time you are asked to perform a piece of magic in a virtual meeting.

This resource is great for beginner magicians looking to force a playing card over ZOOM or other virtual platforms.

Here are the five different playing card forces :

Let's dive into how to force a card over ZOOM.


5 Ways for a Magician to Force a Playing Card Virtually!

1. Flip Flop Force

Place the card you want to force on the top of the deck.

Ask the spectator to give you a number between 1 and 10.

Count those playing cards out and turn them all face down. Keep those face-down cards slightly down-jogged as you ask another spectator for a number between 10 and 20.

Count out those playing cards and flip both packs.

You confirm with both spectators that they could have chosen any numbers, and they've settled on one random card, the first facedown card-- the forced card.

  • Ask, "Give me a number between 1 and 10" flip

  • Ask, "Give me a number between 10 and 20."

  • Flip

  • Force done

Next is a force that uses the Hindu Shuffle.


2. Hindu Shuffle Force

Start by placing the card you want to force on the bottom of the pack of playing cards.

Hold the pack face down in your right hand as you peel off small packets of cards into the left hand while asking the spectator to call "STOP!"

When they say stop, reveal the card they stopped you at, them the bottom forced card!


3. Use a Svengali Deck

Many magicians often overlook the Svengali Deck!

This is a perfect tool for virtual shows and one of the easiest ways magicians can force a playing card over ZOOM.

4. One Way Force Deck

Virtual magic shows allow magicians to make secret moves that are often difficult in live performances. The screen frame provides us with a whole new way to think about magic.

Throughout your show, use a regular deck of cards, and then when you need to force a playing card on a ZOOM volunteer, grab your one-way forcing deck!

An easy and powerful way to blow minds on ZOOM!

5. Glimpse

This is one of the more advanced techniques for magicians, but it comes with a major advantage: this technique allows the spectator to use their playing cards.

  • Glimpse a card on your end through the computer

  • Manipulate that to where you need it to be

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For detailed information about ways to force a playing card over ZOOM, listen to Episode 66 of Magicians Talking Magic Podcast



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