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Magicians Guide to Virtual Magic Shows

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

Every magician agrees that live events will always have precedent, but virtual services are here to stay in some capacity.

Being able to speak on camera and entertain audiences through any medium is an important objective for magicians.

I’ve rounded up some essential tips, suggestions and strategies for magicians who need help with their virtual magic show.

Let's take a look.

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virtual magic show: a guide for professional magicians
Tips for Magicians & Virtual Magic Shows

Magicians Guide to Virtual Magic Shows

Virtual magic is here to stay.

At this point, I don't think all established performers need a virtual show, but for those wishing to stand out, it's an opportunity to pull ahead.

The virtual show doesn’t resonate with all magicians. I get it. It doesn't serve the reasons many of us got into magic. However, I don't believe it's fading away anytime soon.

Virtual conferencing has opened up a new world of opportunities for magicians.

how to create a virtual magic show
How to create a virtual magic show

First, Let's Talk About Virtual Magic Shows

In an episode of Magicians Talking Magic Podcast, we discussed a few essential survival ideas for magicians performing their first virtual magic shows.

It's important to understand the key differences between live shows and virtual performances

Here are the key takeaways:

  • Instead of asking for applause or volunteers, you ask for comments in the chat, and helpers unmute themselves.

  • This will feel less like a performance and more like a meeting.

  • If you are a heavily scripted performer, you’ll get a much better response by ditching the script and replacing it with a good story.

  • Mix it up with conversation, questions, trivia, and the occasional reminder for the audience to get involved.

Rethink Your Virtual Magic Show Timing

Chit-chat and banter take longer, but searching for volunteers in virtual shows is much quicker. You no longer need house lights, just a bright yellow emoji. 😛

When you start your virtual show, I highly recommend you tell your audience how to interact with you initially. My opening virtual magic trick instructs the audience on engaging AND delivers a visual WOW moment.

Virtual shows can be shorter. It's common for 15, 30 or 45-minute or shorter programs.

Ultimate Virtual Magic Show Opener

I'm biased because I created this magic trick, but I think this is the best way to open your virtual show.

Here's the video:

It's essential to get your audience to take action early.

I found showing your audience precisely what buttons to push helps tremendously. It helps remove obstacles.

It also makes it easier for those less familiar with ZOOM or virtual software.

A mouse finger pointer

Asking your virtual audience for engagement early in your virtual show helps prime your audience for a more interactive performance.

Virtual Magic Show Tip:

I always remind the audience to quickly unmute their microphone by pressing and holding the space bar.

This works in all the popular virtual conferencing apps.

You can download the Ultimate Virtual Opener on Vanishing Inc.


Your Virtual Magic Show Performance Space

Our stage, backstage and dressing room are now our homes.

Try to find a dedicated space for your shows and start thinking about a virtual set. Probably a spare room, bedroom or kitchen. Your area should be clean, well lit and visually attractive. Consider magic posters and magician artifacts; a bookshelf or lighting fixture can jazz up dull space.

Don’t let your backdrop steal the focus from the show.


Tips for First-Time Virtual Magicians

If you haven’t presented a virtual show, it’s time to dive in. It would help if you began thinking about adapting your favourite routines to the virtual. Not all magic can be performed virtually, but you’ll be surprised what you can do in the virtual space.

▶ Get your feet wet. Consider starting with a shorter show. Start. If an opportunity comes up for you to present your first virtual show, consider a shorter 15-minute or 25-minute show to start.

▶ Learn how to use the software and be prepared to teach your audience how to use it. ZOOM, Google Meets, and Microsoft Teams all have very similar functionality. Here are the current most popular virtual platforms:

  • Zoom (300 million meeting participants per day)

  • Google Meet (over 100 million daily meeting participants)

  • Microsoft Teams (over 75 million active daily users)

▶ Virtual shows are all about engagement. Plan all your transitions. Heavily scripted performances will fall flat. Be prepared to ask questions and call out for comments in the chat.

▶ Good quality audio and lighting are your most important investments for your virtual show. Spend a few dollars on an LED ring light and a decent mic. I promise you already have all the tricks you need to assemble a great show.

how to plan  your virtual magic show
Plan you virtual show the same as a regular magic show.


A Few Thoughts About Magician's Websites

Your website is the only space online you have complete control over.

It’s your branding, personality, messaging, marketing and voice. Facebook controls your content distribution, and Instagram gives you the attention it wants before asking for your money.

A magician's website is where clients land to decide between hiring you.

Website Strategies for Magicians Selling Virtual Services

  • Create a Virtual Show Page - Create a dedicated page for your virtual shows and services. Your clients will immediately know you are a potential prospect. Bonus points if you have virtual client testimonials and screen captures already posted.

  • Does your website do the job? Take a good look at your marketing and copy. What is your website communicating to your clients? Can it be better?

  • Write for different audiences - magicians need to have a page dedicated to each unique type of service or audience. You wouldn’t write the same content for a birthday party show page as for a close-up show page.

virtual magic shows are here to stay
Virtual magic shows are here to stay.


Social Media for Magicians

My view on social media has changed drastically. A social media strategy is essential for magicians; however, I see many magicians confuse ego with marketing.

Who do they think is hiring them?

My focus has shifted away from trying to survive on all social media platforms and increasing my effectiveness in the ones I enjoy the most. None of them :)

Whether it’s Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, here’s a simple strategy for your social media.


Tips for Magicians Surviving Social Media

  • Remember who your audience is and write to them.

  • Ask questions; engagement is essential for algorithms.

  • Decide in advance on 5 - 7 topics that interest you and support your services or long-term goals.

  • Remove decision-making by assigning days of the week for your topics.

  • Create a vault of ideas and content that you can access when motivation is low.

  • Schedule, Schedule, Schedule. Schedule your posts.


Relationship Building

One of the most effective ways a magician can grow their local businesses is by building relationships within their community.

Discovering organizations and associations with overlapping interests can be a great way to grow your business long-term.

The key to creating brand-new relationships is showing genuine interest in helping to serve, removing your immediate needs and business desires, and focusing entirely on helping.

Relationships take effort and time to build but offer many layers of reward, not purely financial.

How can you use your show, skills or services to help others within your community? Make some effort and do some research. Discover the projects they are working on or find some way to help.

Excellent relationship-building provides a lifetime of word-of-mouth advertising.



Virtual magic shows are here to stay. The skills of performing virtual magic shows are similar to stage magic and, in some ways, easier.

Albeit, the lack of applause is certainly missed.

Create the best virtual show you can by adapting material you own and focusing on your audience connection. Be sure to tell your audience how to interact EARLY, and don’t be afraid to drop the show script.

Offer your virtual show for free until you feel comfortable with your product. Use these free shows to build new relationships.

Don't forget to update your marketing material, website, one-sheet and social presence to inform clients you offer virtual shows. Do you need images?


That's It!

If you got any value from this article, hit the ❤️ and share your comment below.

Check out the Ultimate Virtual Opener by Ryan Joyce. There is no better way to start your virtual show!



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