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International Brotherhood of Magicians: What You Need to Know

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Join the International Brotherhood of Magicians and discover the secrets to amazing magic tricks while making new magician friends worldwide!

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Are you looking to join the IBM or learn about the upcoming convention? Let's dive in!

If you’ve ever wondered where to find a community that shares your love for the craft, look no further than the International Brotherhood of Magicians (I.B.M.).

Whether you're a beginner, a seasoned professional, or an enthusiastic amateur, the I.B.M. offers a world of magic waiting to be discovered.

Key Takeaways for Joining the International Brotherhood of Magicians

  • Annual Subscription Cost: The standard annual membership fee for adults is $80 USD, while youth memberships (ages 7-17) are available for $60 USD per year. Additional fees may apply to international members.

  • How to Join: Visit the I.B.M. website, select the appropriate membership type, complete the online application form, submit the payment, and receive a confirmation email with membership details and access to exclusive resources.

  • Benefits of Joining: Gain access to exclusive resources, tutorials, and lectures; network with fellow magicians; attend annual conventions; receive The Linking Ring magazine; and participate in prestigious competitions and awards.

  • 2024 IBM Convention: The 2024 I.B.M. Magician Convention will be held in Tacoma, Washington, from July 10-13, 2024.

Let's delve into what makes this organization the largest and most prestigious in the world of magic.


How to Join the International Brotherhood of Magicians

Joining the International Brotherhood of Magicians (I.B.M.) is a fantastic way to connect with a global community of magicians, access exclusive resources, and enhance your skills in the art of magic.

Here's how you can become a member:

Annual Subscription Cost

The cost of an annual subscription to the I.B.M. varies depending on the type of membership you choose and your location.

As of 2024, the standard annual membership fee for adults is $80 USD. Youth memberships (for ages 7-17) are available at a discounted rate of $60 USD per year.

There may be additional fees for members outside North America to cover international postage for The Linking Ring magazine.

How to Join

  1. Visit the I.B.M. Website: Go to the official I.B.M. website at

  2. Select Membership Type: Choose the appropriate membership type (adult or youth).

  3. Fill Out the Application: Complete the online application form with your personal information, including your contact details and a brief description of your interest in magic.

  4. Submit Payment: Pay the annual membership fee using the secure online payment system.

  5. Confirmation: Once your application and payment are processed, you will receive a confirmation email with your membership details and information on how to access member-exclusive resources.

Benefits of Joining

  1. Exclusive Resources: Gain access to a vast library of tutorials, lectures, and performances from renowned magicians. These resources are designed to help you improve your skills and stay up-to-date with the latest trends in magic.

  2. Networking Opportunities: Connect with fellow magicians through local Rings (chapters), online forums, and international events. Build relationships, find mentors, and share your passion for magic with a supportive community.

  3. Annual Conventions: Attend the I.B.M.'s annual conventions, which feature stage shows, informative lectures, and a dealers' room with the latest magic products. These conventions are a great opportunity to learn, perform, and compete.

  4. The Linking Ring Magazine: Receive a monthly subscription to The Linking Ring, the official publication of the I.B.M., filled with articles, reviews, and tutorials on all aspects of magic.

  5. Awards and Recognition: Participate in I.B.M. competitions and have the chance to win prestigious awards like the Gold Medal and Gold Cups, which recognize outstanding achievements in magic.

By joining the International Brotherhood of Magicians, you'll be part of a thriving community dedicated to the art of magic, with countless opportunities to learn, grow, and share your passion.


Who is the President of the International Brotherhood of Magicians?

Charles Arkin: 2023-2024

For the 2023-2024 term, Charles Arkin proudly holds the position of International President of the International Brotherhood of Magicians (I.B.M.).

A new president takes the helm each year, guiding the organization through its various activities and initiatives.

The term of an International President typically begins at the conclusion of the Annual Business Meeting held during the I.B.M. Annual Convention, which is usually scheduled in the summer.

Election Process

The process of selecting the International President is quite structured and detailed. Here’s a quick overview of how it works:

  1. Nomination: The Board of Trustees nominates candidates for the office of International President. The Board may announce their nominees at the Midyear meeting of the Trustees, and these nominations are then published in The Linking Ring, the official publication of the I.B.M. Additionally, qualified members can be nominated through petitions signed by at least 1% of the total I.B.M. membership as of the preceding November 1.

  2. Petition Process: If additional candidates are nominated by petition, the official petition forms must be submitted and verified by the International Headquarters. This ensures the authenticity of the nominations and the eligibility of the candidates.

  3. Election Ballots: In the case of multiple nominees, an official election ballot is distributed to all eligible members. This ballot includes the Board’s nominees as well as any candidates nominated by petition. Members then vote to elect their new International President.

  4. Assumption of Office: The elected International President-Elect assumes the office of International President at the next Annual Business Meeting. The term lasts one year, after which a new president is elected and takes over the responsibilities.

This structured process ensures that the I.B.M.'s leadership is both democratic and inclusive, reflecting the diverse interests and needs of its membership.


Where is the 2024 I.B.M. Magician Convention?

The 2024 I.B.M. Magician Convention will be held in Tacoma, Washington, from July 10-13, 2024. Register Here.

Dates, Location and Venue

City: Tacoma, Washington

Venue: Marriott Tacoma Downtown

Convention Dates: July 10-13, 2024

Be sure to mark your calendar for these dates. The convention will feature an array of exciting events, workshops, and performances, ensuring a magical experience for all attendees.


  • Guest of Honour: Michael Ammar

  • Alexandra Duvivier

  • David Kovac

  • Erik Tait

  • Gabriella Lester

  • Jade

  • Joshua Messado

  • Nick Diffatte

  • Ondrej Psenicka

  • Rachel Wax

  • Ben Nemzer

  • Cassandra

  • Henok Negash

  • Leah Orleans

  • Michael vincent

  • Connie Boyd

  • Bibik

  • Shawn Farquhar

  • Paul Richards

  • Noah Sonie

  • Jeff McBride

Convention Registration Cost

The registration cost for the 2024 I.B.M. Magician Convention varies based on membership status and how early you register.

For I.B.M. members, the fee is $385 if registered by July 9, 2024, and $405 if registered on-site.

Non-members can register for $460, which includes a one-year I.B.M. membership or $480 on-site.

Spouse registration for the 2024 I.B.M. Magician Convention is $240, and youth members can attend for free if accompanied by a paid adult, with additional charges for special events. For more details, visit the official registration page.

For more details and to register, visit the official registration page.

Convention Highlights

  • Stage Shows: Enjoy captivating performances by some of the world’s top magicians.

  • Informative Lectures: Learn from experts through a variety of lectures covering numerous magic techniques and insights.

  • Dealer’s Room: Explore the latest magic products, props, and merchandise.

  • Competitions: Witness or participate in prestigious competitions such as the Gold Medal and Gold Cups.

  • Networking Opportunities: Meet fellow magicians, share ideas, and build lasting connections.

Join the IBM in Tacoma for an unforgettable gathering of magicians, where you can immerse yourself in the magic, learn new skills, and connect with a global community.


About the International Brotherhood of Magicians

Key takeaways

  • The I.B.M. aims to promote and advance the art of magic, uphold ethics, and encourage literature and invention related to magic.

  • The Linking Ring is the official monthly publication of the I.B.M. It is packed with articles, reviews, and tutorials.

  • The I.B.M. holds annual conventions featuring stage shows, lectures, competitions, and a dealers' room.

History and Mission

The International Brotherhood of Magicians was founded in 1922 by Len Vintus in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Vintus, a magician with a dream, envisioned an organization that would promote and advance the art of magic while providing a platform for magicians to connect and grow.

From its humble beginnings, the I.B.M. has grown into the world’s largest organization for professional and amateur magicians, magic enthusiasts, and collectors.

The mission of the I.B.M. is clear: to promote and advance the art of magic, organize and associate individuals interested in magic, uphold the ethics of the profession, and encourage the development of literature and inventions related to the art of magic.

This mission has guided the I.B.M. for over a century, fostering a global community of magicians who share a passion for the magical arts.


Professional Magicians Unite

Membership Benefits

The I.B.M. is open to anyone passionate about magic, from amateur enthusiasts to professional performers.

Membership is also available to those who collect magic apparatus and effects. Active members must be at least 18 years old, while youth members range from 7 to 17 years of age.

Here is a look at some of the main benefits:

  • Linking Ring Monthly Magazine

  • Monthly local clubs in most major cities

  • Annual magic convention

  • Online Events & Resources

One key benefit of I.B.M. membership is access to local magic clubs called Rings.

These gatherings can be found throughout the United States, Canada, and the world and provide a treasure trove of exclusive resources, including numerous opportunities to network, learn, and grow as artists.

Members share tricks and advice and host acclaimed lectures and performances that are not available to the general public.

The I.B.M. organizes national events, competitions, and conventions to provide a platform for magicians to connect with peers, share ideas, and showcase their talents.

Occasionally, the I.B.M. partners with other North American magician societies to host a combined convention.

Whether you're looking to make new friends, find a mentor, or simply enjoy the company of fellow magicians, the International Brotherhood of Magicians has something for you.

These resources are designed to help you hone your craft, learn new techniques, and stay up-to-date with the latest trends in magic.


Leadership and Governance

Meet the Leaders

Since 1937, the I.B.M. has elected a new International President each year.

These presidents are notable figures in the art of magic, bringing their unique perspectives and expertise to the organization. The I.B.M. leadership is dedicated to upholding the organization's mission and supporting its members.

In addition to the International President, the I.B.M. is governed by Territorial Vice Presidents who coordinate with local Rings (chapters) and other Territorial Vice Presidents.

This structure ensures that members' needs and interests are represented at all levels of the organization, fostering a sense of community and collaboration.

Past Presidents

  • Len Vintus 1922–1926

  • W.W. Durbin 1926–1937

  • John H. Davidson 1937–1938

  • T. J. Crawford 1938–1939

  • John Snyder Jr. 1939–1941

  • Robert C. Anderson 1941–1942

  • Eugene Bernstein 1942–1946

  • John Braun 1946–1947

  • A. Renerick Clark 1947–1948

  • H. Adrian Smith 1948–1949

  • William R Walsh 1949–1950

  • Walter Coleman 1950–1951

  • James B. Lake 1951–1952

  • Arthur D. Reichenback 1952–1953

  • Forrest P. Hendricks 1953–1954

  • C. James McLemore 1954–1955

  • Charles A. RossKam 1955–1956

  • Chauncey Sheridan 1956–1957

  • L.A. Waterman 1957–1958

  • Verne W. Uker 1958–1959

  • Reeder C. Hutchinson 1959–1960

  • Harris Solomon 1960–1961

  • C.L. Schmitt 1961–1962

  • Irving Lewis 1962–1963

  • Arnold Drennen 1963–1964

  • Thorton Poole 1964–1965

  • Dr. Richard O. Mossey 1965–1966

  • Howard Bamman 1966–1967

  • Sydney S. Bergson 1967–1968

  • J. Ronald Haines 1968–1969

  • Royal Brin Jr. 1969–1970

  • William G. Strickland 1970–1971

  • Austin C. Gorham 1971–1972

  • Robert B. Hurt 1972–1973

  • Earle J. Christenberry Jr. 1973–1974

  • Charles Lantz 1974–1975

  • William Preston Slusher 1975–1976

  • Walter F. Williams 1976–1977

  • Jeffery Atkins 1977–1978

  • Bill Pitts 1978–1979

  • Ray Mangel 1979–1980

  • Bruce Posgate 1980–1981

  • Roger Crabtree 1981–1982

  • John Makar 1982–1983

  • William A. Wells 1983–1984

  • Donald E. Wiberg 1984–1985

  • William E. Spooner 1985–1986

  • Karrell Fox 1986–1987

  • June Horowitz 1987–1988

  • Edward A. Morris 1988–1989

  • Anthony Shelley 1989–1990

  • Michael Ellis 1990–1991

  • Michael J. Gorman 1991–1992

  • James L. Nagel 1992–1993

  • R.J. Obie O'Brien 1993–1994

  • Jep Hostetler 1994–1995

  • Kenneth Klosterman 1995–1996

  • Bev Bergeron 1996–1997

  • Abb Dickson 1997–1998

  • John R. Browne 1998–1999

  • Jerry Schnepp 1999–2000

  • Jack Greenberg 2000–2001

  • Robert A. Escher 2001–2002

  • Michael Stratman 2002–2003

  • David Sandy 2003–2004

  • Tony Wilson 2004–2005

  • Roger Miller 2005–2006

  • Fred Casto 2006–2007

  • Phil Willmarth 2007–2008

  • Joan Caesar 2008–2009

  • Jack White 2009–2010

  • Rolando Santos 2010–2011

  • Vanni Pulé 2011–2012

  • John Pye 2012–2013

  • Bill Evans 2013–2014

  • Shawn Farquhar 2014–2015

  • Joe M. Turner 2015–2016

  • Oscar Muñoz 2016–2017

  • Bob Patterson 2017–2018

  • Michael Finney 2018–2019

  • Alex Zander 2019–2020

  • Stephen Bargatze 2020–2021

  • Ken Scott 2021–2022

  • Billy Hsueh 2022 - 2023

  • Charles Arkin 2023-2024


Conventions and Events

The World’s Finest Conventions

One of the highlights of being an I.B.M. member is the annual convention, usually held in June or July.

These conventions are a magical experience featuring stage shows, informative lectures, and a dealers' room filled with the latest magic products.

It's a place where you can immerse yourself in the art of magic, learn from the best, and discover new tricks and tools to add to your repertoire.

The I.B.M. conventions are also home to the prestigious Gold Medal and Gold Cups competitions. These competitions attract the best magicians worldwide and showcase their skills and creativity.

Winning one of these awards is a significant achievement, marking you as one of the top performers in the field.

The International Brotherhood of Magicians I.B.M. is one of seven magician organizations that represent North America at the FISM World Championship of Magic and the qualifying FISM NA magician competition.

Each summer, the convention is held in a different North American city, giving members the chance to explore new places and meet magicians from diverse backgrounds.

It's an event you won't want to miss, whether you're competing for a coveted award or simply enjoying the magic on display.

Contest Awards and Recognition

The I.B.M. holds contests in several categories, providing recognition for outstanding achievements in the art of magic.

The Gold Cups and Gold Medal Awards are the most coveted, awarded to magicians who demonstrate exceptional skill and creativity. These awards are not given every year, making them even more prestigious.

Winning an I.B.M. award is not just about the trophy; it's about the recognition from your peers and the opportunity to elevate your career.

It’s a testament to your dedication, talent, and passion for magic.


Staying Connected

Magic in Your Mailbox

One of the best ways to stay connected with the I.B.M. community is through its official publication, The Linking Ring.

This magazine averages 164 pages and is published monthly with informative articles, reviews, and tutorials.

Whether you're into close-up magic, stand-up performances, or stage illusions, The Linking Ring has something for you.

The magician magazine also features reviews of the latest magic products, helping readers stay updated with new releases and trends.

It's a valuable resource that keeps you informed and inspired, no matter where you are in your magical journey.

Online Resources

In today’s digital age, the I.B.M. offers a wealth of online resources to keep you connected and engaged.

The I.B.M. YouTube channel is a valuable resource for magicians, boasting over 2.89K subscribers and 46 videos. These videos cover a range of topics, from tutorials and lectures to performances and interviews with notable magicians.

The I.B.M. website and social media channels are great ways to access resources, tutorials, and information about upcoming events.

Connect with the I.B.M on Social Media

Whether you're looking to learn a new trick, get tips on improving your performance, or find out about the next convention, these online resources have you covered.

The Online Ring, Ring 2100, is an excellent platform for members who want to connect and share ideas. Here, you can interact with fellow magicians, exchange tips and tricks, and discuss the latest developments in the world of magic.

It's a virtual community that brings the I.B.M. experience to your fingertips.



Joining the International Brotherhood of Magicians opens up a world of opportunities for magicians of all levels.

You'll be among friends because many of the world's most famous magicians are members of the I.B.M.

From access to exclusive resources and events to connecting with a global community of magic enthusiasts, the I.B.M. is the perfect place to nurture your passion for magic.

Whether you're a seasoned pro looking to share your knowledge or a beginner eager to learn, the I.B.M. welcomes you with open arms. So why wait? Take the plunge and discover the magic that awaits you in the International Brotherhood of Magicians.

Who knows, you might find your next great trick, a lifelong friend, or a mentor to guide you on your magical journey.

And remember, in the world of magic, there's always something new to discover. So, keep exploring, keep learning, and most importantly, keep the magic alive!


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