Virtual Shows! How Entertainers Survive and 10 Things We Didn’t Expect!

In this episode, Ryan Joyce and Graemazing bring you up-to-speed on how magicians can create more interactive and engaging virtual events plus how to effectively use livestreaming to earn money and survive in 2020. This is the final of our five-part series Reinventing Yourself in 2020.

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Virtual Shows! How Entertainers Survive and 10 Things We Didn’t Expect!

On this episode:

  • Ryan and Graeme have been both so busy - listen as then catch up in real-time!

  • Graeme - Canada Day - CHCH Morning Live

  • Graeme - Consulting for magicians on their OBS set up.

  • Ryan - Filming projects

  • Ryan - Canada Day event coming up

  • Joel Meyers Int This past Tues

  • Next interview- Josh Janousky!

Magic Lecture Available:

Demystifying Virtual Magic

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Virtual Shows! How Entertainers Survive and 10 Things We Didn’t Expect!

1. Drop the Multicam.

  • I have been a fly on the wall on multiple facebook groups and zoom meetings

  • A lot are having issues with the idea of 2 camera

  • Simplify - frame everything around your face

  • We talked before about how this is a new show

  • Treat this like a new show

  • So much magic out there that isn’t cards or tabletop

  • Push yourself

  • This angle really often looks ugly and crotchy.

  • *Note: If you got the chops and the tech skills go for it!

  • Simplifies your performance space

2. You gotta plug-in

Being part of multiple meetings now a common question I ask when someone’s feed starts to pause or drop out, “are you plugged into ethernet?”

This should be at the top of your list of priorities

  • Can I plug into the ethernet?

  • If not how?

  • You are broadcasting a production

3. Be interesting, damnit!

Keys to a good ZOOM show:

  • Be in the moment

  • Everything should be live - no pretapes - youtube and Netflix are better produced.

  • Talk to your audience - everyone has a front-row seat - we can all see each other

  • Try to make as much of the magic interactive as possible

4. Different kind of performing

  • Two-way conversation vs one-way

  • Be open to just chatting or engaging more with your audience

  • What a unique opportunity to talk with a professional performer!

  • No one has a back seat in these shows!

  • Comment on their atmosphere or clothes - make them feel like superstars!

5. Let’s talk about the Magic

  • Keep it simple

  • You can get away with a lot in a virtual setting, you only have one angle

  • Tenyo is now an illusion!

  • Make a new show just for virtual - its easy

6. Length matters

  • Keep it short

  • 20-30 minutes

  • Just like a tv show

  • 30-minute tv show is 22 minutes with commercial breaks.


I have been reading comments from people trying other pieces of tech and software, a lot seem to drop out or fail when broadcasting. Altho OBS has a little more of a learning curve - the benefits are very rewarding. OBS is the standard for video game streamers for a reason!

9. Your Phone sucks as a camera

There is no good reliable way to connect your phone to your phone to your computer without paying for a decent application. Capture cards are really expensive and vary in quality. Personally I bought a cheapo webcam and with OBS you can configure that camera making it look very very very nice! USB Webcams are super reliable!

10. Side Product!

Have a side product, service or hustle you can pitch

BONUS: New Revenue Stream

So if you have taken the time to research OBS (which you should) Congratulations you are now a virtual event producer! Wait, What’s that? You are now more than just a magician - you have enhanced your skillset to be able to produce and execute a full broadcast production. I have been performing virtual shows for some companies now on their Facebook pages. I set up a zoom call with a studio audience of 6-8 people and manipulated OBS. I add the company logo into my broadcast, “Presented by, XX”

I have now been asked by these same companies to entertain and produce their corporate virtual events. This is a game-changer! If you have not - I suggest start researching OBS - it is a lot easier than you might think. A lot of us use an Audio ape or something - same learning curve. A lot of us perform sleight of hand - that’s harder! Expand your value.

Final tips:

  • Create separation from you and your background

  • Get better lighting. No windows behind you

  • Grab a usb MIC - they are like 80 bucks online

  • Stop worrying about trying to make your phone work as a camera

  • Buy a basic webcam and start sharing magic!

  • Learn OBS

  • Get your client involved

Thank you for listening!

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Next week:

Do you have any questions about landing pages?

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