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Virtual Magic Shows! 10 Tips for Magicians Who Want to UP THEIR VIRTUAL GAME!

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

In this episode, Magicians Talking Magic Podcast hosts Ryan Joyce and Graemazing share ten helpful tips for upping your virtual magic show game.

Learn how to create more interactive and engaging virtual magic shows and events plus how to effectively use livestreaming to earn money with virtual magic shows.

Virtual Shows! How Entertainers Survive and 10 Things We Didn’t Expect!

1. Drop the Multicam.

  • There are a lot of extra complexity and issues that can arise with 2 or more cameras for your virtual magic show

  • Simplify - frame everything around your face

  • Treat this like a new show - timing is very different from live magic shows

  • Push yourself to try new material

2. You gotta plug-in

Avoid wifi and go for the direct ethernet connection.

3. Be interesting!

  • Be in the moment - just like performing live magic shows, you need to react and interact with your guests. Be present and prepared.

  • Everything should be live - no pretapes - youtube and Netflix are better produced.

  • Talk to your audience - everyone has a front-row seat with virtual magic shows

  • Try to make as much of the magic interactive as possible

4. Different kinds of performing

  • Two-way conversation vs one-way - everyone is typically muted in virtual magic shows. Call people out directly by their screen name and ask them to unmute.

  • Have an interesting conversation at the ready - Be open to just chatting or engaging more with your audience

  • Remember for your virtual magic show audience this is also a unique opportunity to talk with a professional magician and performer!

  • Comment on their atmosphere or clothes - make them feel like superstars!

5. Let’s talk about the Magic

  • Keep it simple - the computer screen frame provides all-new ways to explore the kinds of magic you can perform

  • You can get away with a lot in a virtual setting, you only have one angle

  • Tenyo is now an illusion! - Small magic tricks look massive on the screen!

6. Length matters

  • Keep it short - 20-30 minutes is ideal for virtual magic shows. Everyone is getting sick of being stuck on ZOOM.

  • Produce it like a tv show - have a strong opener and closer and be sure to dazzle throughout.


If you are looking to produce higher-quality virtual shows with some extra production value, OBS is your software.

I have been reading comments from people trying other pieces of tech and software, a lot seem to drop out or fail when broadcasting. Although OBS has a little more of a learning curve, the benefits are very rewarding. They are also releasing new features all the time.

OBS is the standard for video game streamers for a reason!

9. Your Phone sucks as a camera

There is no good reliable way to connect your phone to your computer without paying for a decent application. Capture cards are really expensive and vary in quality. Personally, I bought a cheapo webcam and with OBS you can configure that camera making it look very very very nice! USB Webcams are super reliable!

10. Side Product!

Have a side product, service or hustle you can pitch

BONUS: New Revenue Stream for Virtual Magic Shows & Magicians

So if you have taken the time to research OBS (which you should) congratulations you are now a virtual event producer! Wait, What’s that? You are now more than just a magician - you have enhanced your skillset to be able to produce and execute a full broadcast production. I have been performing virtual shows for some companies now on their Facebook pages. I set up a zoom call with a studio audience of 6-8 people and manipulated OBS. I add the company logo into my broadcast, “Presented by, XX”

I have now been asked by these same companies to entertain and produce their corporate virtual events. This is a game-changer! If you have not - I suggest start researching OBS - it is a lot easier than you might think. A lot of us use an Audio ape it's the same learning curve. A lot of us perform sleight of hand, that’s even harder!

Expand your value as a virtual magician.

Final tips:

  • Create a separation between you and your background

  • Get better lighting. No windows behind you! Have one great light source that illuminates your face and magic

  • Grab a USB MIC - they are like 80 bucks online

  • Stop worrying about trying to make your phone work as a camera

  • Buy a basic webcam and start sharing the magic!

  • Learn OBS

  • Get your client involved


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