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Alex Ramon shares tips for magicians performing virtual magic shows

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

In this episode of Magicians Talking Magic Podcast we’re chatting about virtual magic shows with Alex Ramon.

We taped this interview during the first two months of the pandemic outbreak when Alex was presenting his 35 in 35, thirty-five shows in thirty-five days. What’s super interesting revisiting this interview for today’s podcast episode was just how spot-on Alex's insight continues to be.

We discuss the key differences between live and virtual magic shows, what types of material you need to select, who Alex Ramon recommends following for social media advice, and so much more.

Alex's is an incredibly hard worker who has headlined some of the biggest magic shows in the world, he shares his twenty years of experience through the mindset of virtual performing.

This is a fantastic chat that I think you’re going to really enjoy.

Magician Alex Ramon talks about performing virtual magic shows


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