The two biggest hurdles magicians must overcome to dominate their local virtual events market

Today on Magicians Talking Magic Podcast we are discussing the two biggest hurdles magicians must overcome in a shift to earning income from virtual magic performances.

One of the business challenges we’ve always faced as magicians are educating our clients on what we offer and why we are their best choice. In the new era of livestreaming and virtual events, it’s an even bigger mystery.

It’s our jobs now more than ever to teach others how to hire us. Since ideas are developing so quickly, your experience and knowledge can set you apart as an authority in this new space.

This episode introduces the two biggest hurdles and how to establish yourself as a leader.

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The Two Biggest Hurdles Magicians Must Overcome to dominate the virtual market

#1 - Inform and educate

(Ep 58) Teaching people how to hire you and your virtual magic shows or PPE magic shows. What’s happening is new to everyone, many businesses and clients aren’t aware of the many ways to integrate entertainment virtually

#2 - Performing is not the same

(Ep 60) The biggest mindset change magicians must overcome to be successful in the virtual game . Performing in virtual space has one major change magicians adapt quickly to survive.

  • Call out Names

  • Always be interacting

  • High Energy

  • Keep it short and simple (when it comes to magic and stories)

  • Be interesting

Let’s talk about pricing (Ep 62)

Pricing is lower (no travel, less time commitment)

Pricing options and recommendations

  • Start Free

  • Then PWYC

  • Then evaluate - $50-Hundreds


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Are you resistant to jump into virtual shows? What's your biggest hurdle?

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