How to Book More Virtual Magic Shows

A step-by-step guide to starting from scratch and two unique approaches to booking more shows and growing your magician business. Listen now

This is an important episode. We are chatting about how to book more virtual magic shows.

You know the hardest part is taking the first step and in this episode, we want to help provide two unique approaches to get you started booking virtual shows the right way.

These are real-working-magician tips that are still pretty secret and we haven't heard anyone else is talking about. Using a self-hosted show to grow your existing business and what to do if you are starting from scratch.

Plus how to get killer virtual testimonials, tighten your virtual show and grow your client list, at the same time!

We are sharing the most practical way magicians can act right now to build their confidence and start moving towards earning revenue from virtual shows.

Let’s be honest (it's good news!) magicians have an advantage in this virtual space.

We can pull off even more engaging experiences than any other performance art. We can combine various levels of storytelling and strong visuals that can leave an impression that music and other visual arts cannot.

With magic, your audience is part of the show.

You don’t want to miss this episode. Listen now

Listen Now | Ep 58 How to Book More Virtual Magic Shows

Download the free Virtual Magic Show PDF & Templates mentioned in this episode:

1. How to Book: Virtual Magic Shows

A step-by-step guide that teaches you how to use a free magic show to build your list and promote yourself.

2. Why Hire a Magician PDF Download & Canva Template

A fully customizable download you can add to your website now to start building your own mailing list.

3. How to Book More Virtual & 7 Steps to Starting From Scratch

(Show Notes with sample email outreach)

Click here to download

Have you performed a virtual show yet? How did it go?

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