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Is Magic for Humans fake and staged? Or a real show?

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

Magic for Humans is a huge hit on Netflix but some people are wondering if it's real or fake?


QUESTION: Is Magic for Humans Real or Fake?

ANSWER: It's real! That means Magic for Humans films authentic reactions on the streets of Los Angeles and doe not use any camera tricks. There are NO actors, NO paid stooges, NO CGI, or NO special editing.

The host of Magic for Humans, magician Justin Willman recently said:

"No one is hired or paid to act amazed or do or say a certain thing, everyone is just pulled off the street. Everyone's real, and nothing is accomplished with fancy CGI or anything of that. Obviously ethically, but mostly because we can't afford it."

In a recent TV Guide article, magician Justin Willman talks about skeptics and people asking if the show is real or fake said "...we're definitely not taking the easy way out" and whether he has magic powers, Justin Willman says, "I don't have powers. But what you are seeing is not the result of camera trickery or people pretending."

"Before TV magic was a thing, most people were in the audience live and obviously they know there's a trick happening. So when people are like, 'Oh it's not real,' no, it's not real. I don't have powers. But what you're seeing is not the result of camera trickery or people pretending to be amazed. I have an incredible team of magic minds and comedy minds who I work with to really put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into creating the stuff on screen and we're definitely not taking the easy way out."

(Source: TV Guide)


Does Justin Willman have a twin brother?

No. Justin Willman does not have a twin brother.

Justin Willman was born July 11, 1980, in St. Louis, Missouri. He began performing magic at age 12 after he broke both his arms. His orthopedic surgeon recommended he learn card tricks as an alternative to occupational therapy.

His mom recommended the name Justin Kredible which he used as his stage name performing for friends, family and birthday parties.

Justin Kredible and Justin Willman are the same person. He doesn't have a twin.


Magic for Humans is currently streaming on Netflix

What do you think of Magic for Humans on Netflix?


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