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Magic Words List: 110+ Magician Words & Magic Phrases

Updated: Jun 21

Do you need a boost to your magical vocabulary with a list of magic words?

If you need a quick magic word to help describe magic or words related to magicians, such as hocus pocus, magic, and casting a spell, you’ll find a comprehensive list below!

These magic words will help add power, meaning, and context. Magic words are often featured in popular culture, such as in the Harry Potter series, where they are used in various spells and incantations.

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Discover a comprehensive list of magical words

Discover a comprehensive list of magical words.

Abracadabra! Prepare to be spellbound as we unlock the secrets behind the enchanting world of magic words. From the classic “hocus pocus“ to the mysterious “alakazam,” magicians have used these phrases and nonsense syllables to captivate audiences for centuries.

In this comprehensive list, we’ll delve into 110+ words related to the mystical arts, exploring their origins, meanings, and the power they hold.

So grab your wand and join us on this lexical journey through the realm of illusion and wonder!


Magical Words

Here’s a complete list of 110 magic words and magician phrases to spice up your writing. These powerful words can help you conjure the imagination in your reader by applying them to different situations and various scenarios.

Check out the Magician Masterclass Glossary if you want to learn magician terms.



List of Magic & Magician Words

Magic spells and incantations are more than just phrases. They are powerful words believed to summon spirits or literally alter reality. These words can influence the natural world, altering its aspects and communicating with spirits to affect it. Discover the fascinating world of magical language, from ancient chants to modern Wiccan spells.

Here are powerful magician words and words to describe magic, magic shows, and magicians.

Popular Phrases Used by Magicians

Magic terms, often just a single word or a short phrase, can focus the spirit of a spell. Words like "abracadabra" or "hocus pocus" are often shrouded in mystery and intrigue, adding to the allure of magic.

A person might use these words to describe their experience while performing tricks, engaging in magical practices, or deceiving others through sleights of hand.

  • Abracadabra

  • Hocus Pocus

  • Alakazam

  • Presto

  • Shazam

  • Open Sesame

  • Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo (from Cinderella)

  • Sim Sala Bim

Words to Describe Magic

The following words related to magic, listed in alphabetical order, provide context and meaning to the power of this captivating art form:

  1. amazing

  2. artful

  3. astonishing

  4. astounding

  5. awe-inspiring

  6. awesome

  7. baffling

  8. bamboozling

  9. bedazzling

  10. befuddling

  11. bemusing

  12. bewildering

  13. bewitching

  14. beyond belief

  15. bizarre

  16. breathtaking

  17. brilliant

  18. captivating

  19. charismatic

  20. charm

  21. clever

  22. commanding

  23. compelling

  24. conjuring

  25. cool

  26. crafty

  27. curious

  28. dazzling

  29. deceptive

  30. delight

  31. dexterous

  32. dynamic

  33. electrifying

  34. enchanting

  35. engaging

  36. entertaining

  37. enthralling

  38. entrancing

  39. excellent

  40. exceptional

  41. excitement

  42. exciting

  43. extraordinary

  44. eye-catching

  45. eye-opening

  46. fabulous

  47. fantastic

  48. fascinating

  49. funny

  50. gifted

  51. great

  52. grandiose

  53. hilarious

  54. hypnotic

  55. hypnotizing

  56. illusion

  57. illusionary

  58. imaginative

  59. impressive

  60. incantation

  61. incredible

  62. ingenious

  63. innovative

  64. intriguing

  65. inventive

  66. jaw-dropping

  67. magical

  68. majestic

  69. marvellous

  70. masterful

  71. mesmerizing

  72. mind-blowing

  73. mind-boggling

  74. miraculous

  75. mysterious

  76. mystical

  77. mystifying

  78. notable

  79. once-in-a-lifetime

  80. original

  81. outstanding

  82. perplexing

  83. persuasive

  84. phenomenal

  85. polished

  86. powerful

  87. profound

  88. puzzling

  89. quick-witted

  90. remarkable

  91. resourceful

  92. sensational

  93. shocking

  94. side-splitting

  95. skillful

  96. slick

  97. sneaky

  98. sorcery

  99. spell

  100. spellbinding

  101. staggering

  102. stunning

  103. stupendous

  104. superb

  105. supernatural

  106. surprising

  107. talented

  108. thrilling

  109. tremendous

  110. tricky

  111. unbelievable

  112. unreal

  113. unusual

  114. wonder

  115. wonderful

These words and phrases, whether simple or elaborate, are believed to have a charm and influence that can affect the outcome of a spell and the person casting it.


Download Magic Word List PDF

A document with a bunch of words and the title "110 Words for Marketing Magicians"
Download the PDF with 110 magic and magician words

We've created a quick PDF reference list of 110 magic words that you can download for free and keep handy anytime you need a magically descriptive word or magician phrase.

Download the 110 Magic Words List PDF:

Here is the one-page free magician word download:

Download PDF • 41KB

Did we miss a magical word? Share your words in the comments below.

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Daniel Chan
Daniel Chan
11 janv. 2022

Great word list. I also like a combination of words and phrases like production value If you just throw in words often it seems out of place so you'll need a copywriter, not just any copywriter, but one that knows how to sell to your niche. I see plenty of websites with words that seem out of place, words that look like they are just thrown in. Once you have the words you need the structure to drive people to action - and a sales script. I like finding words from industries that aren't related to magic. Words that target my ideal client's demographics.


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