Here's a FREE One-Sheet Template For Magicians You Can Customize Without Software

Here's a FREE One-Sheet Template For Magicians You Can Customize Without Software

Here's a free press kit template for magicians that can be instantly customized in minutes without any software. Download here:

Magicians need a single page document they can send to clients; (who they share with their clients) It's often referred to as a One-Sheet.

Magicians are working like crazy on promotional and marketing material for their virtual magic shows. We talk a lot about the importance of a B&W one-sheet or presskit on Magicians Talking Magic Podcast.

We discussed the specifics and details recently on Ep 62 "Creating Your Virtual EPK" Listen here

This template uses Canva, a free online tool that allows you to drag and drop your own image into this template without any fees. Totally free :)

👉Get the EPK & Customize your template on Canva here

If you have never used Canva, it's amazing. We hope this helps you! I would save it as a "PDF Standard" for shareability.

Remember the Six Essentials of an Electronic Presskit

  1. Be “Scannable

  2. Hook them and keep them interested

  3. Tell them why finding a qualified entertainer is important

  4. Tell them why YOU are the person they should higher

  5. Make it effortless for them to take the next step

  6. One page!

For more tips and insight visit ➡ Episode 62 - Creating Your Virtual EPK

You can find premium designed materials and solutions for your magic business at Mystic Pixel Explore our templates and stock photos for magicians!

What questions do you have about your presskit?

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