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Create your own Playing Cards with these Free Templates (PDF, PSD, AI, JPG, PNG)

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

In this article, you'll find a massive collection of playing card templates for single card sizes and full US letter-sized sheets. Download now and start customizing your cards in popular file formats, Photoshop PSD, PDF JPG and more.

Let's get started!

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A deck of cards with custom designs and cut-out lines
Download our free playing card templates below!


Playing Card Template Download

You're in the right place if you need a template to design a custom playing card!

Here, you'll find a complete assortment of poker, bridge, mini and tarot card-sized templates that can be customized with your artwork or designs.

Need a full 8.5 x 11 sheet with multiple cards per page? We have pre-designed sheets with blank, red and blue backs below.

After you've created your playing cards, don't forget to download and make your card box.

Create Professional-quality Custom playing cards with these simple and free templates.

Here are downloadable templates for the most common playing card sizes and popular file formats. With these templates, you can quickly start making your custom deck.

Download the Following Popular Playing Card Sizes Below:

  1. Mini Playing Cards

  2. Standard Poker Sized

  3. Bridge Cards

  4. Tarot Cards

Mini-playing cards are the smallest of all the designs and half the size of a standard poker playing card.

Standard-sized poker playing cards are the most common playing card size and are roughly 10% larger than bridge cards. They are typically printed on .17mm or .24mm thick paper stock.

The largest playing card templates are tarot cards, and you can create your 78-card deck for card reading with the blank templates below.


What Are The Dimensions of Playing Cards?

Here are the dimensions and downloads for the most popular playing card sizes.

These template files are designed in multiple formats, including PSD, PDF, JPEG, PNG, and AI (eps)

Here are playing card templates for the most popular playing card sizes.

Mini Deck Playing Cards Dimensions

Mini-playing cards are half the size of a standard poker-sized deck.

  • Mini Card (Metric): 44.45mm x 63.5mm

  • Mini Card (Inches): 1.75" x 2.5"

  • Mini Card (Pixels): 525 x 750

Poker Playing Card Dimensions

  • Poker Size (Metric): 63mm x 88 mm

  • Poker Size (Inches): 2.5" x 3.5"

  • Poker Size (Pixels): 822 x 1122

Bridge Size Playing Card Dimensions

Bridge cards are the same height as a standard poker deck but slightly narrower.

  • Bridge (Metric): 57mm x 88 mm

  • Bridge (Inches): 2.25" x 3.5"

  • Bridge (Pixels): 747 x 1122

Tarot Size Dimensions

  • Tarot Card (Metric): 70mm x 121 mm

  • Tarot Card (Inches): 2.75" x 4.75"

  • Tarot Card (Pixels): 897 x 1497


Single Card Template Downloads

Here are the single playing card templates. They include both safe text regions and a .125-inch bleed.











Download File Types

  • PSD - Adobe Photoshop Document

  • PDF - Adobe Acrobat Reader

  • AI - Adobe Illustrator Document (eps)

  • JPG - Compressed raster graphic file

  • PNG - Raster graphic file with transparency


Blank Playing Card Template Sheet

You can print out these predesigned sheets and quickly make your DIY deck of cards on the go or edit these sheets in software like Photoshop or Indesign.

These templates are the canvas for your creativity—a fresh start to creating your own deck.

Blank Playing Card Sheet Design Templates