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How Tall Are Penn & Teller?

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

How tall is Penn from Penn and Teller? How tall is Teller? Here's a hint: there is a nine-inch difference in Penn and Teller's height. Below you'll find the answer in imperial and metric as we reveal the secret to Penn and Teller heights.

Let's take a look at how tall are Penn & Teller.

How tall are Penn and Teller?
How tall are magicians Penn & Teller?

The famous Las Vegas magician duo is known for combining comedy, magic and a skeptical tone. The hit television show Penn & Teller's Fool Us is now in season nine, and the comedy-magic duo has headlined at the Rio Las Vegas Hotel & Casino since 2001.

How Tall are Penn and Teller?

It's evident that Penn of Penn and Teller is taller, but how tall is the magician duo? Let's look at their heights:

how tall is penn

How tall is Penn Jillette?

Penn Jillette's height is 6'6"

Penn Fraser Jillette is an author, actor, musician, and best known for being the vocal partner with magician Teller. The famous comedy magic duo Penn and Teller have worked together since the mid-1970s.

how tall is teller from penn and teller?

How tall is Teller?

Teller's height is 5'9"

He plays the silent role in the comedy magic duo Penn & Teller. He is a writer, actor, painter and film director. Teller does not speak during performances.

Here are Penn & Teller Heights:

Here are Penn & Teller's heights in feet and metres.

Magician Penn and Teller's height
Penn's height is 6'6" (1.99m), and Teller's height is 5'9" (1.75m)

Were Penn & Teller as tall as you expected? Hit the ♥️ and share your Penn & Teller questions in the comments below.

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