How tall are Penn & Teller?

You asked Magician Masterclass and we answered "How tall are Penn and Teller?" The popular Las Vegas Duo is known for combining comedy and magic and a skeptic approach. They have headlined at the Rio Las Vegas Hotel & Casino since 2001.

Penn & Teller Height

How tall is magician Penn Jilette in feet?

Penn Jillette's height in feet is 6'6" tall.

Penn Fraser Jillette is an author, actor, musician, and best known for being the vocal partner with magician Teller. The popular comedy magic duo, Penn and Teller have been working together since the mid-1970s.

What is Teller's height in feet?

Magician Teller's height in feet is 5'9"

He plays the silent role in the comedy magic duo, Penn & Teller. He is a writer, actor, painter and film director. Teller does not speak during performances.

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How many seasons of Penn & Teller Fool Us?

Penn and Teller Fool Us is a popular magic show on the CW Network where magicians around the world attempt to present magic that Penn & Teller can't explain. Magicians fooling magicians.

There are seven seasons of the popular CW Network show, Penn & Teller Fool Us. Season seven aired June 2020.

Click here to watch "Teller Talks" on season 7 of Fool Us

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