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Updated: Jan 25

Exclusive look at Penn & Teller Fool Us on The CW Network. Hit magic show behind the scenes and magician's experiences. Watch here.


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A Magicians Masterclass Exclusive


Penn and Teller Fool Us is a magician competition show filmed at the Rio Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas that pits creative magicians against the wisdom of Penn & Teller. Can any of this episodes magician fool Penn & Teller?

The show is filmed in front of a live studio audience at the Penn & Teller Theatre at the Rio. The stage is transformed into a filming studio that hosts incredible magicians who demonstrate unbelievable magic tricks.

But will they fool Penn & Teller?

WATCH: Penn & Teller Fool Us Season 6 Trailer

Penn & Teller Fool Us season 6 premiered on June 17, 2019

From card tricks, stage illusions and mentalism to death-defying escapes, the TV show producers showcase package a diverse range of magicians into one episode. You can find Penn & Teller Fool Us on The CW Network. The show is entering its sixth season.

Each episode wastes no time as the host introduces the first magician. The viewers see a quick video introduction of the magician's unique story, background or most exciting feature.

The magician takes the stage, presenting one piece of magic with Penn & Teller watching their every move. After the magician performs, Penn & Teller take a few moments to discuss possible magic methods as host Alyson Hannigan chats with the magician.

The two banter for a few moments as the magic-duo work out their thoughts and prepare to present their explanation without revealing it to the public. Penn often speaks in "code" so that any magician secrets fly over the heads of muggles and non-magicians alike.

This brings up a common question: Why doesn't Teller the magician talk?

Three magicians each episode and have completed six seasons. Magicians who manage to fool the magician-comedian duo are declared "Foolers" and given a chance to come back to Las Vegas to perform.

The show was created by Penn Jillette, Teller, Peter Adam Golden, & Andrew Golder and debuted in the United Kingdom with original host Jonathan Ross. Production and filming moved to the United States, and production continued with Ross as host for one more season.

Alyson Hannigan has remained the host of Penn & Teller Fool Us since replacing Jonathan Ross in season three.


Filming and production in Las Vegas at the Penn & Teller Theatre at the Rio Hotel & Casino.

Penn & Teller are currently the longest-running headliners to play the same Las Vegas hotel.

Is Penn & Teller Fool Us renewed?

Many people wonder if Penn and Teller Fool Us is still on? Yes, the premiered its sixth season on June 2019 on The CW Network.


Film takes place in the spring but planning begins months earlier. Producers and magicians, Michael Close and the late Johnny Thompson assists each act and makes sure the integrity every trick is captured on camera.




SE6 E01 | David Copperfield vs. Penn & Teller

Jan Reinder, stunt magician, Dutch

Ondřej Pšenička, close-up/card magician, Czech

Giancarlo Bernini, close-up magician, American

Penn & Teller, comedy magicians, American

SE6 E02 | They're Baaack!

Javi Benitez, close-up magician, Spanish

Rebecca Herrera, mentalist, British

Helen Coghlan, escapologist, Australian

Danny Cole, illusionist, American

SE6 E03 | Penn & Teller vs. Inventors

Arkadia, comedy mentalist, Swedish

Harry Keaton, hypnotist, German

Jandro, comedy mentalist, Spanish

Derek Selinger, danger magician/illusionist, American

SE6 E04 | Penn & Teller Cure the Common Code

Anna DeGuzman, card manipulator, American

Raffaele Scircoli, mentalist, Italian

Allen Abbott, illusionist, American

Axel Hecklau, close-up magician, German

SE6 E05 | Penn & Teller Hit the Streets

Adrián Carratalá, close-up magician, Spanish

Kevin Blake, card mentalist, American

Ryan Stock & Amber Lynn Walker, illusionists/danger duo, Canadian

Christopher Castellini, mentalist, Italian

SE6 E06 | Duck! It's Alyson!

Jimmy Ichihana, close-up/card magician, American

Herbert & Alyson, illusionists, Belgian

Eric Samuels, mentalist, Canadian

Rabby Yang, mentalist, Chinese

SE6 E07 | Are You Better Magicians Than a 6th Grader?

Hans Petter Secker, card mechanic, Norwegian

Xulio Merino, close-up magician, Spanish

Zoe LaFleur, close-up/card magician, American

Josh Farley, illusionist, American

SE6 E08 | 2nd Chance Foolers

Marcus Eddie

Kevin Li

Blake & Jana

Robert Ramirez

SE6 E09 | Magic Meatballs

Tom Stone

Anca & Lucca

Jon & Owen (The Passing Zone)

Horret Wu


Magicians share their first hand experiences of filming Penn & Teller Fool Us.


WATCH: Matt Disero's Penn & Teller Fool Us Performance

Matt talks about his experience on Fool Us on the Touring Tricks Podcast, listen here:

Illusionist on Penn & Teller

Watch Ryan Joyce perform "Eclipse" on Penn & Teller Fool Us

Illusionist on Penn & Teller Fool Us Vlog 1:

Ryan Joyce, Magician, Illusionist discusses his experiences with a 10' tall stage illusion and the behind-the-scenes accident that almost ruined his filming


Illusionist on Penn & Teller Fool Us vlog and behind the scenes experience on Penn & Teller Fool Us

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