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What Magician Walked on Water?

Updated: Jan 10

Have you heard of a magician walking on water?

Several magicians have performed the stunt, but the most well-known version of a magician walking on water happened in England across the River Thames!

Let's have a look.

What Magician Walked on Water?

Several magicians have performed Walking on Water, but the most well-known version of a magician walking on water is Dynamo and the controversy of his walk across the River Thames in England.

In 2011, Dynamo presented his version of Walking on Water when he walked across the waters of the Thames with people all around looking in shock.

The stunt gained him international notoriety and some controversy after videos and news articles started revealing possible explanations from raw footage captured at the action,

Years earlier, Criss Angel presented his version of the Walk on Water in 2006. Instead of a river, Criss walked across a swimming pool filled with onlookers.

The coverage around Dynamo's controversy earned him considerably more public awareness for his Walking on Water illusion.

Video of Magicians Walking on Water

Dynamo walk on water

Water Fail: For magicians and those who want to dive deep: Dynamo Walk on Water Fail

How do magicians walk on water?

For magicians and students of the art of magic, a few years ago, on Magic Secrets Revealed, the Masked Magician presented a way to fake walking on water.


Who has walked on water?

There are several references in historical literature, including the bible and a story of Peter coming out of a ship and walking on water.

Fiction and non-fiction represent accomplishing impossible tasks that would undoubtedly appear godlike in those times.

What season did Criss Angel walk on water?

In season 1 of Criss Angel's Mindfreak, they presented "Walk on Water," where Criss attempted to walk across an entire pool while people swam beneath and around him—this season aired in 2006, years before Dynamo's special.

Can anybody walk on water?

Nope. Magicians use tricks and deceptions to accomplish impossible things, but what does science say about the ability to walk on water?

In a 2014 article in Science Magazine titled "The Secret to Walking on Water," the article says,

"There’s a simple reason you can’t walk on water: Humans are so big that the force of gravity overcomes the so-called surface tension of water, making us sink."


Magicians have long been captivated by the notion of walking on water.

After all, it is a feat that has been performed solely by God, Biblical figures, and modern-day religious leaders. Today’s magicians can perform this trick using various techniques and methods.

No matter what method is used by a performer, there is no denying that the sight of this trick is an awe-inspiring, transcendent experience for audiences around the world.

Have you ever seen this illusion performed?



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