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Kyle & Mistie Knight talk cruise industry predictions

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

Today on the podcast we’re chatting with Kyle & Mistie Knight! Recorded at the beginning of the pandemic, you’ll see how spot-on their predictions were about the cruise industry, event industry and magic.

It doesn’t take long to get to some interesting discussions, but first, we’re distracted by an adorable puppy, and I have to find out if he will become part of Kyle and Mistie Knight's show.

They discuss predictions for the future of the cruise industry and what the first phase of cruise reopening might look like. We talk about Kyle’s project during the pandemic and if COVID will change how magicians create material.

We recorded this episode early on in the pandemic, it was riddled with audio failures and we released several clips during our livestreaming but I wanted to spend a little time and clean it up for you, so you can enjoy the whole interview with Kyle and Mistie!

I hope to reconnect with them soon! Enjoy!

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Kyle & Mistie Knight


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