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Joshua Jay, you are out to dinner and handed a deck of cards-- what trick do you perform?

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Recently, we had Joshua Jay, magician and author of How Magicians Think stop by Magicians Talking Magic Podcast to talk about magic and his latest book.

We kept these three questions for our rapid-fire interview MAGIC QUESTIONS! Enjoy

1. What magic resources have you read or consumed the most?

The books of Wonder by Tommy Wonder.

I find new things and insights and bits of wisdom every time I go through and there are all these wonderful classic books, but they have to be read with a big filter toward the modern, because if you read Our Magic by Maskelyne and David Devant. there's just a lot that's different from a century ago. It's a lot that's the same, but a lot is different with Tommy Wonder. It just feels like he's talking to me.

2. You're out for dinner and handed a deck of cards. What do you perform?

Wrong Card, Right Card immediately followed by Haunted Pack-- If I can.

What version of the haunted pack?

The only version that I think people should be doing, which is Steve Valentine's version with the elves.

3. What is one trick that you've always wanted to put in your show, but haven't?

Lemon orange egg canary and I may actually be able to fit it in without using any of those props. I have a new thing inside of a thing, inside of a thing, inside of a thing.

A trick I'm working on.

And I hope you guys get to see it when I'm on tour this fall.

Listen to Joshua Jay's full episode here and subscribe to Magicians Talking Magic in your favourite app!

Watch Joshua Jay's full episode on Youtube and subscribe to Magicians Talking Magic Podcast here.


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