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Greg Frewin talks about competing, World's Greatest Magic, animals and owning a theatre

Updated: 5 days ago

Today on the Magicians Talking Magic Podcast, we chat with International Champion of Magic, Greg Frewin.

Greg Frewin is an award-winning magician, animal enthusiast, inventor, builder, and three-dozen other skillsets he has mastered during his life in magic. In this episode, Greg shares stories about competing, appearing on the World's Greatest Magic TV Show, building props, and owning his theatre in Niagara Falls.

Watch the full episode below or listen to episode 152 of Magicians Talking Magic on your favourite podcast app.

Episode 152 - Greg Frewin

Here are the topics covered in this video:

  • Greg serves on the Canadian Association of Magicians board, founded in the 1990s by Joan Caesar. Did Greg have any influence on the organization's founding?

  • Why these organizations are essential for magicians

  • Before discussing competing in magic, Greg takes us back to the beginning and his earliest influences.

  • What influenced Greg Frewin's decision to compete in magic?

  • The timeline of events in Greg's life from the decision to compete through to winning at the FISM World Championship of Magic

  • Why is competition important to the art of magic?

  • What is Greg's process for creating magic? Does he record his ideas?

  • Greg shares his experience filming World's Greatest Magic and working with Gary Ouellet.

  • He also talks about building magic and props-- a few that stand out builds and a big project he's working on.

  • It would be considered a dream come true to have their own theatre-- is it? Greg shares his thoughts.

  • Animals are a big part of Greg's life and performance. He also serves on the board of directors for SPCA in the Niagara Region. Greg shares what he wants magicians to know about working with animals.

Watch Five Magic Questions with Greg Frewin

In this video, we ask Greg five questions from name of his first mentor to his most watched childhood television magic special.


Greg Frewin is currently ranked as The International Grand Champion of Magic, having won every major award offered within the magic community. He has placed first in numerous magic competitions, including the International Brotherhood of Magicians, the Society of American Magicians, the Canadian Association of Magicians and the Federation Internationale Society of Magique—FISM (International Federation of Magic Societies) is regarded as the Olympics of magic.

His winning streak recently culminated with his 2009 win of the Magician of the Year award at the World Magic awards, effectively ranking him as the world's top illusionist.

He has also appeared on over 35 television programs, including NBC's World's Greatest Magic, Penn & Teller's: Fool Us, ABC's Champions of Magic and his own three-part CBC special Magic Man: Home for the Holidays.

He currently performs sold-out shows at his theatre in Niagara Falls, Ontario, the Greg Frewin Theatre.

Learn more about Greg Frewin Theatre and get tickets online visit:


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