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North American Championships of Magic (2021)

Updated: Jul 9, 2022

The FISM North American Championships of Magic has just wrapped in Quebec City, and we've got all the magical details.

Featured Artists at the FISM North American Championships of Magic included Julianna Chen, Aaron Crow, Shawn Farquhar, Carisa Hendrix, Billie Kidd, Jared Kopf, Luc Langevin, Ondrej Psenicka, Ted & Marion Outerbridge, Spidey and more!

In this episode, we share a detailed recap of the recent FISM North American Championship of Magic, the incredible line-up, the qualifying competition for the World Championship of Magic, and a fantastic line-up of special guests.

Get all the details with a special co-host and long-time friend of the podcast, George “Kid” Oldman.

Listen Now in your favourite podcast app or watch below.

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FISM North American Championships of Magic Contest Winners

In the back row are Nicolas Dutel, Stuart Macdonald, Yannick Lacroix, Erik Tait, and Ed Ripley. In the front row are Elliott Hunter, Simon Coronel, Shoot Ogawa, and Shane Cobalt.

Photo Credit: Vincent Bernard


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