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What's the STRANGEST place Nick Wallace has performed magic?

Updated: Dec 23, 2023

Here are five rapid-fire Magic Questions with Nicholas Wallace. Nick was recently on the podcast talking about Music & Magic, but we saved five questions for this video!

Name your first mentor?

First mentor, Brian Michaels.

Most watched childhood magic, special or routine?

The world's greatest magic. Or many of David Copperfield, I think called Unseen Forces-- which I loved as well.

I wore that tape out.

What strangest place you've been asked to perform Magic?


Name of trick or routine that caused the most embarrassment?

This isn't the trick, per se, but it's a moment-performing trick, which was most embarrassing, how much time do I have to have?

Is this OK? Yup, there's a radio show that's gone now. It was a morning show on the edge in Toronto, and they had a Dean Blundell, do you remember? Yep. I don't remember. There are two other guys I didn't listen to, but I knew the show you're referencing.

Yeah, yeah, pretty typical shock jock. I would say Radio Morning Show. They had a talent show like a Gong Show, and the winner was like 50 grand and I was going to university at the time was like, Oh, enter whatever and made the top ten and the top ten had to come on live on the morning and each perform their bit. And I was. So that's the most nervous I've ever, ever, ever been. Was performing live on the first time I'd really been on the radio or any, you know, and they're just so mean, you know, potentially.

And they had the ten contestants lined up and they were going to do a quick interview for everyone beforehand. And the guy who they interviewed before me, who was someone who could fart on command so they thought it would be fun to interview his, but rather than him, so they did.

And he, you know. Farted his replies, and then it came to me, and I thought there was a joke in there somewhere too about like, you know, right, there's the mike and that's been farted on and now it's coming over to me and I now know, like, don't ever try and be funny when you're nervous.

Oh, is that sad? So they came to me and I don't even know what I said. It was just something like, I just want to say, I really appreciate having to go after the fart guy or something. It wasn't funny or clever, and then the host was just like.

All right. And then just went on to the next guy, and I just looked like I was a jerk. And I was so afraid of that. Yeah. Yeah. And then I could hear the radio guys like before going to commercial one of them is like, Boy, that David Copperfield guy's a real dick.

I was so nervous. It's the only time I was literally scoping out the garbage cans because I thought I was going to puke.

That's the only time I've been like that close.

If you could invite one dead magician to dinner, who would it be?

It's a really good question. one dead magician. Max Malini.

I'm going to say, Max Malini. He seems like he'd be a fun dinner guest and I've heard crazy stories about him with chickens.

Listen to Nicholas Wallace on episode 149 of the Magicians Talking Magic Podcast!



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