Landing Pages: The most important page a magician's website

In this episode, hosts Ryan Joyce and Graeme Reed discuss the most important part of your website, your landing page! We discuss the essentials you need for a magician’s most powerful online sales tool. Listen Now!

This is part three of “Reinventing Yourself in 2020.”

Landing Pages: The most important page on your website

Magician's Landing Pages: The most important page on your website

What is a Landing Page? It isn’t necessarily your homepage

A homepage on your website is the main or top-level page. A landing page is a single page with one single goal. Often used for “Lead Magnets”

Landing pages have a specific call to action

  • Download a Video

  • Download a PDF

  • Sign up for a course

  • Register for an event

You get to a landing page through a promotional link or from an online ad. Where we can use one right now

  • Virtual Show Promotion

  • Free Download Promotion

  • Video Workshop Registration

  • Online Lecture Package

Landing Pages Tips for Magicians

Think about the person's psychology when visiting

  • Is your product/service worth their time?

  • De-clutter

  • Paradox of Choice

  • Keep the visitor on the page

Design Tips: Less is More

The goal is to direct the user to your offer. Let your ad copy and images do the talking. Try using simple, shorter copy, shorter forms and white/negative space. On a landing page, you should also only have 1 or 2 buttons - limiting choice.

Keep the User on the Page

By removing buttons, navigation and backlinks your user is more likely to click through to your offer.

Call to Action

This is the whole key to the landing page and your CTA could be asking someone to subscribe, download or fill out a form. CTA’s should be attention-grabbing but also still communicate value effectively. When you design the button, make it pop. You can do this by adding negative space around it. Or say you have an amazing splash image - use a nice contrast colour.

EX - If I was offering a free magic trick the button might say “Learn to Amaze!”

Social Proof

Before we said to remove all clutter but one thing to keep is that social proof! This is a sales page and the goal is to covert - add those company logo badges and client testimonials

*Keep it clean and limited of course - use the best!!


Video has been proven to help promote and drive conversions. Keep that video short and to the point just like this whole page. You want the video to load fast and you want to keep your viewer engaged.


Say you had a multiple-input form you wanted people to fill out. It is suggested to break the form up over a couple of pages and create an interactive user experience. The best practice here is to start with a fun simple question and then add more and more questions in on each page.


People read left to right.

Design left to right. That means ad copy goes on the left, a form goes on the right

Your logo goes top left - advised not to make it clickable to your site.


Above the Fold

  • Headline

  • Supportive subheading

  • CTA / FORM

2nd Fold:

  • 3 subheadings in 3 columns

  • Or Social proof

3rd Fold:

  • 3 subheadings in 3 columns

  • Or Social proof

4th Fold:

  • The shortest and most fun bio you can write!

  • Use an amazing image of yourself too!


Landing pages are an essential page for magicians and entertainers. They give a voice to one specific client and their specific needs. For example, rather than crafting a universal-message for "entertainment services" you craft a specific page for your restaurant magic. The landing page is the conversation with the person who would be hiring you. It explains WHY a restaurant magician is a smart decision.

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