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Late Night Magic Touch "Magical Duos" ft The Evasons, Jarrett & Raja, Daredevil Chicken

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

In episode four of Late Night Magic Touch, host Michael Paul is doing double duty and two-timing with our "Magical Duos!" This episode features Jeff & Tessa Evason, Jarrett & Raja and Daredevil Chicken.

Watch the full episode here!

The Evasons, Jarret & Raja & Daredevil Chicken

Late Night Magic Touch /w Michael Paul

Episode Four "Magical Duos"

The Evasons - Jeff & Tessa

The Evasons have been performing together for over 30 years. They are one of very few married couples in history who have mastered the staggeringly difficult art of two-person telepathy. They continue to travel around the globe, sharing the rare and mysterious legacy of Second Sight.

In over 38 countries, The Evasons have appeared on network TV specials, at private parties and special events for diplomats, political leaders and royal families. They’ve entertained troops overseas and headlined on cruise ships and casino showrooms. They have performed at the Comedy and Magic Club in Hermosa Beach, the Great American Comedy Festival at the Johnny Carson Theatre in Nebraska, and the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood. And they are the only mentalists in history to be featured performers at an NBA halftime show doing interactive mind-reading stunts before a crowd of over 20,000 people!

The Evasons have been honored with some of the top awards in their field. They are the first recipients of The Mentalism Award from the Milbourne Christopher Foundation. They were awarded the highest honor for professionalism by the Psychic Entertainers Association. They are the only mentalists ever to receive the SARMOTI Award which legendary magicians Siegfried & Roy present to their favorite act in Las Vegas. And they were nominated for Stage Entertainers of the Year by the Academy of Magical Arts in Los Angeles.

Jeff and Tessa Evason love performing together, creating amazement, laughter, and the serious provocation of thought. They inspire audiences to tap into the power of possibilities. “We’re not trying to change beliefs,” they explain, “only to spark imagination and tickle the beautiful sense of wonder!”

Jarrett and Raja

A spectacular magician, a Juilliard-trained concert pianist, a troupe of Vegas Showgirls, more feathers than a flock of flamingos and a fluffy rabbit called Elvis. It could only be JARRETT & RAJA! "There's hardly room on stage for one of these egos, so you can imagine what happens when both 'soloists' have to share their common theatrical real estate". Or, as The New York Times put it... "This is real magic!" Funny, Brilliant and Completely Original!

Witness outrageous stunts and illusions played out to a breathtaking pianistic score from the world’s greatest composers. It is a mix of spectacular magic, live music, and comedic fantasy.

A grand piano and grand illusion share the stage as the stars compete for the spotlight in this groundbreaking original show! A fantastic Vegas experience for the whole family!

With their inception taking place at The Friar’s Club in New York City, Jarrett & Raja have taken the world by storm with their international stage show.  Some say they bring back the magic of Harry Houdini along with the charm of Victor Borge.

This newest odd couple is the choice of entertainment for those looking for both excitement and sophistication!

Jarrett & Raja bring to one stage the worlds of classical music and spectacular magic in a striking theatrical concert. Jarrett Parker comes from an established career in magic and Raja Rahman is a classical piano soloist trained at The Juilliard School. This unique duos show combines these two art forms in a brilliant and delightful collaborative performance that includes virtuosic piano playing, captivating magic routines, and the humorous dramatic situation of both Artists stealing the limelight. Their dry comedic style and timing have dubbed them Las Vegas newest Odd Couple and they continue to win over audiences across the globe. In addition to providing highly sophisticated entertainment for audiences and events of all kinds, Jarrett & Rajas performance offers a fresh new approach to introducing new audiences to classical music in a fun and accessible way. Jarrett & Raja have performed at many of the worlds most prestigious festivals, concerts, and fundraisers including the EdinburghFestival Fringe (Edinburgh, UK), Hong Kong, Londons West End, The Magic Castle (LA), Lincoln Center (NYC) and the Paris Hotel & Casino (Las Vegas). They were most recently a guest of the Chinese government in Shenzhen, China to star in the first-ever American born production commissioned and launched in that country.

Daredevil Chicken

After meeting at a circus audition Anne & Jonathan quickly realized they had a common vision to travel the world performing physical theatre and comedy. From their small beginnings busking in Barcelona on Las Ramblas to hosting the hit broadway show 'Spiegelworld's Empire'; they have travelled to 36 countries bringing a diverse bag of tricks to entertain equally diverse audiences.

They continue to create new performances and constantly challenge themselves to make better theater.

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