Episode 3 - "Kids Performers" ft David Kaye, John Abrams & Joe Holiday

This week Michael Paul is joined by David Kay ("Silly Billy"), John Abrams (Animal Magic, The Variety Artist Podcast) and Joe Holiday (Reading Rocks Magic Show) Watch the full episode here.

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David Kaye, John Abrams & Joe Holiday

Hosted by Michael Paul


- "Kids Performers" Special Guests -

Kids Performer David Kaye aka "Silly Billy" with jumbo yellow glasses
David Kaye aka "Silly Billy"

David Kaye "Silly Billy"


David Kaye has performed magic and comedy for children for more than twenty years. Known to the lay public as Silly Billy, he is one of the best-known children’s entertainers in the United States, performing for the families of celebrities like Madonna and Bruce Springsteen, with appearances at the White House and Lincoln Center.

In New York, where he performs more than 200 shows each year, he has been recognized as New York’s top children’s entertainer by five different New York publications. In addition, he received a six-page profile in the New Yorker. His television credits include appearances on Late Show with David Letterman, as well as multiple appearances on Comedy Central. He was also in the reality magic show Celebracadabra on Vh1.

Magician and The Variety Artist Podcast host, John Abrams
John Abrams Varierty Artist Podcast

John Abrams -

Animal Magic Show & host of The Variety Artist Podcast



John Abrams has a rich history of performing nationwide in numerous venues as a magician, actor, and emcee.  As an actor and graduate of the Manhattan Theatre Academy of Dramatic Arts, John has been gracing the stages of Southern California for the past 22 years with a multitude of characters.  He has played the title roles in The Elephant Man and Red Ryder, as well as leads in Private Wars, The Actor’s Nightmare, Enter Laughing, Wizard of Oz, and many more.  From 1991 to 1998 he travelled the U.S. as a member of the “Jeff Parmer Magic Show”. 

For three years John and his wife Shelley co-produced and directed the raging 60’s revue “The Pastelles’ 60’s Rock N Roll Extravaganza” in which John sang, danced, and performed stand-up as the wacky nerd Eugene.  For 3 years he was a performing member of “Keith and Margo’s Murder Mystery” and “Mystery Event Theatre”, being stabbed, shot, and maimed on a nightly basis. Throughout the ’90s, he starred in national and international commercials for Virginia Slims, Independent Insurance, and many more.  His film credits include a starring role as Charlie Chaplin in the Chaplin Biography for Japan.  On T.V. John was seen recently in “To Tell the Truth” as The Banana Man and Comedy Central‘s “Please Don‘t Feed the Comedians“.

Magician Joe Holiday springing playing cards from his hands
Magician Joe Holiday

Joe Holiday


Joe Holiday's Reading Rocks Magic Show is the perfect literacy assembly program!  Written specifically with your students in mind, this program is a unique blend of stage magic, comedy, music and audience participation that showcases both classic and popular children's titles.   A brief description of each book or series of books is delivered and followed by a specially chosen magic effect incorporating the theme or characters.  This brings it to life and get your students excited about reading. Each performance showcases several different books across multiple reading levels. Including popular and recognizable tiles such as. "Harry Potter" "Matilda" "The Chocolate Touch" "Where the Wild Things Are", "My Weird School Daze", "Captain Underpants" and "Jedi Academy” just to name a few. Reading Rocks is completely self-contained which means all props, set pieces and audio equipment are transported and set up by Joe which is factored into the cost of the show. You only have to provide a space to set up and perform and an audience! Perfect for a family reading night, special events, to kick off your next book fair or simply just A GREAT ASSEMBLY PROGRAM!

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