WILDCARD FINALE ft. Fielding West, Dan Harlan & Dom Chambers

The tires come off the cart for this final episode of the Late Night Magic Touch /w Michael Paul "Wildcard Finale" featuring Fielding West, Dan Harlan, and Dom Chambers. Watch before episodes disappear forever to the Inner Circle.

Watch the finale episode here

Late Night Magic Touch /w Michael Paul

Wildcard Finale

We took WILDCARD to a whole new level for our final episode.

This was the WILDEST (read: weirdest) episode we've filmed yet! Tons of laughs but its a mixture between a Backstage Dumpster Fire and Back-Alley Dumpster Fire! Enjoy!

Watch the full episode, and if you ask yourself "who was that?" We did too.

Watch Clip:

Meet Our Guests

Fielding West, Dan Harlan & Dom Chambers

Award for the

Most Awkward Moment of the Evening

"I'm glad we're closing the show out..."

(Mature Audience)

Enjoy the magic dumpster fire!

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